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  1. wsmeier

    Parking breaks

    Agreed. The PTT switch is a different story, however. I suspect your PTT switch is assigned to two different functions. Check your assignments in the sim and/or FSUIPC. You'll probably find the switch has been inadvertently assigned to the brakes (either the brakes themselves, or the brakes keypress).
  2. wsmeier

    Turn off GSX boarding sounds?

    If you place a blank file called DONTUPDATE (that name exactly without any extension) into each folder you don't want touched, the FSDT Live Update will leave all files in that folder alone.
  3. About 12 years ago, scenery designer Vauchez treated us to a spectacular version of KPDX for FS9. Since then I've yearned for someone--anyone--to come up with a version of Portland that even minimally came close to that one. That's why I'm so looking forward to Bill's KPDX, the release of which now seems imminent, considering it now has its own entry in the Flightbeam forums.
  4. wsmeier

    P3Dv4.1 and Ultimate Traffic Live question

    It's been fixed. Go grab it!
  5. wsmeier

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    That's disappointing. I thought I had a fix for you since it worked instantaneously for me. I guess the only other thing I can suggest is to place the "FlyTampa-Amsterdam_LC" entry below FlyTampa-Amsterdam, if it isn't already there. I also noticed that there's a FlyTampa-Libraries entry below those two. You might want to check that as well. Good luck!
  6. wsmeier

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    When I installed FlyTampa EHAM just yesterday, the Amsterdam LC part of the scenery did not get added, which left me with all sorts of nasty elevation issues there. After adding it back in with Lorby's Addon Organizer, it looks fantastic now.
  7. wsmeier

    PMDG737-P3Dv4.4 Context error

    Indeed. And then uncheck any error logging boxes in the Prepar3D options. I've never really seen those logs provide any actionable or otherwise useful info. Maybe they would be helpful if you were troubleshooting a particular problem, but if your sim is working normally, I believe it's best to just leave those off.
  8. wsmeier

    Using ProATC/X problems

    To clarify, the current full version is When you first launch it, it will prompt you to update (in-app) to There is no full installer for
  9. Yes, I have. But I didn't realize it was a problem with KPHX only. Since I updated, I haven't had a chance to go flying. I just happened to quickly spawn at KPHX a few days ago. That's when I noticed a drop in FPS from 4.3. I was disappointed after having seen so many reports of performance gains from others, so I was going to troubleshoot tomorrow when I have a bit more time. Now it seems it's something not unique to my system. I'll be trying out other airports to see whether it is indeed only affecting KPHX on my side as well.
  10. From my own two eyes. Keep in mind that I'm referring to the airplane being on the ground without any aerodynamic forces. The few times I've seen the trim work in one direction but not the other, a quick shove or pull of the yoke has resolved the issue for me.
  11. Make sure the elevators are in a neutral position when you actuate the trim. If the elevators are even slightly nose down, trim up will not work (and vice-versa).
  12. wsmeier

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Yes, it was discussed in detail at the time it first appeared, with numerous people coming up with as many theories as to its meaning. Some even believed it was a red herring from RR to have a little fun with us.
  13. wsmeier

    All PMDG Aircraft Yoke Banking

    Another possibility is that you have a key on your computer inadvertently mapped to two different things, one of those being the aileron trim, or even the ailerons themselves. I should add, this happened to me as well. For some reason, the keyboard assignments kept going back to default without me doing anything, so I had keys mapped to different views in Chaseplane as well as to the controls. Wrought havoc for a while until I figured out what was happening.
  14. wsmeier

    ProATC and GSX parking

    PATC zaps any AI that's occupying the gate you chose when you set up your flight. The only drawback is that ,when it does so, the jetway doesn't retract. So it looks a bit strange when you're taxiing in. What I usually do is hit Ctrl-J when I'm close enough for it to work.
  15. wsmeier


    No, it's in the 747-8. It's something similar to the TPS report and the occasionally appearing pen in the -400 or the Woodpigeon box in the -400F. PMDG whimsy, you could call it.