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  1. I really hope that Helge manages to sort a few problems out, and doesn't got disillusioned by too many negative comments regarding Tramp for FSX, which I suspect what happened, (amongst other things), and prevented the programmed port-over from FS Nav to FSX at the time. Paul...FS Nav for FS 2004 + Tramp for FSX... :biggrin: ...! P.S...My "Tramp" works fine with FSX in; "Windowed Mode", which I think is necessary when running in Multiplayer Mode with FS Host (FSHostClient), anyway!
  2. ..and also the exact positions of any Fuel Pumps on the Airfield...the same as FS Nav! I paid around £35 for FS Nav when it was first released...so 30 Euros for Tramp would be a bargain now! Paul....FS Nav for FS 2004....Tramp for FSX!.... :Bug: ...!
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