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  1. Aerodynamic

    Sudden automatic, unwanted view changes!

    I was able to cure the problem by deleting all button/key joystick assignments for my yoke and pedals. I then went back and added the commands again for the buttons I desired and the problem went away for me. And I even installed the Saitek drivers. (The default Windows driver for the yoke does not get the system time for the digital clock and causes the timer function to go way too fast. That is the only reason I got the Saitek driver.)Scott
  2. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim 757 Users

    >Thanks for the info on the merge, i have just a question>though. I don't seem to be able to use my FMC in that it wont>show at all? Why might this be? Also how do i select the icons>for the bottom left corner to select all the doors and>features? Thanks, SteveHi Steve. The standard CS icons on the lower left will work for ATC, map, animations panel, etc. The animations panel is the "A" in red. The animations will still work in the merge as CS designed them. If there is an FMC button, (can't remember or check now since I am at work) it will not work since it would be allotted for the CS FMC when/if it becomes available.I always use the "hot spots" on the PSS 2d panel. If you click on the overhead, the overhead will appear. If you click on the pilot's FMC display, the PSS FMC will display. If you click on the FO's FMC display, the pedestal/throttle portion will appear. Radios are on the far right of the 2d panel.Please see my post above about the FMC appearing behind the main panel. This happens when you select a 757 configured with this merge AFTER using another aircraft. I suggest you try picking your 757 to fly right when you start FS9 and then see if you have the issue. If so, please PM me and I will be glad to assist in my off hours.Thanks,Scott
  3. Aerodynamic

    Active camera and high FPS

    >The Head Latency can be adjusted on the Settings menuI think the poster knows this. I am new to Active Camera and have also noticed some "jerky" behavior when latency is set at, say, 0.20 or higher. The sim still runs at a very high frame rate, but has random spasms from time to time. I think that is what is in question here. I am also curious about this myself.
  4. This seems like one of those classic cases where fully comprehending things is handicapped by the fact that only words can be typed here. You just can't get the full picture this way. The discomfort of misunderstanding has pulled this completely off topic.The mods have to do their job. At the same token, I am sure they understand that people are going to make mistakes and break rules from time to time. No harm done. Have a virtual handshake and don't read too far into things.Corey, I'm really looking forward to these paints. Thanks and keep up the good work.Later,Scott
  5. Aerodynamic

    Frames Unlocked

    I second altstiff's comment. I have read the same in numerous places. It's probably all in my head, but I think my textures load more efficiently with frames locked. I have mine locked at 55.ScottKPNS
  6. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim 757 Users

    I agree that VCs are great, but unfortunately Captain Sim still has an incomplete 757 product in the FMC department. I choose to have the FMC over a virtual cockpit. Personal preference. To each, his own.If you want a 757 that looks and functions as accurately as possible, we have to wait for Captain Sim to stop working on new projects and finish the 757 or get on the FSX wagon when Level-D's 757 comes out. Seems like neither are going to happen anytime this is holding me over.ScottKPNS
  7. >Why was it deleted? Did the size ###### get ya? :DWondered the same thing as well. He also posted preview pics in the Posky forum, so I got my fix there until he reposted here....:)ScottKPNS
  8. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim 757 Users

    Sorry for leaving anyone hanging that had questions for me in this older thread. The holidays were busy and I missed the replies during that span. Some additional tidbits I have discovered since the initial post-1) To see the correct engine gauges on the panel for the engine type in use, use the following structure in your aircraft.cfg. Change only what is indicated in parenthesis for your aircraft. Something with PSS's coding associates the gauges and FMC IDENT page with one of the aircraft cfg entries, probably the "title=" and "description=" lines.[fltsim.x]title=757-200 PW overwing exits (Airline goes here)sim=PSSB752_PWmodel=PWLpanel=sound=pwtexture=(Texture folder)atc_id=(Registration number here)atc_airline=(Airline name)atc_flight_number=1123atc_heavy=0ui_manufacturer=Captain Simui_type="757-200 PW overwing exits"ui_variation=(Airline name)description= "B757_200 with Pratt & Whitney 2040 Engines." atc_id_color=0x00000000atc_id_font=Verdana,-11,1,600,0visual_damage=1atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP[fltsim.x]title=PSS 757-200 RR overwing exits (Airline goes here)sim=PSSB752_RRmodel=RRLpanel=sound=rrtexture=(Texture folder)atc_id=(Registration number here)atc_airline=(Airline name)atc_flight_number=1123atc_heavy=0ui_manufacturer=Captain Simui_type="757-200 RR overwing exits"ui_variation=(Airline name)description="757-200 with RollsRoyce RB211-535E4B" atc_id_color=0x00000000atc_id_font=Verdana,-11,1,600,0visual_damage=1atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP2) I recently found this minor issue. You cannot do a flight in, say a Cessna, and then swap over to the 757. If you do so, the radio and FMC panels will display behind the main panel. I do not know how to correct that problem at this time.3) I received one report of flaps that completely retract without command. This issue was something I never experienced, but was resolved by the person encountering the problem. Their fix was to edit the "model=" line and choose the non-vc model of the 757. I never had the vc model in my cfg, so I never had the problem. The above info already contains the the non-vc models, so this should not be an issue if you follow it.I should mention the original merge core credit goes to Junior Puente (THANKS!) and that I have just trial and errored these updates to use other variants with the merge with greater accuracy.Thanks,ScottKPNS
  9. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim is making a B-52

    >I agree, and I believe the word "con artist" refers to Capt.>empty promises in regards to fixes and upgrades that have>never be developed, even though they have been promised many,>many, many, many months ago.Mike, that's exactly what I was referring to. I am glad you were able to gather that from my post.>The entire community needs a wake up call, so at the very>least, one or two things happen.>>1. Drive this company out of business>>or>>2. Make him fix everything that was promised.I also want to add that Captain Sim has to be aware of the number of people who are completely discontent with them. I'm not really sure how they can operate day to day with all this on their conscience.If Captain Sim is driven out of business, I can see it now - they would probably say that they are closing due to the "negativity surrounding this hobby" and yada yada yada. It would be one final way to slap us in the face. I hope they are capable of understanding that people generally admire and respect their craftsmanship, and the only negativity is about the way they do business and fail on their commitments.If they started doing one complete project at a time, without any misinformation, and offered some form of support, I would probably own a lot more then just their 757 "shell" product right now.I wonder if we will ever get even an apology from them? I mean, that would at least be something that they could actually complete.
  10. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim 757 Users

    >Hello,>>With all due respect, why in the world should I or anyone else>have to purchase two aircraft and then alter various>areas/sections of these aircraft to make one work correctly?,>especially when Capt. empty promises blocked off his B757 with>promises that it will be a complete B-757 aircraft (including>systems / sub systems).>>Oh, I agree with you completely. I am simply tired of waiting. Even when and if Block F comes out, I probably couldn't consciously give Captain Sim more money after the way we have been treated. It would be a serious decision struggle, but I am just fed up.The PSS model leaves a bit to be desired, but I have always liked their panels going back to the older days. At least I can fly a pretty robust 757 this way. If anything, we live and learn. I learned not to buy anything on impulse without waiting for a thorough review of the product and the customer support. It's a shame that there are people out there completely after our money and not for the benefit of the hobby. Those scales have shifted with a handful of these developers....
  11. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim 757 Users

    After reading the number of vents in the Captain Sim B-52 thread, I thought I would share this with those of you who are waiting for the finished Captain Sim 757. First of all, a little bit of info for you about me and why the B-52 thread contained some abrasive comments on my behalf. (I apologize if I went a bit too far, I was just a little on edge when I read about yet another product they have in development.)The 757 has long been my favorite airliner, and I have waited Lord knows how long for a complete 757 with all the bells and whistles. To this day, there are none available for any of Microsoft's recent FS versions. I bought FSX and heard about the Level-D 757 and was very excited. However, I miss the payware-quality sceneries of FS2004. I am back to using FS2004 with all the goodies I have and will not go back to FSX until at least Level-D has their 757 done and/or there are some nice payware sceneries for U.S. airports.I bought into the Captain Sim 757 "block" thing simply because I had never had a bad experience with a payware developer. Every time I upgraded my system or needed to reinstall something, folks like Carenado and Level-D were always on their game. They were quick to respond to emails and forum posts and that is something I greatly appreciate when I paid for their product. Captain Sim makes some stellar exterior models. Let me be clear on that. My venting in the B-52 thread is not because I want to take away the fact that they put effort into something that we can enjoy and marvel at. My beef is that in 2 years, there has been a complete failure by Captain Sim to communicate to its paying customers as to why there is/has been a 2-year delay on the 757. Furthermore, they begin other projects (like the B-52 and the F-18 for FSX) and leave things incomplete that were initially promised to have numerous other features. The Captain Sim 757 is the only product I bought into and I am mad enough about that. When I read people complaining about the 707 and C-130, it makes me glad that I didn't buy into more of their products and associated promises. When I get so upset about the 757, I try to think of others who have multiple Captain Sim packages with incomplete and quirky features that will only be dodged if you ask Captain Sim about it in their forum.So on to what I would like to share. If you would like (what I consider to be) a quality 757 package for FS2004, I have some recommendations. I have been using the following, and it gets your money's worth out of two products that are outstanding in their own areas. I should also mention that I am picky in a lot of respects and want the best 757 currently possible. You can combine the Captain Sim 757 exterior model with the PSS 757 panel! I have flown three recent flights and really enjoy it. Do the following if you want your 757 now and not when and if Captain Sim finishes the 757 Block F:***Obviously, you need to own the CS 757 Block B and the PSS 757. I would say if you don't own the PSS 757, go ahead and buy it solely for the panel and systems and just assume that it would be part of the money you spent on Block F for the Captain Sim FMC, flight dynamics, and many bug fixes it will allegedly include.***1) Go to the *other* site and download the PSS 757 panel merge. If you search for it, you will easily find it. You will not find it here at Avsim. Avsim probably didn't get the submission or they chose to not house the file due to the merge contents. If that's the case we should understand and respect that. Follow the merge instructions. It's very easy and you will even get to retain the Captain Sim model animations that are pretty nifty!2) Download the FSX 757 Block B package from the CS site. It's free to upgrade the 757 shell to FSX. When I had FSX installed, I noticed the FSX 757 model contains much more accurate wing flex. You don't have to pull 7 G's to see wing flex in the FSX model. The model works fine in FS2004, and all repaints will not be affected.3) Download Dax Sweetman's package here at Avsim. Yes, this is a fictional repaint, but it contains 2 texture repaints that you can use on each and every Captain Sim 757. Many haven't noticed, but Captain Sim left every single repaint with incomplete under-wing textures. The darker "spar" gray always stops halfway down the wing. Dax's two textures, 75_R_7_T and 75_L_7_T, contain completely painted textures that will correct each and every 757 you have that does not have under-wing registrations. (Sorry, Europe simmers. I am not a painter and every repaint that comes out for European airlines on the CS model alway uses the incomplete textures. Painters always affix the correct registration to the incomplete wing textures. It's like no one has ever noticed the flaw!) Easily fixable if you know how to paint, unlike me!4) Adjust the aircraft.cfg per the repaints you have and use. I also modified mine to reflect the appropriate engine type. The merge uses the RR freighter .air file, but you can use the correct ones if you adjust your aircraft.cfg to reflect that change.The goofy appearance of the horizontal stabilizers works much better in this merge. The stabilizers always looked way too trimmed up in the standard Captain Sim Block B package. It bahaves and looks a lot more realistic in this merge.I have only done 3 flights so far on this, but it is quite satisfactory, even for my standards. You get an FMC with an overhead and clickable "hot spots" on the 2D panel. If you love virtual cockpits, then you might be disappointed since you will have to fly with the 2D panel. But also you get a 757 that feels much more like a 757 and not a default 737. And you get all this while utilizing your beautiful Captain Sim 757 "shell."I am wondering if anyone else has tried what I am using and is enjoying it as much as I am. I don't feel quite as "ripped off" since I'm able to fly more realistically!If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them and provide the limited help I am capable of. Don't count on Level-D type customer support, but you can count on a level much higher than Captain Sim's! :-lol Regards,Scott
  12. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim is making a B-52

    >I've seen this written quite a few times now, but I thought>the F/A-18 in Acceleration was done by "Virtuali" who>previously produced stuff for Cloud9. In fact if you check out>the Virtuali website they have an unofficial support forum for>the Acceleration F/A-18.>>I may be wrong?Captain Sim is practically boasting about making content for Microsoft's Acceleration pack on their web site. Below is what appears on the main page:"We create content for Microsoft!The Flight Simulator X Acceleration Expansion Pack was released by Microsoft in October '07. We are proud to be part of it, and announce that the F/A-18A model in the Pack has been developed by Captain Sim!"....So they can finish projects for Microsoft, huh?
  13. >Why wouldnt you just download it from Phoenix simulations? if>you want it that bad.Phoenix's online store is currently closed and has been closed for quite some time. I wonder what is going on with them? I guess they want people to purchase now through Just Flight....
  14. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim is making a B-52

    >Being realistic; in Flightsim land, there have been many>suppose- able "broken promises", and commitments. While so>many developers start with a bundle of enthusiasm, it doesn't>always pan out.Well, "always panning out" isn't good enough for those of us who have bought blocks of a 2 year old product line that was planned to have full systems, but currently does not. We should be refunded or some other form of compensation is in order if this 757 is never completed. This type of thing would be reported to the Better Business Bureau if this occurred in any legitimate organization in the United States.The fact that they have released a poll about development for FS9 over FSX is just a slap in our face. Why even post a poll? Uh, hello?! Yeah, we want the FS9 version. Maybe that is what people have been buying the blocks for! I mean, it's only been 2 years....:-roll>Still --- the visual quality of C/S stands on it's own. That>may not interest you, but it does me.I will give credit where credit is due. Yes, they produce outstanding visual models. But I think the only thing currently standing on its own with Captain Sim is their level of B.S. That may not interest you with your C-130, but it interests me with my 757.And I digress, but I also find it a little inappropriate that Avsim advertises Captain Sim products on these forums. If this 757 is never released, I would appreciate it vastly if they no longer display links of payware developers who do not stay true to their word. I'm sure I'm not alone in my feelings on this 757 product. Someone needs to say something at some point. I value my time and I value my money just like other people do.I have been visiting Avsim for years and appreciate it for the resource that it is and the results it provides. However, it is quite bothersome that a Captain Sim B-52 is in development, AFTER the F-18 for FSX Acceleration, while 2 years has passed waiting for the Block F 757....and there is a banner on top of the page where people can buy this very incomplete product.I think anyone with any decent reasoning would see that this type of approach by Captain Sim is nothing short of abominable.
  15. Aerodynamic

    Captain Sim is making a B-52

    It's not about full systems and visual models. It's about broken promises.I make $15/hour. I work 2-3 hours to pay for most flight sim payware packages, while supporting myself. When Captain Sim doesn't own up to their commitments, I take offense to that. My time is priceless. Too bad I can't get that point across to the makers of these "well-crafted visual models."