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  1. I put together a computer finally for FSX and have Windows 10 installed. My sim /was/ stable but when I would slew around to look at scenery, or change airports after I had been at one I would get a crash. After ruling out any add ons and my anti virus I tried putting uiautomationcore.dll in my main FSX directory. Immediate results and after two days now no crashes. Its nice that some people don't need this /fix/ but if I would have taken that advice I would still be pulling my hair out. Scott
  2. atc_scott


    Have purchased every version of IL2...will buy this as well...always well done. Cool Pics!
  3. atc_scott

    OKC scenery

    Brandon DePalo of Watsup Sceneries has both Tulsa and OKC as upcoming sceneries. I have been patiently waiting, hopefully soon they will be released. There are some sceneries of downtown Tulsa in the library I think. There is also a military package that adds some traffic at Tinker AFB. Here is the link for the upcoming Watsup sceneries. Cheers from a former OKC resident.Scott
  4. HA!! I have been trying to figure out what is going on with my computer for the last 30 minutes...Now I can stop scratching my head over this. I have been having the same problem this afternoon. Hope it is nothing serious.Cheers,Scott
  5. I feel your pain. The mesh is very nice, but I have un-installed a lot of it because of this problem. My home airport is ridiculous. I bought some payware thinking that the effect would be reduced, but it wasn't. :(Scott
  6. atc_scott

    ALT+ENTER refuses to go back

    Happens to me also. I use the windows key to get out of full screen to start my background application. The only time I need to be in widowed mode is for setting the heights in AES. It is a pain because I always get the freeze when going back to full screen! Scott
  7. atc_scott

    White trees at night

    The only thing I can think of is maybe you are missing the night time texture and it is still showing the daytime texture at night. Not sure though, I think I have the same autogen package installed and haven't noticed this. Good luck getting it figured out,Cheers,Scott
  8. atc_scott

    My Christmas List

    One year my wife bought me a CH yoke and rudder pedals...I was amazed...I didn't even complain about my crappy joystick...or send her a hint:My advice to you though is send her a hint via email. Sometimes miracles happen...:)Happy simmingScott
  9. atc_scott

    Multiple Tower Freqencies..... any benefit?

    The controller wasn't the cause of that accident. He also did not lead the RJ to the wrong runway.
  10. atc_scott

    "Super" A380

    We received a new FAA notice concerning the A380 a few days ago. The A380 will not be referred to as a Heavy in US ATC communications. The suffix "Super" will be used in all communications about the A380. Also more stringent separation criteria is required. For instance, A Heavy behind a heavy on final only require 4 miles of separation. A heavy aircraft behind an A380 requires six miles now. A small behind an A380 requires a whopping ten miles of wake turbulence separation. I wonder what the major airport ATC's think about that?
  11. atc_scott


    "still reeks of Cloud9"What is wrong with Cloud9?
  12. All,I have seen a couple of merges, and some work great...and others don't. Wouldn't it be great if the major freeware developers could engage to compile the ultimate freeware 747 package...:)I continue to work on mine...but I am foggy about the copyright issues, and am afraid to upload any of my progress. My progress is "very" minor compared to what has gone in to this wonderful panel...and the work on the POSKY 747's. Some people are worried about the progress of FS...I find it to be the most exciting ever!!!Thanks developers...freeware...payware...sharewareCheers,Scott
  13. atc_scott


    For anyone who hasn't seen this site it is great for flight planning real world has also come in very handy for tracking flights when my family is inbound to the fix...:) The only problem is that it is a US flight tracker. My question is...Is there a European flight tracker like Flightaware? I like to fly in Europe from time to time...and it would be nice to be able to plan my flights with real world accuracy. I am not as knowledgeable abvout European destinations as I am US destinations...usually I guess or look at,Scott
  14. atc_scott

    US Holiday Destinations?

    Reggie,Great post, I was going to post here but you have it covered!Think I might try one of these...:)Cheers,Scott