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  1. It is not only a Q400 problem. I have the same thing with the default Maule, default location I've been told by Oleksiy (Boss), he is actually working directly with P3D team to resolve this issue, as it seems that the Dash is not the only guilty one here.
  2. Q400 PRO and Training is the priority. It doesn't mean we are not working on a new Q300. Visuals are in construction actually.
  3. samdim

    Weather Radar accuracy?

    "The Weather Radar can work with both the FSX Real Weather, and the Weather Environment addons capable of setting the per-station weather." (Q400 product description) you have to make sure that the ASN sets real weather per station and not globally.
  4. they are all on the official support forum
  5. Please check the product description on the official site. Shared cockpit is a feature of PRO and TRAINING editions. No one of them has been released today.
  6. the fix was about black displays in VC. Other issues may appear, we don't cancel our intentions to make a fully compatible version and/or a special P3D installer.
  7. Gentlement, I have been told (by alexnadein from that the Majestic Q400 is fully compatible with Prepar3D v2. You just need to uncheck "Mipmap VC panels" in "view and panel settings" Folks here tried this and it works. Thanks !
  8. samdim

    Ask the Q400 pilot a question.....

    apart from the digital clock ("...that nobody uses...") what other upgrades can you see in FSX ?
  9. samdim

    Ask the Q400 pilot a question.....

    Sorry, I'm not a real world Q400 pilot, but I think that since the engines rpm is constant during the taxi (660 rpm), the only way to vary engine thrust is varying blade pitch, so you get an impression that throttle levers are directly linked to props beta angle.
  10. samdim

    Closing Emergency Hatch

    closing emergency hatch is normally not the pilot's job but yes, you can get behind the hatch and close it by clicking on it there
  11. Thank you for clear explanations. I hope we'll have less questions about VNAV on our support forum
  12. samdim

    Majestic Q400 Cold-Dark Startup

    As it was noted before, Cold and Dark is not the state in which real pilots usually find the plane they will fly. It's more for ground crew, so I don't understand why everybody is so eager to have it. The initial configuration is completely set by the MJC systems, so the one you have by default is the one we consider the most realistic for an airline pilot. @@nuno : a little visit to maybe ?
  13. samdim

    Majestic Q400 Cold-Dark Startup

    Saving panel state with simple FSX "save flight" should work. I've seen it not working some time ago but it was fixed before the release. The workaround was : load the saved flight again.
  14. Framerate is not an issue, as not a single tester complained about it. Compared with concurrency, it's much lighter on fps than similar products. MJC8 calculates systems and flight dynamics on other CPU cores than the one used by FSX. You can even specify, in the ini file, which core will be calculating graphics and which one systems. This results in a quite heavy processor load but without any significant impact on the framerate.
  15. Rónàn, you wanted the highest end Training version, didn't you ? Everything will be in Well, to reply you question, there will be pop-ups for all the EFIS screens.