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  1. Many are reporting better performance with FS Traffic.
  2. If everyone had that view, nearly all payware would have zero sells. Most payware has a freeware version somewhere. People choose the payware because it normally offers a higher level of a feature/benefit that appeals to them.
  3. Scams are made of sterner stuff. Perhaps your comment would have made sense if the OP had asked for seed money to support his development. I think its fake but not a scam.
  4. I don't believe that most think for themselves. I see in this community, and other gaming communities, people just jumping on what they think everyone else is doing. In this case, someone is upset because Microsoft has the store, and writes their opinion on why the store is bad. Some simmer reads this person's opinion, and now they adopt the OP view of the store. This happens all the time. It happens in the positive as well. With early positive reviews, people in the community will adopt that view as well, and that's before they have even tried it for themselves.
  5. What modifications are you making to those "encrypted files? I am confident that the majority of folks saying that they do buy from the marketplace it is not for the same reason as you have. They do not buy from the marketplace because they read or viewed content from someone who didn't like it. As a result, now they think they don't like it either.
  6. I have purchased many products on the marketplace with buy and download, without issue.
  7. If it's on the marketplace, that is the best place to purchase the item. It is a worry-free purchase. It is not clear to me why anyone would want to avoid the marketplace.
  8. I believe you are correct, Sayintentions does not control AI traffic.
  9. @kevinfirth, I remember seeing a YouTube "blind frame rate test" for gamers a few years ago. The video showed frame rates of 30, 60, and 90 (blind test). They asked which was smoother. Most could not tell the difference. Then, the test went on to tell the testers that 60fps was 30fps and 30fps was 60fps and like clockwork, they all thought 30fps (told it was 60fps) was smoother.
  10. smh, that you highlighted the negatives of the game before it was released. The positives will overshadow any negatives.
  11. Tell defender that its not a virus and then download.
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