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  1. crab

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    I knew Eric in person, not well and we hadn't talked for almost five years, but I felt the same shock and sorrow seeing this again today that I did the day I heard what happened. I hope he saw the incredible appreciation folks had for him here. After 9/11 (among other things, incl. just being a busy guy) he seemed to retreat from the spotlight of our little world but I hope he watched from afar every now and then. So, I guess I can actually tell this story now. I first met Eric through a mutual acquaintance. A buddy of mine was a captain he flew with regularly (maybe back to the 727 even?) out of their base, and unsurprisingly they talked quite a bit to pass the hours. He told him how I had been a student pilot and huge aviation buff, but I had broken my neck a year earlier, and was diagnosed a C6 quadriplegic at 15. I was big into Flight Simulator (from MSFS 5.0, and in my avatar is BAO FlightShop…so cool) before I even took lessons and it was at the time my #1 interest.. In fact it wound up being a big reason I got through those tough early years. I don't know if our friend mentioned my financial situation at the time (let's just say - you can't eat computer games), but Eric told him he'd have something for him when next week's trip was to begin. He gave me a full copy of 767 "Pilot in Command". It was burned on to a CD-R and was titled with black magic marker with a request to keep it on the down-lo. I don't know if it was a development copy or what, because it had no license stuff and I can't remember if it even had an installer. I likely even still have it somewhere. But I always felt a huge sense of gratitude toward him and his gesture, because in my mind - he was taking a big risk for ME – even if it really may not have been. I actually don’t know. That addon changed my life and likely had a hand in saving it. I never thought I’d flip switches again. I don’t have to describe the things you would lose becoming disabled like that – we’ve all imagined it happening to us somehow – but I swear to you the most painful was the fact I’d never again step foot in a big cockpit. It simply could not have come at a better time, and I most certainly could not have afforded it. I made it an absolute promise to myself – I’d buy a copy as soon as I could. And I did, a year or two later. We met eventually and kept in touch for years, but things gradually went quiet as they often do. Our friend retired Feb of ’15 and I tried reaching Eric for a retirement book we made, without luck. Eric, thank you again dude.
  2. Alright, I will. It makes sense it'd drop VNAV because the FMS is loading totally empty, aside from those erroneous numbers as seen in the shots above. I'd just think LNAV would go, too.
  3. Hi Peter, I tried to private message you but it seems you have them turned off. I apologize for tacking on to your thread. Does it look anything like this?
  4. I've made a quick and dirty video of this happening. (I just ran P3D real quick to make this video of an attempt to open the above save, things are not necessarily set up as I would when doing a trip, but the results are no different) When I made the save, the airplane was in level, stable cruise. LNAV/VNAV were engaged, not V/S. You can see it's smooth as the countdown runs, but the panel itself begins stuttering when it finishes. The sim behind is still smooth. Prepar3D is permanently set to open with admin rights, I have no virus scanner other than Windows Defender, and Prepar3D's folder is excluded, along with everything else I use for simming. I have no addons running other than AS2016. I can open old saves that worked previously, I just cannot save new ones.
  5. For years I've routinely saved my flights throughout the trip just in case FS/P3D crashed. PMDG products have always been the best in regards to this; the aircraft internals are usually loaded perfectly...every switch, knob and even FMS. Crashes are pretty rare for me nowadays, but I did just get an OOM error and shutdown after about 90% of KMCO-EHAM was finished. I had saved the flight a bit before hand (long before the OOM, the VAS was fine.), but it won't load properly. It went through the countdown, and as soon as it finished, the panel became "jumpy". It'll work for a few frames, then pause...all while the sim and frame rate is normal. The FMS is not loading correctly, and some entries seem corrupted. I'll include screenshots. A similar reaction has happened the last couple of times I've tried the same (over the two weeks), only the countdown never happens and the panel is completely dead. Not a switch works. These images are from tonight's save. When saved, it had been a fully programmed system. I open P3D by having the load screen automatically pop up when P3D starts, and I select the saved flight from there. I also select my airplanes, scenery, and date/time from here when I start my flights normally. This has worked properly from the 737NG release I'd say, so I'm curious what I might have changed on my machine to break the saving/loading of PMDG aircraft. Panel Serialization is and always has been off...it's part of my settings verification routine on first run after something requires deleting the Prepar3D.cfg file. I have about 65 payware airports, but all but Taxi2Gate KMCO and FlyTampa Amsterdam were disabled via scenery.cfg before running P3D. AS2016 and ASCA are running on mid-low settings. Like I said, it typically runs great and OOM crashes are rare, but if I get one, I can no longer open saved flights. I can post the save files if you'd like. Thanks! Flight save files...Hopefully I got everything
  6. Also...Is that the Sun Country compass rose logo on the Air Start cart?
  7. Not sure if its been posted, but I had noticed the KLM -900 actually says 737-800 on the fuselage rear. Loving the paints guys :)
  8. Tried em...looks like no AA, and nHancer cant read the profiles.-Cory
  9. >There are 2 over on flightsimworld.com right now discussing.>>Cell isn't having these problems, but Mango is and he uses an>ATI 2900 and Vista 64.>>I'm starting to think Vista 64 is the problem and not video>drivers. Vista 32 here :(-Cory
  10. >Download Nhancer.>Remove the FS profile(s).>>Now your settings will work again.>From drivers 160 and up they have pre-programmed settings that>surpass your own settings.>>With SP2 everything might be shut down. Cant delete them though:-Cory
  11. Didnt notice a performance decrease here, but I cant get AA to work, either. No other complaints so far. I'm running an 8800GTS 640mb, NVIDIA 163.69.-Cory
  12. >JD> Tried all of that. Even after I registered MSINET.OCX in>the registery it came up with the same error.> Tony MegowanHi,Try running the command prompt as administrator. So, right click "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator".-Cory
  13. It's got a badass Mattituck Red-Gold engine under the hood :D -Cory
  14. Same here, Deluxe version from BB in Castleton. They had lots left yesterday.-Cory
  15. Just curious what key combos you guys have assigned for cargo/door ops...I've done a few, but sometimes conflicts with FS assignments pop up. Have any of you assigned all of them?-Cory
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