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  1. Not too long ago I found a thread asking if FlightZone02 was really worth it. I'm not a big GA fan so I never paid much attention to small area terrains. After reading nearly 2 pages of positive remarks I decided to give it a go and WOW!!! I can not believe the amount of effort put into this. Not only does it run smooth but I gave there optimized settings for taking screenshots a try and still get great frames. If anything Portland Intl. is worth the price alone and I've added it to my FsPAX schedule. My favorite however is Pearson I really love the approach for 26, I swear I can see rivets on the bridges! Needing a good GA aircraft I went with the new Piper Cheyenne another fantastic add-on. I also grabbed the Columbia river gorge scenery from here at AVSIM mix all this with FSGenisis, Ground environment pro and Flight enviroment I'm currently in GA heaven :( Now I'm worried that my 767 is gonna get jealous and roll over on the whole set-up :DThanks again too everyone !!
  2. Hello, although I'm not much of a poster here at AVSIM, I enjoy reading the reviews and often use them in helping make 'smart' purchases. I have never owned a Captin Sim product and after reading this reveiw I thought it was high time I did! Well I must say as some others before me, this review definitly feels a bit biased towards the captin. Owning many fine payware products most of which attained the 'Gold star award' from AVSIM I was very surprised to find this product fall far short from what I've come to expect.In the future I hope to see Gold star awards subjected to a little more scrutiny. As this one really does insult the companies that actually go the extra mile in providing a 'real as it gets' product.
  3. Hello everyone, I've been having this same problem despite calibrating my X45 joystick. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesen't. It really is depressing after flying a few hours only to have the landing go nutty. Are there any other possible souloutions aside from recalibrting and hoping for the best? John
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