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Around the world with a Legacy : Россия !

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It's a strange coincidence, during my world tour I arrived in Holy Russia yesterday, election day.

A rather short flight: less than 580 nm, I already did 2x more in one flight. Not being restricted by the fuel, I just tried to beat speed records.

At the departure (PASY), bad weather, 3°C, but already 20 knots of tailwind


Above the clouds at FL120 climbing to FL200. Love the way ASP4 renders a plain, soft cloud blanket


Somewhere above the Bering Sea, I officially fly over Russian territorial waters


Ground speed of 335-340 kts, helped by quite strong tailwinds


The view is impressive while approcahing the TOD. I will circle around the Koriakski and Avatchinski volcanoes by the left, to align on the assigned runway 36R (ILS approach)


Intercepting the ILS over Mokhovaya Bay.


An IL-76 Aeroflot is holding while I am in short final


Military traffic in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. A huge Mi-26 on the right, and Mi-8s aligned on the left


Reaching the taxiway seems never ending: RWY 36R is 3400m long which takes 5 mn to run at 20 kts. An Il-76 from Irkutsk is forced to a go-around, I can almost hear the Russian insults...


Finally... Heading left, for a rather specific taxi which crosses a forest to join the terminals


The only signs of Western liveries are freight: Fedex, UPS period. Appart from that, Il76, An74, Aeroflot, Gazprom, Zitotrans... No doubt, we are now in Russia !



Now I'm planning the next flight to the West.

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Nice pictures, I like the winter scenes knowing that the hardy Russians come together, sharing each other's warmth in the hard winter nights.  I have a Latin/Slavic background and my heart goes out for those living in the frozen North....


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Guest JustanotherPilot

330kts at FL200, the Legacy is one mighty aircraft for touring!

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Thanks for your comments

At this altitude, the Legacy is only limited by its oxygen tank (~3 hours @FL200). This is when you select the "medium tank" in the RealAir config panel

After miles and miles of flight above Europe and North America, surrounded by Aibus, Boeing and Western GA, I feel quite out of place in the middle of Russian traffic :wub:



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Superb shots! I fly quite often in Russia or generally the eastern hemisphere, and I can't get enough of this very different look of the scene, too.

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