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GTN 750 - Reality/Flight1

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Sometime ago I asked what was the difference between these 2 addons - and why Carenado

specifies F1 for P3D and Reality for XP11 -

I didn't really get an answer as to why  - but I gleaned that there was little or no difference - and Reality was probably "the Better"

of the 2.

I now feel the time has come to introduce a little pizzazz into my flying  - (the P3D flight Planning is useless)

and since I only want the 750 - and Flight 1 insists on selling a package -750 with 650 - and I can only afford one


Yesterday I bought the 750 from  Realty web site for P3D V4


What surprised me - was that The purchase and payment and downloads were via some Flight 1 system and now I am puzzled by that relationship

Is the item the same i.e. flight1GTN 750 the exact same as the realty 750??  - and the same developer - selling thro Flight1 Shop??


Curioser and curioser

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No, they're two different products.  It's just that Reality XP uses the Flight1 wrapper system for online purchases.  Many smaller 3rd party developers use the Flight1 system, but otherwise have no relationship with said company.

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Bunkie is spot-on about the difference in products and the common F1 delivery system.  I am another user like Bunkie.

Suggest you look through the RXP Support Forums here on Avsim to gain an idea of support, both from RXP and especially user-to-user help. Just look through the list of forums to find it.  Then bookmark it.  There is a forum for RXP GTN and one for RXP GNS for FSX/P3D, and the same pair of forums for xPlane.  One into one of them find one of the updated version topics like I pasted an image of below for the GTN for FltSim (FSX/P3D).  Open that topic and in the top-most post click on that grey bar that says "reveal hidden contents".  That will open up a list of releases complete with change log.  Ignore the April 9, 2018 date in the topic header.  That was the date the topic was first posted.  There have been many version updates since then as you will see.  The current GTN version, v2.5.23, was released on March 20, 2020.  Ten days ago.  And each time Garmin updates the Garmin GTN Trainer with new features and/or updated databases, RXP soon follows with a supporting release.

Do not be thrown off by the number of support requests, panel mods, etc. that you will see.  Each of our systems, software platforms, sim installations, and variety of add-ons make each of us very unique. Thus there are also unique issues.  Just take a look at what goes on. 

Then do the same search to learn the support for the F1 products and compare what you find. 



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Frank Patton
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Many thanks to both of you for the reply.

fppilot - I have copied and pasted your answer in to Note book and Bookmarked as well

So far - because I am having great problems trying to install the product into P3D and Carenado Aircraft - 

my one thought is why does a developer of such a great product - use a "competitor's" purchase process.?

E.G. - companies like Just Flight and latterly Orbyx who have a great purchase /Installation procedure still

Market other developers product - just wondering !!

Meanwhile I am now spending hours of non-flying time  - using this forum - trying to install RealtyX into 8 Carenado aircraft - that stated

compliance with Flight 1 GTN 750 - and Reality that says - compliance with P3D v4.5 - when every one seems to think that Reality

Is the better of the 2.

Did I waste my $A70 on a product that I can't seem to use without a massive effort by a computer  85 YO ignoramous ??

that might have been avoided by Buying the product recommended by Carinado ??


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I don't think the GTN 750/650 are a waste at all, I know I use mine all the time.

Actually the F1 750 and 650 used to be separate purchases with a resulting cost increase, and i suppose selling competing products via the Flight1 "store" software reduces costs, increases competition and means F1 gets a slice of the pie no matter which one you buy, but then again they do have to manage the infrastructure overheads.

Personally I took advantage of the F1 "Complete" edition and now I have both the 750 and 650 which I use for different types of aircraft e.g. 750 won't fit but the 650 does.

I don't have the RXP release, however both the F1 and RXP are GTN 750's and both will use the Garmin Trainer software and its databases for their functionality.

I suppose the difference is in philosophy and who was first to market (for P3D), probably the F1 units were first and are more widespread for pre-built installs in various aircraft.

The F1 software does have an aircraft installer system that can place a link on the screen to open the unit for those aircraft where there is no dash option.

It is also possible to modity the panel.cfg (minimally) so that the key that would open the default P3D GPS unit will instead open a GTN.

It is also possible someone somewhere and build a completely modified panel.cfg where the GTN unit will fit in the dash.

On this forum Bert Pieke is proably the most knowledgeable person I'm aware of with regards to Carenado aircraft and fitting GTN's into the dash.

Send Bert a PM (Personal Messge), ask and maybe point him to this thread.

There is also the offical F1 GTN forum which I think has a section for panel configs, you'll need to register for the forum though.


Here area a few pics of the GTN in action, last one is a Carenado using the link on the top LH corner.



Ryzen 2700X clocked to 4.2 Ghz, 32 GB ram, Samsung 1 x 1 TB NVMe 970 and 2 x 1 TB SSD 850 Pro raided, Nvida 1070 Ti clocked to 2 Ghz

P3D 4.5.14, Orbx Global, Vector and more, lotsa planes too.

Catch my vids on Oz Sim Pilot, catch my screen pics @ Screenshots and Artwork

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