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  1. SMaus

    MD 11 freeware fuelplaner

    Seems to be pretty accurate. I did a flight from EGLL to VHHH, 5536 nm with 20 nm to VMMC as alternate. 280 passengers, 17500 kgs of cargo, average tailwind of 12 kts with an initial cruising altitude of FL330 giving me a predicted route fuel of 83616 kgs.With a rather short taxi time (I never burned up 1500 kgs of taxi fuel) I had a fuel consumption of a little over 85 tons with a cost index of 80 and step climbs to FL350 and FL370. Since I used Brookmans Park 6G as my SID in EGLL which tells me to stay at 6000 ft until BPK (which your program can't possibly know) I would say you are spot on.We'll see what happens on my way back... :)
  2. SMaus

    Optimum FL

    When you are at FL290 and your optimum is at FL301 you will get "goto 310" because the optimum is nearer to 310 than to 290. The msg is perfectly ok.If that's alright with ATC get to 310 as soon as the FMC tells you.
  3. SMaus

    Thrust Limit

    That helps a lot! Thanks very much!
  4. SMaus

    Thrust Limit

    Hi everybody,I have a question concerning the thrust limit during takeoff. Let's say I want to perform a takeoff at Delhi, 40
  5. SMaus

    FMC Error at UTTT

    Hi everybody,I just tried to perform a flight from Tehran (OIII) to Tashkent (UTTT). When I entered UTTT as my destination I got a message "UTTT err: IZW unknown" and I wasn't able to select any runway at UTTT. There wasn't any.When I put my 747 to UTTT manually and select UTTT as my starting point I still get this message but at least I can select the correct runways, SIDs as well.Any idea how to fix that in the database?Edit: It should be the latest database available...
  6. Strange. What time of day did you try it? I mean: This smooth horizon stuff seems to work during bright daylight only since this are day-themes. If you switch to something approaching dawn or after dusk you will get a sharp horizon because AS choses some other themes related to dusk and dawn. This appears to me at least. I can't imagine any other reasons for your problem. Tschulligung...:-)
  7. >For FL240 it is not by no means realistic. >In such height the atmosphere is clean.>Ever been to Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai? :-) That's exactly what it looks like.@RuedigerTry to increase vis to 50 or 59 miles. That works for me.
  8. Nice to hear that! Did you chose 29 miles visibility for your screenshot? Looks quite realistic to me.Regards from HH-EppendorfStefan
  9. Moin Ruediger,have you tried out the soft horizon themes? Since I use them I have always a nice more or less distant haze, no matter which visibility setting I take.A suggestion for the team:Why not imply a button where you can chose if you want wx-influenced themes with or without soft horizon? This way you avoid fumbling around in the settings, creating a new one with wx-influenced stuff except for the day themes etc...
  10. SMaus

    What do/should you use?

    Well, a hardware firewall isn't exactly cheap. An ordinary router would would do fine for the beginning. But almost any AV program can be run in passive mode. No need to use Norton.The interesting thing in active mode (on access mode) is that every program that is started and any infectable file is scanned before opening. So you should really leave that untouched, especially if you are not so experienced with AV/AT systems.
  11. SMaus

    What do/should you use?

    Consider taking NOD32. Well known for it's speed and low impact on system resources. Although - it's not free. I use it for quite a long time now in it is the best I've seen so far, paticularly when it comes to detection rate vs. speed.
  12. Look in the themes section, I think "sky colors" or something like this. I'm not sure where exactly since I'm sitting in front of my Mac right now. There are several themes will all sorts of pollution and so on. The last two sets are those with the soft horizon.
  13. Moin Ruediger,I didn't change anything in the limits, nor did I change the FSUIPC settings. But - this morning I tried out a flight from BKK to HKG and it worked. It really worked!I had vis limit to 59 nm as recommended, weather in FSUIPC switched off and I just took one of the smooth horizon themes in ASG. So, if anybody hasn't realized yet: this is an amazing peace of software! :-)Regards from HH-EppendorfStefan
  14. OK - thanks very much for your help, I'll try it out and I'll keep you informed, of course...
  15. You should be happy to get a picture like this! :-)I also have the options set as recommended and never get a visibility like this. Always this &%$#