MADDOG EXPANSION maybe releasing this weekend

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As some of you that got access to their site could see, the development page on their forums suggests, that the 88 and 83 variants would possibly release this weekend. YEEZ! 


i'll quote what Stefano says:(posted last sunday)

"Probably next weekend, we will release the MD-83 & MD-88 variants. The testing stage is almost completed and we succesfully managed to include also PBR for the external models into the release, making Fly the Maddog X one of the first add-ons supporting the recent v4.4 P3D update in its full potential.

The "variants" pack includes the MD-83 and the MD-88 as an expansion to the main MD-82 "base" Fly the Maddog X package, and is a nice addition for those of you who like extended range operations: everything has been modelled after the real counterparts (including -219 engines option with accurate FDE, aux fuel tanks and burn schedules) with the quality and depth you would expect from Leonardo SH. With the release of the 83/88 expansion we will provide a few PBR native liveries, mainly to demonstrate the potential of repaints that are planned as PBR, as the painting technique is slightly different."


IT IS said that it would require a V4.4 MANDATORY update for these to work properly


To all of you happy holidays, Charly

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26 minutes ago, Greggy_D said:

Wow!  That was quick.

I was even surprised at how quickly it was done.  I've been live streaming the MD-88 for sometime now, nice to have it since I usually fly Delta - though there are at least 4 other carriers who fly the MD-88, which I wasn't aware of, I thought Delta had an exclusive on the MD-88!.



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Have they re-done the sounds yet? When this was first released they were using the exact same sound set from 10+ years ago.

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22 minutes ago, Chapstick said:

Have they re-done the sounds yet? When this was first released they were using the exact same sound set from 10+ years ago.

The sounds were reworked, but the difference is subtle.  It's important to remember that the MD-80 sports the most quite flight deck of all the airliners. There is also a TSS sound pack available, but from what I've heard I don't believe it's realistic (I could be wrong), but some simmers unfamiliar with the aircraft might thing they are "better".  I can say that some of the MD-80 rated pilots on the Beta Team like both the standard and TSS sound pack, which seems to indicate that the standard sounds aren't far off from the real aircraft.

I hope this answers your questions!

Besides being one of the two best aircraft for desktop flight sim (especially the 64-bit version, which is a a large step up from previous versions), I can't wait for you guys to see the Internal and External PBR based texturing - the first commercial airliner to have them!  External PBR is complete, but internals are being finished up and will be provided for both the base product and expansion products. (Sorry, I couldn't give a timeline if I knew it, but not that far off).

Best wishes for Happy Flights and a Happy Holiday Season!



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It's incredible the work that Leonardo do. The quality of the VC and the liveries textures are truly second to none. To see them both with PBR is going to make what was already stunning into a new level we truly have not seen so far. Wow!

1 hour ago, Chapstick said:

Have they re-done the sounds yet? When this was first released they were using the exact same sound set from 10+ years ago.

I have the sounds from TSS and I can see both points of view, but......Leonardo came out with a "merge" and imo that gives the best of both worlds, the VC has the right amount of sound as Leonardo think is right but out side/wing views and you get the true scream of the engines from the TSS sound package. I totally understand people not liking the engines APU being heard in the VC as that's not right but "merge" them together and it's a thing of beauty. The default are imo lacklustre and TSS are over done, "Leonardo merge" and ...happy days.

In a class of an airliner set in a different era, very outdated to a modern jetliner, it is without daught top of its class. 

Thank you Leonardo not only for your work but your constant strive for perfection. It's also great you're adding Icing that came to us bigtime from the ground breaking FSL team. From the screenshots its looks like you have done as always an amazing job. I wonder how long before PMDG will add it? and people who make another Airbus said Icing was a waste of time, "you just switch the anti icing on" ^^

The madDog PBR and Icing from their FB page




And the pinnacle of what can be done with snow and Ice...FSL A320/319


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If I read his posting correctly, 4.4 is only mandatory if you want to utilize PBR. The 83/88 will still work for 4.3 users. 

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