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Terminals missing at KATL and KORD

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Terminals are missing. There may be other airports with this problem, but I am experiencing it with KATL and KORD.  I am running Windows 10, Home Edition. P3DV4.5, with latest update. Also have Orbx Global, Vector. Ran Vector config, to make sure elevations weren't a problem. Have not had this particular problem with any other airports. GSX 2 installed.  I did full reinstall of Client, Content & Scenery to 4.5. Orbx Global files all verified..... Pete





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I had that issue before, but it was not due to the scenery complexity setting. It was because my scenery library was not quite put in the correct order.

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I was having a similar issue back on version 4.3 and thought it had been fixed in 4.4.  I have not had the issue in 4.5 though but for kicks, try moving your scenery complexity slider up or down one notch as that was fixing it for me when I was seeing this. It was not necessarily a problem with complexity being too low....just moving the slider in either direction fixed it.  This could be something else altogether though.....

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