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  1. Amazing features..! One thing is missing... Shared Cockpit..! to avoid flying this great plane in pilot incapacitation mode...! :-)
  2. http://www.broadwaycomputer.de/ng/sw243.zipVersion 2.4.31. The maximum number of fsbus objects was incremented from 1024 to 2048.2. Position of decimal point is now software defined, when using the ATMEL based display controllers.3. Special add on for rotaries if controlling transponders. Right turn can increase display by 1 and left turn can increase display by 10. You need to set the Multiply property to: "1,-10" or "100,-1000". 4. New checkbox "xpndr(BCD)" for displays. Only digits from 0-7 are displayed.5. COM frequency range is now 118.000 - 136.999 MHz
  3. You can see all the current and future builds in this PPS filehttp://www.broadwaycomputer.de/rosmalen.ppsTwo leters from members of this list are featured in the Loveletter section of the presentation.Themis
  4. I agree with all of you. But in FSBUS (and all the similar projects)there is a difference. Although you have it freeware as a software, you begin to invest money on and we are not talking about 50 or 100 Euros, but maybe 500 or 1000+So when you release that kind of cockpit solution public you say: "I have a system software + hardware to make your homecockpit, that is freeware." So far so good. The software IS FREEWARE but the hadware IS PAYWARE! Until you make the electronics you don't have a chance to test it, if it good, if it has bugs, problems, and so on. This is the point. It's not an addon aircraft, You tested it you like it you fly it, No? Delete.Themis
  5. Dirk is always hiding in the back of the word "freeware".Here is the answer that I received when I posted an email to him telling how much "sloooow" is the development of the FSBUS and the problems that it has:"fsbus is freeware and will be and any effort depends on my freetime. If you are not able to writeyour own router, which is possible with my docs, you will have to wait until i am ready."After that IOCards is the only way.Themis
  6. I agree,I think we must sent some kind of email to Dirk to see what he is thinking about the FSBUS future. I have sent a 3-4 of them but never have a complete answer about (e.g. Project Magenta Blank Displays, or if FSBUS can read and write on separete offsets, 359 --> 000 problem etc). Latest version 2.4.2 released 3 months after 2.4.1 has only a couple o minor improvements. FSBUS has some serious problems that Dirk must take care of ASAP.Themis
  7. Searching the FSBUS site I found that a new version is available...--------------------------------------------------------fixes and improvements 2.4.11. new datatype S8 (signed 8bit) in fsif.ini to support glideslope and localizer needle.2. the 2 different interfaces (fsuipc or fdsconnect) are now configurable in setup dialog. Automatic scanning of an available interface is no longer done. The default interface is FSUIPC.3. the missing BCD switch is now available in the new IO controller. A bcd switch needs 4 pins of the key connection blocks. I recommend using 0,1,2,3 or 4,5,6,7 on each of the 8 blocks. With FSADMIN, you must define the keynumber and keytype. The new type "BCD" needs to be set on the first of the 4 keynumbers, this switch is connected to. If you turn the bcd switch, you may see the numbers 0-15 in the diagnostic list box. In router, the bcd switch is defined as a "Digital Input Switch". If you set DownValue and UpValue both to zero, the value send by the controller (0-15) is the resulting object value. --------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hello to allHas anybody done the SPD VS blank display? Although the battery switch logic was very easy (to blank all the displays), the standalone blank is a problem.The blank displays is a feature but there are no istructions on how to do it... :(Themis
  9. Hi,You may trying play with the monitor's refresh rate. Maybe 50 or 60 Hz be in sync with the camera's ccd. I have never used a direct to monitor shoot but only Video out to a DV camera. This technique has great quality, but I understand that Home Cockpit movie needs a monitor capture. I think you must leave the camera to the default shutter speed an play with the screen refresh rateThemis(In post production business too)
  10. I was behind the post production part of this movie, and my job has to do with digital compositing fx for TV and Film Commercials.Thank u for your kind words :)Themis
  11. Quote 1:3) Poor pre-planning on our part: As i've mentioned, the NG did not come "pre-wired" for such interface. As such- we found that it would be necessary to re-write as much as 40% of the code... Quote 2:As such- we completed the SDK development for those users owning the Aerosoft Australia MCP units. (Aerosoft was kind enough to provide access to testing units- so how could we NOT finish?!)OK We've got the point...:)Themis KatakalosAthens, GreeceFSBUS Cockpit Builder
  12. Hello again!Many thanks for your help! The problem finally was a half-burned MAX232 on COM board propably from a spike. Many thanks also to Dirk Anderseck for his suggestions on metering the board voltage.MAX232 is a very tricky IC . Thats because it uses 2 inputs and 2 outputs as I can read from its PDF. 1 of the 2 inputs was burnout!Best RegardsThemis KatakalosAthens, Greece
  13. Hello to all.I'm experiencing a strange problem with my FSKEY and FSCOM. All the setup was working very nice. After making some minor changes in the PSU unit and cabling, FSCOM can't accept any input from any of my 3 FSKEY cards. It can control any FSDISPLAY the FSLED or programming (read/erase/write) all my FSBUS PCBs but can't accept any input from the FSKEY circuits.All cables are tested. The setup worked great before with the same set of cables. Normal/Programming Jumpers also. Voltage in PICs are OK. I have Reset the FSCOM with no results. Like "someone" has closed the input from the FSKEY to FSCOM. It can't be a fault of the FSKEY as I can't read from any of 3Maybe I have "burn" an IC in the FSCOM. But I want some help from a builder with further knowledge on electronics to spot the faulty area.Thanks in advance,Themis KatakalosAthens,Greece
  14. OK Mr Mikekruger and your friends, I think this is enough with this word. The topic has started with some congratulations for the Ceremony of Athens Olympics 2004, and your answer to that was " I missed the ceremonies-no cable , Hello a...les"with the full knowledge of the word.An answer without a bit of respect to the citizens of Greece where the Olympics started, 100+ years ago, and they are taking place this month. I think the formum admin must take care of this situation. Shame to u Mr. Mikekruger and please don't answer to topics when you have nothing new to say.Themis KatakalosAthens, Greece
  15. Hello to allI'm in a phase of setting up my pedestal. I have problem to define the ADF2 (offset 02d4)in the FSIF.INI. It is always return ADF1 value. Has anybody tryied with success??Themis KatakalosAthens Greece
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