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  1. Do you really believe that the coders cannot code a pop-up? It makes no sense, considering that MSFS20 is a very sophisticated program. Its like critical thinking is not a skill that people have today.
  2. I hear ya. That 20 mins to update is a real first world problem.
  3. Thank you for trying to clarify, but it was 3 static images.
  4. You are a funny man. Where is your show playing these days? I would like to attend.
  5. Not when you are looking to fly in current real world conditions.
  6. Three planes will hardly create a watershed year for MSFS.
  7. I get your point and based on that I have just thrown out my Nike sweats and sneakers, all my ball caps, my taylormade golf clubs, all of my single serve coffee pods, and removed all the badging from my vehicles.
  8. WOW, peoples reading comprehension .... My question was where would the flight be originating?
  9. Kodiak only has a range of 1000nm ... not sure where you would fly out of
  10. Your suggestion would not fit or work for this guy. This guy is impatient and would never thrive with your recommendation.😎 A better recommendation https://youtu.be/YH338giTiv4
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