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  1. JimBob

    Activating all PARALLEL runways...

    Speedbyrd,I used AFCAD to close a couple of runways for landing and close a couple for takeoff's. You still have to deal with fighting for position with other arrivals but if you use AISmooth it will take care of that for the most part. Good Luck !!!JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  2. Dave,I'm using FS9 for the PIC737 but I would assume ( oh, shoot me now! ) that the controls should be the same for FSX. I discovered that if you left click a control instead of the normal right click it increases/decreases by a factor of 10. So left clicking on the altitude will increase/decrease by 1000 instead of 100. Speed and heading will increase/decrease by 10 instead of 1. Sure made my life easier where RC4 is concerned.JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  3. JimBob

    Dreamwings Website

    Rick,It apparently got "hacked" some weeks ago. I tried the tech support forum several times and saw nothing but porno links in the messages. The download area seemed OK though but recently the whole thing has gone off-line and I have not heard anything about it from other sources. JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment
  4. JimBob

    FS Genesis spikes

    If you stop by the tech support section of the FS Genesis site and do a search on spikes you'll see that you are not alone. If you post the details ( locations ) of the spikes Justin may make some suggestions. You'll also see the other spike problems/solutions from other users.JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  5. JimBob

    Speed Problem????

    Sounds like you need to turn on the pitot heat !JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  6. JimBob

    Mesh...yes and no...

    Scott,Direct from the FSGenesis FAQ at http://portal.fsgenesis.net/index.php?name=FAQ&id_cat=10**************************************************************In most cases, the terrain is accurate but the airports elevation isn't.This is usually due to the "flat runway" limitation of FS. Since the airports listed elevation is usually the highest point o
  7. OK , FSuX is going to have to wait for a good while ! In the meantime I want to upgrade my FS9 to keep me entertained for the duration ( however long that is ). I have all the A/C I want , ActiveSky and Radar Contact. What I have not installed are any of the various packages to improve the ground appearence. There are so many that I would appreciate anyone's opinion on which are among the best. I have a fairly high-end setup ( FSuX does not sgree ) so I can run most any and all add-on's.TIA,JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  8. Well, I'll certainly add my two cents ( AGAIN ) and vote for an FS9 forum but I really get the feeling for the first time that there is something else going on here. Yeah my wife thinks I'm paranoid too !! JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  9. I'm having the same problem ...... getting yesterdays weather today @ 9:30 AM EDT. I tried several reloads , deleted existing wx files but can't get todays weather. JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  10. JimBob

    FS9 still there!

    Add my name to those wishing to split the forums. I was chomping at the bit to get FSX but after the demos and reading others experiences I'll be maintaining my FS9 install for a good while to come. Come on Tom how about reconsidering the recent merge !!!JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  11. JimBob

    Deleted makerwys.exe

    Thank you very much !!!!!
  12. During one of my recent FS2004 folder "clean outs" I apparently deleted the makerwys.exe ( I don't know why I do these things !!! ) Anyway I looked on the install disk and saw that the the exe is contained in a binary file so I need to know if there is wany way I can get a copy of makerwys.exe from the most kind and understanding folks at RC or anywhere else for that matter.
  13. I've been using RC for some years now and really am enjoying 4.0 ( I'll get 4.1 when the rush is done ! ). One of the new things I enjoyed was contacting the tower while taxing to the runway and then being told I was # whatever in the takeoff que. Just recently ( no add-on's and I did rebuild the database ) when I'm told to "contact tower" or "monitor tower" and I or "OTTO" switch frequencies the takeoff AI A/C que seemed to freeze , nothing moved unless I cleared the traffic by fast forwarding 8X.I checked this out by repeating the same flight numerous times and not switching frequencies until I was #1 in the que and the A/C on the runway had started his T/O roll. If I switched at that point then I would get RC4 clearence for my T/O. I tried different airports, different aircraft and a bunch of other stuff in an attempt to figure out what was causing the AI takeoff que lockup. No matter what I did, if I or "OTTO" switched to the tower per RC4 instructions the AI que would freeze. Then just for the heck of it after I had switched to the RC4 tower frequency ( different than what the AI A/C were using ) I switched back to the AI tower frequency to listen in on the AI que.Well I tuned in the AI tower freq. at just the right time. There was a 767 on the runway apparently awaiting his T/O clearence, and behind him , a DC9 next in line tells the AI tower he's ready for T/O. The A/I tower comes back and says the DC9 needs to wait because the 767 ( the one sitting on the runway waiting for T/O clearence ) is on short final for landing. I had been suspicious for awhile as it appeared that the AI T/O que was on hold as if an RC4 controlled A/C was landing. Anyway this is not a major deal as I can just wait til all A/C have cleared the que in front of me to switch to the tower but I'm really wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this. I find it hard to imagine it's just my installation ( but then again ..... !!! )Last question , I'm planning to do a reinstall to see if that corrects the problem , I don't need a new key if I'm reinstalling on the same machine , or do I ???? OK that's enough , time to see if the snow blower starts.JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"
  14. JimBob

    Boeing 907-400 Concept Private Jet

    Clarindo ,Hang in there for a while. You can fix the airfile problem by correcting the sim= parameter in the aircraft.cfg file to match the airfile name but even then once you try to load it there is an "unable to display visual model" error. I'm sure the designer is well meaning but to much in a hurry to "get it out the door". I would imagine a fix will be along shortly.JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment"Well now that I read all of your message more carefully I can use your add-it utility error msgs. to steer me to the fixes !!!! See I told you Master of the Sr. MomentJimBob
  15. JimBob

    Must see Video

    OK, I usually don't post links to this stuff but this one is so good it's a must see .. http://media.putfile.com/2-planelandingonthehighway25JimBob"Master of the Sr. Moment