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  1. Same here, but I got charged anyway. When I tried to get a refund, I was told that "Our refund policy limits the number of refunds for which customers are eligible within a year and you have already received the allowed number of refunds this year. Thanks for understanding."
  2. Hi, Today I finally ditched EZCA2 and bought Chaseplane, however I cannot set the hat switch on my joystick (T16000M) to tilt or pan in CP preferences, and I cannot tilt/pan - full stop. I don't seem to be able to post a screenshot. I'm running P3D 4.4 on a Win 10 build 1809 PC. I uninstalled EZCA before installing, and noted that during the CP install, it detected some vestigial remnants of EZCA and (presumably) deleted them. If I try to set the hat switch to tilt or pan, when I move the switch, CP does not detect it. I can set any other axis to tilt or pan, but not the hat switch. This happens whether I have the View (Pan) set to "Hatch switch 1" in P3D settings or not, and also whether I've got the input set to Raw or DirectInput. I note that someone else found that they had to move their joystick (saitek) before moving the hat to set it, but if I do that, it just sets the joystick X or Y axis as the tilt/pan... I don't have any joystick assignments set in FSUIPC, either. Weirdly, if I use named assignments, CP recognises my hat switch, but not the named assignment: ie, if I input "tilt up" the dialog says "affecting 0 presets"... Any ideas? I've searched the forum and elsewhere with no luck. thanks, jeff
  3. Me neither. I've tried creating one in pfpx and exporting it, but it seems it has to be done manually. Jeff
  4. Looking at the Juneau chart attached to the Naverus document supplied by Fabrizio (thanks!), I see that the FAA requirements concerning wind refer to "gusts not controlling"? What does "gusts not controlling" mean? cheers,
  5. Rwy 22 @ YLRE is 1936m or about 6300 feet. Even so, they did it without reverse thrust on 1 and 4 because of the narrow runway and the risk of fodding the engines - not sure exactly why it would matter, given that it wasn't going anywhere again. ;-)These days the engines have perspex covers on to keep out nesting birds!There is a good video of the most recent addition to the Qantas founders museum at Longreach - a 707 doing a couple of passes, including a missed approach before landing. It would have made some serious noise. regards,Jeff YBBN
  6. It is possible to give misleading or deceptive information by way of omission. The product descriptions are apt to mislead because they obfuscate the issue of FSX compatibility rather than plainly saying that the cockpit will only work under FS9.I've never been ripped of by Ariane or Tishma, and have no axe to grind, but conduct like that which has been identified by Simba needs to be jumped on, and hard. If the vendor's place of business was able to be easily discerned, and if this wasn't a small and fairly boutique market, any govt consumer protection authority would hammer them.People pay prices like 43 euro because they want a complex simulation. Is it seriously suggested that people would pay that price if they really knew that all they were getting was an exterior model that would have to be flown using the default MS 737 cockpit??Jeff
  7. Well, it's not in my Macquarie Australian Dictionary, but a quick google search tells me that the two words I had in mind would seem to fit the definition. ;-)regards,Jeff
  8. It doesn't seem all that long ago that these (and, i think other) forums automatically blocked the use of the word Tishma, putting him in the same category as two words that spring to mind: an obscene gerund and an anatomically descriptive noun.http://www.avsim.com/pages/0902/pt_again.htmlSorry you did your dough, mate. You should try your credit card company, as they sometimes will do a refund where you have been dudded. I guess they want to encourage online shopping. A colleague recently bought some perfume online, and when it didn't arrive as promised, Mastercard refunded her.regards,Jeff
  9. I've probably come in too late, but:"A circling approach is a visual flight manouvre...there can be no single procedure designed that will cater for the conduct of a circling approach in every situation. After initial visual contact, the basic assumption is that the runway [note, NOT the airport] environment (ie the runway threshold, or approach lighting aids or other markings identifiable with the runway)will be kept in sight whilst at MDA for circling": AIP (Aust) ENR 1.5More details about the size of the circling area (depends on a/c category) and associated procedures are at http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/public...enr/1_5_1-5.pdfI suspect that our AIP conforms to the ICAO standardregards,Jeff
  10. Uhhh, make that every time but the last one. After four hours flying, I get a black screen in FSX after I alt-tabbed to ASX at the TOD and I couldn't get it back!! Karma maybe?Jeff
  11. I've not had Bob's experience - using esc works for me every time.I do agree that it's highly annoying, especially when using ASX or there's a need to download some charts - or do some work!cheers,Jeff
  12. when you try to go back to full screen, hit esc. A dialog will open asking whether you want to end the flight or keep flying. click "keep flying", and you can keep flying :)regards,Jeff
  13. I've got both. The LevelD first, daylight second. There is really no comparison...My experience of Wilco is that (a) their downloads are unnacceptably slow and unreliable and (:( they have no support forum.If you want to see what you get for your hard-earned, check out the manual: http://www.leveldsim.com/files/LVLD767_Manual_for_FSX.zipregards,Jeff
  14. Winds aloft are usually true. Calculate magnetic by adding or subtracting the variation from the true figure according to "Variation West-Magnetic Best. Variation East-Magnetic Least".ASX makes it easy for you, as East variation is expressed as negative figure, whilst West is positive.regards,Jeff
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