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What would it take for LR and/or LM to win your money back?

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On 9/21/2021 at 7:00 PM, birdguy said:

What I would really like to see is the Roswell Airport.  Are all the cycled out airliners stored there and what does the passenger terminal look like?

But I'm impressed.

Happy this is recognizable to you... Remember that this scenery is made up out of several components:

- The aerial photo scenery

- The Black Shark AI constructed buildings

- Bing Photogrammetry buildings where available  (San Diego as an example, is very good)

Some locations have all three, others just the first two.. My guess is that Roswell would not have Bing Photogrammetry buildings.

So.. what you have is the aerial pnotoscenery which you can see in my screenshot, and Black Shark's work in creating "plausible buildings" based on this data.  Mostly, it looks pretty good, even close up..

However, the buildings are not the actual buildings, but an approximation based on aerial photos.. so the cycled airliners may be recognizable from the air, but not reconstructed back to the last rivet.. 😉


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Since the topic of this thread is "What would it take for LR or LM to win your money back," I thought it perfectly on-point to show a screen capture from yesterday's long-anticipated, big announcement about the future of X-Plane 12. Are you ready to abandon MSFS and give your money back to LR for their new efforts here? The colored circles highlight overly repetitive scenery. Remember, this is what LR chose to showcase in its presentation of what's to come (eventually).


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3 hours ago, birdguy said:

Sometimes it's time to stop.  For me moving on is no longer an option.  I seriously considered it last week when I saw the pictures of Roswell Bofhlur posted.  Yes, I could find my house.  But making a tradeoff chart I decided to stick with P3Dv5.2.

1.  I already have it.

2. I already have all the curently available Orbx scenery for it which is satisfactory for me even though I can't find my house.  

3. There are over 100 payware and freeware FSX/P3D aircraft available for P3Dv5.2 and I have half of them.

4. I have my custom paneled Lionheart Quest Kodiak that I fly over 90% of the time in P3Dv5.2.

5. With what I already have in P3Dv5.2 I won't have to spend another penny on the hobby in my remaining lifetime even if LM were to pull the plug on and discontinue P3D tomorrow morning.  Even if it crashed I already have the P3Dv5 installation folder and password on a thumb drive.

I'm not ready to give all that up because I can see my house.




I did spend much much more than I thought I'd ever spend on FSX. But for me, it wasn't just the novelty of seeing the house, neighborhood, city or old familiar places. I also used to travel out of the country a lot for real too. 

Given that the pandemic is still with us,  "as real as it get is" is probably as close as I am likely to actually safely visit some places again for real. And since there's also lots of free scenic software that is as real as it gets, it was hard to resist MSFS.

I also admire and appreciate sceneries as interactive works of moving art in 3D. They're a lot cheaper and better than spending gazillions on real art or even just going to museums or a movie date.


Hardware: i7-8700k, GTX 1070-ti, 16GB ram, NVMe/SSD drives with lots of free space.
Software: latest Windows 10 Pro, P3Dv4.5+, FSX Steam, and lots of addons (100+ mostly Orbx stuff).


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