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  1. Are you possibly using the beta verson of Windows 10 ? It seems lost fonts is a common problem with that new OS
  2. Ideal would be of course Camera GUID information for the window. Oleksiy
  3. Hello Rob Thank you for helping with this. Yep, GetWindowName () is returning NULL if user has disabled the window titles in the Prepar3D.CFG. We have no other way to identify the view, it seems.
  4. Fantastic shots @Rob: Would it be possible to check that our post in the p3d forum regarding the readerPdk->GetWindowName () function gets some attention ? This problem already affected numerous users of the Q400 under the P3D. It is in the SDK section Unfortunately the forum seem to be down, so I can't post the exact link Thank you!, Oleksiy
  5. I appreciate the comments, but this time we will not be selling direct. It is our goal to concentrate on the development, and leave the sales to the certified distributors. The cost of maintaining the shop and the transaction fees are too high when selling a single product The licensing however will be handled by Majestic, which means we will have instant information about every purchase. regards, fanda
  6. We will think about this, thank you for the suggestion. The database will be from Navigraph, and can be upgraded from there The shared cockpit will use our own implementation, it will not be an FSX shared cockpit We obviously can't comment on the aerosoft upgrade policies best regards, fanda
  7. The upgrade fee was calculated based on the manual effort required to perform an upgrade. Due to the fact, that Dash-8 will sell via numerous sales channels, it can and will happen that the sales will not be performed through the same sales channels during the entire lifecycle of the product, as new retailers will be added, and some other removed from the distribution and therefor, the cross upgrades will also be required. Please, understand that all of these will require manual handling, which is expensive. Hence the upgrade fee. Please also note, that the pricing is preliminary and can vary between the sales channels. For example, there might be a way for a particular distributor not charge an upgrade fee, if an upgrade is automatic. Or a smaller fee, to compensate for the money loss due to the credit card transaction tax. regards, fanda
  8. Well.. I set the price of 50 euro in purpose. Because Dash-8 is simulated up to the FTD II level, it is hard to master by the people, without the aviation background.. The elevated price, compared to the other addons, makes sure that the customers think if they are more interested in the precise system simulation, or flushable toilets :)With best regards,Oleksiy FrolovMajestic Software
  9. Thanks for the tip with emerg. lights :) Someone attacked the server with "Denial of Service" attack :( The server is restored but the forum is not yet there.
  10. Hello All ! Just uploaded a nice sound recording, taken during the 30 min. long vatsim flight from Munich, DE (EDDM) to Salzburg, AT (LOWS) including the communication with 4 ATC controllers !Be patient, sound file is 50 min long : )http://dash8.fscentre.comto download, click on "Audio sample"fanda.
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