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  1. i had this issue 2 days ago, had to uninstall gsx pro and reinstalled it... henri
  2. A remarkable person, symbol of so many things that no longer exist in Western Europe...We lose a great Lady. henri
  3. CYXT ... Terrace in northern BC. Very challenging area , done my licence there.. henri
  4. No worries ... i do not take anything personal, just a fun note. cheers. henri
  5. But people don't go on strike for fun, MR FUZZY. You should know that... If frogs had wings, they wouldn't bother jumping. henri
  6. CYXT, CYPR, CYYD, CYXS.... the northwest of BC... thx henri
  7. Hi Ray, hope you doing well, i would like to invest in a BEN monitor for quite a while but i am a bit afraid that my very average system won't be enough to support it... as of now, i am running 3 basic monitors , a main ASUS VE278 60 cm horizontal size , a second monitor 38 cm and a LG tv 160 cm as third monitor... my system is as follow: I7-3770K...mobo ASUS P8H77-M, 2x 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM corsair, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX-TI, .... as well , they are so many BENQ monitor out there , not easy to make that good choice. best regards, Henry
  8. Same here i remember my first spin in a 150 in 96, the plane came out of it on his own, i just had time to reduce the power it was already out, and i didn't have to realize anything ... my instructor told me that we did 2 and a half or 1 and a half laps , all i remember at the time is being completely disoriented.. i have to admit the first time it was pretty rock and roll... henri
  9. go in you GSX menu in P3D and customize your radius in parking positions... insert a higher number.. cheers hemri
  10. i agree... go for Flightbeam, i got all of they products. they are great. cheers, henry
  11. Rob i am with you there , It’s important to note that we humans have a fairly high self-esteem. For us, we are the ultimate outcome of life on the planet. We can certainly recognize that in several respects we are worthy of admiration for having been able to guard against the defense mechanisms, the antibodies that the earth uses to try to contain the species that live in us and could threaten our equilibrium. Thus, we managed to get out of the competition between species by becoming the only and ultimate predator. We also invented ways to protect ourselves from the cold, from the hot, to resist natural disasters, to survive those viruses and infections. We even manage today to modify the basic code of life, claiming to be able to improve it. In a few decades we have gone from millions to billions, nothing can stop us. If it weren't for ourselves, we would speak, to describe this phenomenon, of an invasive species, an epidemic, a resistant bacteria or a cancer. All living organisms which, like us, have managed to exceed the limits of their environment to grow until the exhaustion of the resources which make them live. When we fly over Earth at night even in our sim , cities look like cells that stretch their illuminated highway filaments toward other cells to feed and grow. Many, though less and less, have hope for the future. However, like other living organisms that multiply without constraints, it seems unnatural for humans to change their trajectory. Human intelligence makes it possible to observe, collect data and predict, but seems powerless to act to slow down, decrease. We can certainly imagine that, like humans, planets like Earth can see their lives threatened for various reasons: old age, lightning shock, dazzling cancer....etc..Could we also imagine, dream, that cancer, becoming aware of its nature and that its growth at the expense of the vehicle that carries it will lead to its loss, manages to mobilize all its energies to participate in the healing of the body that it makes you sick? And that each of its cells has the firm conviction that it has an urgent role to play in order to avoid disaster? If the participants in the human adventure, rather than contemplating their greatness, succeeded in effecting this reversal, it would certainly be the greatest achievement of their intelligence, a quantum leap in the evolution of their species. Also Individually, we as humans do not have the capacity to see things on a scale larger than our life expectancy, a few decades (and this is still a great challenge, our political systems seeing the future in a shorter time term, in the next elections). Even civilizations have not seen things for over a century, and just about ALL great civilizations have collapsed at one time or another. Obviously, I have no answer to these questions ... otherwise I would be a politician and I could make promises lol... tchao, henry
  12. because we kicked their asses during the Hundred Years War, period. thank you Jeanne d'Arc LOL
  13. LOl Ron , you started it. i like it. And i am trilingue guy , german on top of it which don't help ... lol gute bonne evening RON henry
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