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    My 1st VR Flight!!!

    sounds awesome ... i want that experience. Which VR headset are you using?
  2. Tierborn

    Black Airport Problem ?

    I have the same black airport glass textures as well
  3. Tierborn

    Flight planner in 4.3

    I have had this issue as well. My work around has been to just reload the saved plan and it appears to utilize my saved plan on the second upload within Prepar3D.
  4. I bet there will be a 200 - 300 pages of documentation
  5. thank you for the links, however, its really about the number of copies sold and that appears to be flat based on your info - If i am reading the "interest chart" correctly.
  6. First, my question is purely out of a desire to understand the facts. Have you seen numbers that show that XP11 is growing exponentially? Where can I fined those numbers? I love the sim and just wondering is the user base actually growing or has it been flat over the last year?
  7. Tierborn

    Test pilot report - Dovetail games Flight Sim World

    you did not read his article ......
  8. Tierborn

    the sim - game dichotomy

    you speak the truth .... In consideration of "arcade" vs "sim" - once in the sim there is no real difference between the current flight simulations
  9. searched your question ..... http://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-00-release-notes/
  10. Tierborn

    The immersion of flying

    Thanks - I checked it out, needs more work based on what i had in mind.
  11. Tierborn

    The immersion of flying

    Not so excited about ground handling by a human when that can be simulated. But building on your concept, what if we could simulate pilot and co-pilot flying the same plane. You could have flight management shared like real world pilots. That would be truly immersive!
  12. Tierborn

    Not Again - DLC Simulator

    I really hate that they are making you purchase the DLC ... I am glad they are not forcing me to buy it - lucky I guess!
  13. Tierborn

    Tablet Map

    I hope its android thats going to die first :-)
  14. At their core, FSX, P3D v4, and FSW are the same flight simulation. If the DTG developer does the right thing (no restriction on addons) they should be first option for those looking at P3D or FSW. Most are not using the license for P3D properly ... you can buy FSW without any worry about proper use of license.
  15. Tierborn

    Lost XP11 sounds

    I have the same problem .. it started yesterday 28May and corrected itself with a restart of the XP11. Happened again today. In both cases, initially had sound but then it quit after 30 mins or so. No sound in XP11 and sound for everything else..
  16. why would you update a sim that only has a 30 day shelf life ...... if you want updates you will have to update to XP11
  17. Tierborn


    I see your point :-)
  18. Tierborn


    not sure why you think this is a kudos .... no other product that you would buy.. would you praise them for continuing to try to get it right years after you bought it. ie, It's amazing that ABC automotive is still giving out these engine timing updates for free. The ABC 8 cylinder engine is probably the only engine that still gets fixes for something people bought a few years ago
  19. Tierborn


    Actually... business decisions are made with the opposite rationale versus yours. If the market /product is selling well then others will join or accelerate market focus. Poor sales would be a detriment to competition
  20. your list, plus ...... airport default scenery at all airports
  21. Tierborn

    10.35 is out

    the OP is tom . you really didnt pick up on that :-)
  22. Tierborn

    Regretful purchases for FSX

    Poor lecture ..... i have never heard anyone call making a purchase "life". :-)
  23. Tierborn

    PMDG Speculated Future Releases ?

    I will pick up the 777. The majority of the realistic 747 routes are 8+ hours, so I will not be getting this one. Dont like flying aircraft that aren't flown any longer, so I will skip the DC-6 as well. I am sure the 777 fun will cover the loss of the other two :Big Grin:
  24. Tierborn

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    same here .... like to fly aircraft you can actually see in the skies today!
  25. Tierborn

    X plane 10 release date finalized

    at the back of the store in all the ones near me ... i'm sad