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  1. gary_canuck

    Your age?

    Just checked my driver's licence and it says 78. My wife confirms this but I don't believe it at all.Gary :(
  2. Hey Chris,Don't mean to put a damper on your post but wouldn't it be more informative if you would download the Otter, fly it, and then give us a heads up. Being first to spot it is really not of much help. Gary :-term
  3. Contrary to the title " destination_finder_for_FS9_v1.1.zip"it works for both FS9 and FSX . Martin Gleeson does say this in his read-me but I thought maybe some have missed it and the opportunity to discover what a great utility it is.I often cannot spend more than an hour flying my FS helo so rather than digging out charts to determine interesting destinations within 80-100 miles from my chosen airport I just open Martin's destination finder where I can input a number of parameters, execute and up comes a list of destinations giving distance from target, Airport ID, Airport Name, Distance from Start, True Heading from Start, Magnetic Heading from Start, Elevation of Airport, Runway Details and City.I encourage giving it a trial. :-beerchug to MartinGary
  4. Joe,fsm285.zip here on Avsim and fsmgr.zip at Flightsim.comThe patch looks after the date problem.Gary
  5. Come on, you folks, that's not rain ---- it's liquid sunshine :-violinGary
  6. Cal, you do have a great sense of humour but there is some truth in it. :-rotor GaryCAM3
  7. Jim,Check for the zip "fs9cddir.zip" here at Avsim and it will show you where on the discs all the default info for FS9 can be found.Gary
  8. Hi Tim,Join the club of computer duffers. Don't consider myself an expert in anything but can pass along what I have found to work for me with no problems so far.The scenery folder in FS is not the same as the Addon scenery folder. I use winzip exclusively for manipulating zip files like you do.Basically my system is this:1. I have created a new file folder which I have named "New Scenery Zip"(you can call it whatever you like).2. When I notice a scenery in any download section of an FS site which I would like to install I select it and using winzip I extract the zip to the folder mentioned in 1. above.3. Then I inspect the readme, which hopefully has been included, for any unusual additional instructions which have to be followed to make the scenery "work" properly. 4. In addition to the readme there should be a "scenery" and a "texture " folder unless it is a landclass or mesh scenery addon neither of which should contain a "texture" folder even it that is empty.5. As I mentioned in a previous post I have created a short cut for my Addon scenery folder on the desktop. You can do this simply by finding your Addon folder in FS9 and right clicking ( if your using the mouse as a right hander..... I'm a lefty so have to be careful as I have to left click) that folder and looking down the list which shows up select "create shortcut". The shortcut will appear at the bottom of all the folders in FS on the page. Using the Restore Down box at the top right corner of your computer allows you to see some of your desktop. I select the Addon shortcut folder and hold the mouse button down while I move that folder to the desktop.6. Now I can have both my Addon scenery folder and the New Scenery Zip ( both Restore Down ) together on the desktop.7. I open both then select the new named scenery and holding the mouse button down move it across to the Add-on scenery folder.8. In FS9 I then go through the usual required Settings>Scenery Library>Add Area and looking in the Addon Scenery Folder which shows up in the "Select Scenery Directory" you will find the name of the scenery you want to add.Sounds kinda' like a long procedure but once you have the shortcut on the desktop and leave it there it's a snap to add new scenery. Just in case you are interested the same sort of routine can be used to add new aircraft by having a shortcut to the FS Aircraft folder. Again you must carefully look at the readme 'cause you will have gauges,etc to move or copy and also maybe aircraft textures to play around with.Hope this helps and if I've caused any confusion please let me know how we can communicate privately.regardsGary
  9. Agree with you, Dave, When I extended my subscription to CP magazine they had an offer of a free registered copy of Ultimate Defrag. Since I was using O&O Defrag at the time I decided to give UD a try. UD has the capability to move files of your choice to the outside of the HD therefor I placed FS9, FSX, Windows and AS6 to the outside, in that order, and have definitely improved things. Not related to FS but my computer used to take about 5 minutes to go through the shutdown procedure and now takes only 1 minute. I've had twin 80 HD's in raid O configuration for three years now and almost 70% full so that may be why I find such great improvement now in FS. I know that defragging has been beaten to death in various forums but there are always new opinions which are expressed so anyone can pick and chose the one that suits them best.Gary
  10. WJI,Just so that we perhaps can resolve this difference of opinion and not to confuse anyone:I have been using my method successfully for quite a few years now. I open the shortcut on the desk top to my Add-on scenery folder and restore it down on the desk top. I always extract all my zips to a folder I have named "Recent Zip". Next I go through the readme in that folder and normally just drag and drop the named scenery folder containing Scenery & Texture into the Add-on scenery folder I had previously opened, start FS9 and using the add function in the Scenery Library I select the scenery I have dragged and dropped, close FS9 and restart. My new scenery is installed and I can see it. This procedure might sound complicated and time consuming but it beats anything else I've used except self installing jobs which I don't particularly like.May I ask if you have, in fact, tried my method? I just this past ten minutes successfully installed a "new to me" scenery. There is a possibility that it's something you've not tried yet. I'm an old duffer but I learn something new every day. Not sure this works in FSX as I've not tried it yet.regardsGary
  11. Yes, just move it to your add-on scenery folder then add it as you would normally in Scenery Library. The path will be automatically generated.I have a short cut to my add-on scenery library sitting at the bottom of my Desk Top and after opening a scenery zip just move the scenery across to that. I do the same for Aircraft in FS9 and Airplanes/Rotorcraft in FSX. I do go through the readme's to see if I have to do anything like adding gauges, effects, or in the case of scenery maybe make a backup of existing file or files as the case may be. Works for me.Gary
  12. Dennis,Do you mean visible by means of a thumbnail or is it not showing up in the selection at all by name?Gary
  13. Hi Bert, That scenery was, as stated in the readme, developed by Bruce Ellison, a talented gentleman who has also produced other excellent sceneries which you can find either here or at Flightsim.com. I'm the "Gary" he mentions who took the many many photos of CAM3. He was able to capture much of the minute detail which can really only be appreciated by flying a helo low and very slow or alternatively driving one of the available vehicles around the area. If I remember this scenery is not really fully compatible with FSX or, now even with FS9 as his elevations differ with more recent sceneries produced for the area. Perhaps he will update it for us if he is not too busy.Gary
  14. Hi neighbour,Which CAM3 scenery is that? Could you provide where to download and the zip please?Gary
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