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  1. >However, when I try to launch Moving Map either inside or>outside FS9.1 I get the same error message "can not connect to>FSUIPC". I have been using Moving Map for over a year and in November it just quit working and I get the same error as you "cannot connect to FSUIPC". I have not been able to get it working, very frustrating because it was a nice add on.jogger
  2. lifejogger

    are you a hardcore flight simmer?

    >imo, you are qualified for a hardcore as soon as you use fs>longer than any other game Any other game??????? There is no other game and what do you mean calling flight simming a game, it's a life. Oh gawd I must be hardcore.}(
  3. >Hi.>What do you have running in the background? AV? TVI use FSAuto start, so I only have the basic window's functions running in the background. Except for ASv6, but I don't use it when running my basic FS9 on my F drive.John
  4. Lately I have been experiencing and unusual problem with FS9, after I have been flying for one and one half hours to two hours I begin to lose my textures. It begins with a flashing of any text I have on the screen such as the longitude and latitude, air speed, altitude and wind direction and speed that is in the upper right corner of the screen. Then I loose all the texture in my VC followed by losing the instruments then all the airplane textures and finally all scenery textures. After trying to figure out why this is happening I discovered that if I pause the flight and go into FS9 options-display-hardware and lower my screen resolution from 1280x960 (which is what I usually fly with) to 1024x768 and then go back to the flight all my textures are back. The next time I get in FS9 to fly, my screen resolution is set still set a 1024x768 and after flying for about two hours I lose my textures and switch my screen resolution to 1280x960 and the textures are back. But that
  5. Thanks for responding. If it was a memory leak I would think it wouldn't happen on both of my FS9 installs. My second install of FS9 which is on my F drive has no addons, it is pure FS9. Also both install have the update. My FPS are consistently in the 20s.I think it has something to do with my video card. But I haven't a clue what it could be.John
  6. I tried to download some weather using the following criteria:Download Year - 2006Download Month - 01Download Day - 07Download UTC Hour - 16Additional Consecutive Hours to Download - 3The I click the Dwonload Archive button and I received the folowing message:Cannot download hourly archives sets prior to April 6, 2005I am I doing something wrong? Jan. 7, 2006 is not prior to April 6, 2005. Do the archived weather files not update this soon.Thanks for the help,John
  7. The last few times I have flown in FS9 I have lost all textures after about an hour of flying. It starts with flashing polygons and then the VC loses it textures and finally all the scenery textures are lost. When I exit FS9 and then start it backup and load a flight all the textures are still gone. When I shutdown the computer and then restart and start FS9 up and load a flight the textures are back (sounds like a possible memory problem?). All of this started happening when I installed new Omega drivers for my Radeon 9700 graphics card. Could this be the problem? I'm running a Dell computer, P4 2.5, 1G of ram and a 128m Radeon 9700. Below is a screen shot of my problem.Any suggestions?John
  8. Well I guess sometimes it just helps talking to your self when trying to figure out a problem. I did some tests on my memory and determined that it was working okay.The next thing I did was to go to the Omega drives site and read the documentation about the Radeon in more detail and found the followingH- If you are using an Omega soft-mod and you are experiencing crashes, black screens, artifacts or the "check board effect" during game play, run the new included Driver Swapper utility and select the Normal driver, the reason is that your card is not accepting the soft-mod due to broken/incompatible hardware I had installed the soft-mod so I reinstalled the normal driver, loaded up FS9 and flew for about three hours with no texture problems at all. Hopefully all is well.JohnTextures are back
  9. lifejogger

    Choose your plane...

    I have to go with Mark "Dark Moment" and Tim W.The MAAM R4D and DC-3. A real versatile aircraft.John BDC3-Airways
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    Addonitus - its deadly and its got me. How about you?

    >Any of you fellow Avsimmers suffer from Addonitus?>>>Guilty as charged.John
  11. lifejogger

    At Last - Europe is Safe From B-17s

    This is sad to hear. One of the most beautiful sounds there is to hear, is when they start those 4 Wright-R-1820-97 engines. As a crew member of the Gulf Coast Wing of the Commemorative Air Forces's B-17G"Texas Raiders" it would be a great loss to me if I could never fly in here again. John
  12. lifejogger

    GA recomendations

    IF your are looking for freeware the Maule M7 is a lot of fun to fly.
  13. I'm impressed with picture of your final approach to the airport.Getting lined up, correct airspeed, trim set, flaps down and oh yes let's take a picture. Cool.John
  14. I just saw this new forum and thought I would post a picture I took a few years ago while flying to an airshow in Brownsville, Texas.This picture was taken from the waste section of the B-17 I am a crew member of.John
  15. >"flight simulators are only for those>people that don't have the guts too really fly"?>I think it takes a lot of guts to do flight simming...I mean it takes a lot of gut for me to tell my wife I need to buy a new computer because my old one dosen't run FS9 very well. Or that I want to spend $400 on GoFlight equipment or a yoke and pedals.It's easier to do a real life crosswind landing with a 20 knot wind than tell my wife I'm spending money on flight simming.John
  16. I am putting a 2nd hard drive in my computer and was wondering if it makes a difference which hard drive I run FS9 on? My original idea was to move all flight sim related programs and data including FS9 to the 2nd hard drive which would be a slave of the original hard drive. But now I
  17. >Instead of putting FS9 on a separate hard drive, I recommend>you spread the files over BOTH. That should give you the>optimum experience. There are several posts in this forum>discussing the advantages. >>>AllcottI've been reading the other post that have discussed this plus have read othe forums on the web and have decided to keep FS9 on my C drive and move other items to the new hard drive. That way myC drive will be almost completely dedocated to FS9.John
  18. lifejogger

    Why No "Misty Fjords" News Item

    >yes, FSAddon shares some of the management with another FS>site who also run an online store which in some ways competes>with the Avsim store (though there is a geographic division>which limits that competition for at least the majority of>products available through the Avsim store).>Boy am I not very observant, I didn
  19. lifejogger

    My 2 Cents on Active Sky

    I just bought Active Sky and I will have to agree with everybody else, It is fantastic.John
  20. lifejogger

    Lago FSE upgrade

    In my opinion anyone who was able to download and then actually install the update for FSE were extremely fortunate. I tried for a week to download the update and could never get past 15MB. I finally had to find a download manager on the Internet and install that on my computer so I could download the entire update. However when I tried to run the update nothing happened. I downloaded it twice more and the same thing happened each time I tried to run it, nothing. So either my download keeps getting corrupted or I
  21. lifejogger

    You Lucky People ;-)

    I would have liked to have been a missionary pilot when I was young. Flying other missionaries, medical supplies, food, Bibles etc, to remote locations all over the world. But I'm not young and I'm to old start so I'm content to fly a flight simulator and donate money to the people who do what I would have like do have done.John
  22. lifejogger

    Piper Cherokee- Which one?

    >I would like to get a payware quality Piper Cherokee class>plane. I woud like hear opinions on those that are currently>available. >>Thanks,>>>>Dreamfleet's Piper Archer II. It's the best.
  23. lifejogger

    The best handflyer for FS9

    >>As well as the recommendations above, the Aerosoft Katana>is>>among the easiest handflyers, as well as being realistic. >>>I got it.>>>The MAAM DC-3 is also a really good handflyer>>>>Where can I find it?>Right here:
  24. I purchased e-Dimensional