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  1. I have it and love it. Looks gorgeous and performs very well with the NGX. I just flew a United flight out of terminal F and all the AC around me were United planes. Definitely no need for static AI if you have a good traffic program and a good AFCAD.
  2. Its all in the FMC, FS options and/or PMDG options I forget which. John
  3. I tried it like this with 2x 19" CRT viewsonics and 1x 20" Samsung LCD widescreen. I fly VC mostly and it was not pretty but definitely doable. I was forced to run the LCD in 4:3 which distorted the image a bit and being the center monitor it just got to me. The colors were also very hard to match up. I could never force the CRT's to 16:9 they would just go black. I would think if you are using 2D panels it would be okay. Keep in mind this was a long time ago, 2006 maybe? So drivers may have changed. I currently use 3x 25.5" ASUS LCD widescreens and its dreamy
  4. I've had the random freeze with sounds still playing since just about day one. It got so annoying that I haven't touched FSX in well over a year! But with the 737NG getting close I've started to get interested again. If you look in the Crash To Desktop (CTD) Forum, topic "FSX Freezes randomly" towards the bottom of the 4th page there is a link to an MS hot fix that may solve the problem. I haven't tried it yet but it will be first on my list. John
  5. I couldn't agree more. John
  6. I currently run 3x ASUS LCD monitors through a TH2Go set up and was wondering if there was a better way? Is it possible to use a GTX480 and have 2 monitors plugged in via DVI and one using HDMI? If so do I need any special drivers and will FSX and FS9 recognize this type of set up?John
  7. I did the same thing at the same airport!! It was heartbreaking after an 8 hour flight.
  8. Carenado mainly produce GA aircraft and only provide the default GPS, if you want something better like a GNS530 or 430 you need to buy them separately. The Bn-2 is a commercial AC and it comes with the Bendix King KLN 90A GPS unit. I haven't messed around with the KLN much yet but if it works as advertised I'd guess its value would be about $20? If Carenado added better avionics to their AC I would gladly accept a price increase, although adding RealityXP gauges to them is pretty straight forward.
  9. Having a look at the screen shots its not the ground textures that bother me, they actually look pretty good. Its the objects without any texture blending around them, just doesn't look natural to me.
  10. The shot on Google maps is pretty clear. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=dutch%20harb...l=en&tab=wl
  11. CB, I'm also confused as to what you are saying? Concorde-X has been out for a few weeks now and it is very well done as quite a few people in this thread have already stated. For me personally it definitely goes beyond looking good, but not being a Concorde pilot I'm afraid my opinion on the FDE would only be from a simmers perspective.I think you would get better answers to your questions or concerns by going to the developers site and speaking with them directly. http://www.flightsimlabs.com/
  12. You just add an edit to the config file for whichever livery you want it for.For me the QW has way too many bugs for it to be flyable and I've shelved it after a few annoying flights. One of which is the retro panel (LCD style glass). Take a look at the SP1 list before buying http://forum.qwsim.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1194 I hope it will all be fixed sometime soon.
  13. Well 2 quick flights so far basically just using just the logbook, and its pretty slick! I can't believe I haven't tried this before I can't wait to get into the manual and see what else I can do! Ray, no need to plug Radar Contact, already a huge fan :(
  14. Looking forward to giving this a try! YMML is the only FTX product I ever had trouble with.
  15. Thanks for the replies, I've gone ahead and purchased :(
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