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  1. should be released between now and then.... 😆
  2. no, full version number looks like this >
  3. ironic is the new picture since 15mins on facebook, but no comment about the outtake :-(
  4. I wanna second the previous post. THANKS Robert & Team !!!
  5. the 748 is definetely the acft I am eagerly waiting for :)
  6. Sorry Mark I need to laugh now. I understand your opinion, seems you did not see mine. Especially the smiley - looks like you like writing a lot - wanna try as a writer? But is ok, have a nice day anyway
  7. People complaining about downloading full installer again reminds me to the times of 56k modem. They have to pay for every connection minute? ;-) Thanks to the hole PMDG team for new releases and constant updates!!!
  8. you mean like this? https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=198600
  9. Somehow I understand the question. I am also eagerly waiting for the 748... since many years
  10. Thanks Jim. Meanwhile do you have any other location to download by any chance?
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