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  1. Just so you know you're not alone, I get that too. It seems to correct itself after a minute or so. Pitot heat does not seem to be the cause of this one. I'm using AS 2004.5 for weather...Greghttp://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  2. You should not need to reformat anything. Install your motherboard and CPU, boot into the Windows CD Setup, and follow the path to install Windows. Windows will detect your existing OS, and will ask you if you want to install fresh or repair the existing installation. Choose repair, and bingo. No problemo.Ghttp://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  3. You guys are spoiling us Canadian simmers!Thanks (once again!),Greghttp://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  4. Scenery is generally installed this way:Addon Scenery/SceneryName/sceneryAddon Scenery/SceneryName/textureWhen adding the scenery in FS, navigate to the SceneryName folder and click OK.http://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  5. Hey Barry,You should get yourself a laser printer! Sure the cartridges are more expensive than ink-jet (maybe $100 as opposed to $50 for the latter), but they print thousands of pages -- and then a couple hundred more with a shake. They also don't "dry up" when they aren't used for an extended period. They are definately cheaper to operate. The printers themselves aren't that expensive either. I picked up a HP LaserJet 1012 after many years of ink jet and haven't been happier. Do you really need colour??Anyways, sorry to take the thread off topic, but I used to share your manual-printing blues!Cheers,Greghttp://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  6. lol! I have a feeling she wouldn't agree...http://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  7. Wasn't there a forum on here long ago (or mayber it was flightsim.com?) where folks would post a flightplan and a dinner recipe that would take the duration of the cruise to prepare and was themed based on the destination?? I could be making that up...http://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  8. I think we've pretty much mentioned them all now, but SnapShooter (available in the library) is well done and is the one I've been using for a while. By the way, I know SnapShooter doesn't but do any of these others let you set an interval at which to take pictures? i.e. once every minute, etc.Ghttp://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  9. Those are good tips, guys. Thanks!http://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  10. Very good freeware KDTW here by Paul Mainville...http://www.vnwa.com/Noramair/http://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  11. It's interesting that there are a few airports like that. One that comes to my mind is KPIT -- I can't remember there ever being an add-on, freeware or payware, that reproduced that one. Funny, eh?http://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  12. Here's another thing you can try, which had a pretty good result for me... I had the stuttering, particularly on the ground with clouds present, but also in the air with clouds, and adjusting my AGP Aperture in the BIOS seemed to clear it up for the most part (only the occasional small stutter remains). This is a new mobo for me, and the AGP aperture was set at 128 by default. I tried 64, 256, and 512. The 256 was the sweet spot. All the other values had no effect, but 256 seemed to clear up the dreaded stutter for me. Maybe if you experiment with that, you'll get some good results.For the record, I'm running a MCI K8N Neo2 Platinum with AMD 64 3200. Old school GeForce 4 Ti 4200 for the video card. Frames are locked at 20.Good luck,Greghttp://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  13. I think it's just the division between taxiways. Imagine they were grassed...http://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  14. Are we talking about an AMD64 or the 64-bit Windows? Cuz if it's the 64 processor running 32-bit Windows XP, I don't think there'll be any difference in drivers. As for reinstalling Windows, when you plunk in the new mobo and cpu and start up for the first time, boot off your Windows CD. In setup, choose Intall (as opposed to the recovery console), and when setup detects your existing windows installation, just hit "R" for repair. That'll fix your windows up to work with your new mobo. From there, you'll install all the drivers for your new gear. I just went from a AMD 2400XP to a AMD 64 3200 and it was simple, relatively painless, and makes quite a difference to the sim.Good luck,Greghttp://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
  15. For future reference, you can run the repair installation off the Windows CD on an installed OS. That'll reset the various system drivers that are keeping your Windows from starting on your new hardware. Alls you do is tell setup to install (not the recovery console), and when it detects your existing windows installation, hit "R" for repair. http://ca.geocities.com/gmoffatt@rogers.co...20_BigO_new.jpg
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