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  1. Well.. I set the price of 50 euro in purpose. Because Dash-8 is simulated up to the FTD II level, it is hard to master by the people, without the aviation background.. The elevated price, compared to the other addons, makes sure that the customers think if they are more interested in the precise system simulation, or flushable toilets :)With best regards,Oleksiy FrolovMajestic Software
  2. Thanks for the tip with emerg. lights :) Someone attacked the server with "Denial of Service" attack :( The server is restored but the forum is not yet there.
  3. Hello All ! Just uploaded a nice sound recording, taken during the 30 min. long vatsim flight from Munich, DE (EDDM) to Salzburg, AT (LOWS) including the communication with 4 ATC controllers !Be patient, sound file is 50 min long : )http://dash8.fscentre.comto download, click on "Audio sample"fanda.
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