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  1. DJJose, That did the trick...always something simple like that...I was moving around my scenery layers without success... Thanks!
  2. How did you disable the FTX version of this airport...I cant find it
  3. I am an ORBX fanatic, and I had never flown in Australia, so I bought some of their products since they have a lot for Australia. Of course Australia is a continent, but I didn't realize how big it is. Thought I would do a quick flight from Perth to Melbourne lol...that is a long flight!
  4. FS9 was great, loved watching your videos and cockpits you put together. Sadly the world moves on, either you move with it or get left behind...I have fond memories of FS9, maybe the new Microsoft Flight sim will get the community back on the same page :} Cheers ED, SI
  5. Look, you know what you are getting when you buy a Carenado product, I enjoy all the quirks...have had so much fun buzzing around in FS in these aircraft...wish I could buy them all
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