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  1. I've heard before of cars and cows in FU3. And I'm not spending too much time flying with it, but now it happened to me.While on final vor runway 19 at Bremerton, everthing seemed to be fine. A smooth approach in the Renegade, vis greater than 5 miles.I was about to touchdown, when all of a sudden an airport vehicle came into scene from the left crossing number 19.The only solution would have been to put in power and pull back immed., and only then plus a double portion of luck could have prevented the loss of my left wing.The margin of taking the decision was maybe around a second. I failed to react, cauz in all years of simming that incident was a first timer, so I thought I would be safe at least in the simulator.While I do blame this reckless a@(#)! I also have to blame myself for being too slow.So, this incident was something I call the most realistic enviroment experience in any sim, since I can imagine you run into these kind of adventures out there in the wild of real world aviation.Hats off for FU3, having taught me a lesson to be alerted while in the cockpit, all the time. Even in simming.
  2. another observation:whenever I enter default scenery during a flight, I freeze after a short while.I had this test flight, KSFO-KLAX. I am using a terrascene file around the Bay I rendered myself 2 days ago with terrascene. No probs here. but when I leave tthe terrascene file during flight I had said problem.Trial & error showed that I have no problems with freezing anymore when I turn off mipmapping in the vcf file.While terrascene doesn
  3. >>Included with Fly! 2K are the following items: Sky! and>>Infometar. Load these programs - they are excellent! Both>Sky!>>and Infometar have new versions out - you'll find them right>>here at Avsim.com.>>I would be remiss not to mention that NOAA apparently changed>their FTP site address recently, which unfortunately has>broken the automatic METAR download feature in InfoMETAR. I>have not yet been able to do any work on an update to address>this, although I intend to. The current version of InfoMETAR>can still be used for now, if one is willing to take the extra>step of downloading METAR files manually.>>David SandbergWow, good to see that a developer of a great tool is still around. I immed. fell in love with infometar and its random feature. Therefor I am not missing much the download function for now. I also like to be able to thin out the data to not have too drastical changes every few miles.To Randall: I set the cache to 32 MB. I don
  4. Thanks for the list Randall,I only updated the Cessna so far, I got .88 and I updated some of the other stuff.Let me tell you:the feeling of flight is back again!!!The air is moving, the plane is riding on it; it is fantastic.There is a lot of potential in Fly2k and I am digging for it.But I have to optimize my texture slots still to see if it makes a difference.Thanks so far for your help
  5. Randall, the magic works!!!!!!! :-)Of course, I couldn
  6. Thanks Randall, I will do this step-by-step later tonight. I just have had enough time right now to download your TS tile of Knoxville.What shall I say: the up to 4000 ft I get 55-62 fps with the cessna ifr panel mainview, later it drops around 42.With external view the textures in the distance are less flickering, with cockpit few it is very visible although the closer textures are enjoyable without flickering from around 3000 ft.Let me report the differences once I set up the file.Side note: because you made me looking in my Bios, I saw, that it can be toggled between AGP and PCI.A short research reveiled that there is a docking station available for my ThinkPad (sometimes sold for around 50 dollars on ebay) which offers a PCI full height slot and many graphics cards are reported to work well with this setup.So, spending around 250 bucks should get me the port, a decent card for Fly! and MS2002 plus a TFT.Then again, memory is still not upgraded, another 100$$$, and for this money I already could get a naked basic DELL desktop which would run Fly! and FS2002 like a blast with my very old copy of Win98SE.Personally, if I could get Fly! to work at around 30 fps with sharp images, I would be pleased and just opting for the memory upgrade since it does good to Win XP anyway and with this plus my Mac I could stay happy for another 3 years or so. Then I could also abandon FS2002 because Fly! still offers more realism (engine start, flight model, aircraft weight & balance editor, c4to).I will report back later.
  7. I took some time today and I discovered the VCF folder and I opened different files in textedit. Of course, I have not much of an idea what improves graphics quality, fps, etc.I also found some other config files within Fly! for the texture slots, etc.I would love to get a step-by-step instruction.My "card" is 2xAGP. If any details are needed about the chip, etc. I found some stuff.Right now I booted up and entered the Bios. Display is set to AGP. But nothing to adjust here.
  8. Thanks Jon for the update. I didn
  9. Good day Roger and Randall,I am really glad for your support on Fly!2K. My installation can only benefit from your knowledge and I am happy to get support for a quite old sim.Well, the box only mentions a basic video card requirement and the appendix lists all kind of chipsets with the lowest being 4 MB of VRAM.I installed btw a different ground textures set by HITW. The improvement is really huge.Okay, talking FPS now:Fly!2K really shines so far on my system.I run in 800*600 32-bit, cause 1024*768 would only allow 16-bit and Fly! doesn
  10. Well, my order of Fly!2k arrived today and I enjoyed opening original retail packaging rather than those DVD-style boxes of nowaday.A nice quick reference card and the thick manual are already a big plus (compared from what I got with Fly!2).About the rest Im gonna talk after tweaking everything to my system and likes.
  11. Thanks Roger for your answer.I think I will give it a try because their is much to like about Fly!, like you mentioned the great panels and clouds, something FS2002 is lacking of (clouds look good but are not 3D).On this system (I got at least for free) really the good thing is the proc. I hope it turns out that Fly! can take advantage of it and it equalizes the weak ATI.It will take me another 2 years before I commit buying a new system, so I hope it can be good for some flightsimming with Fly! rather Fly!2.I also have the FU series from old days but sometimes it is not enough to just fly in the 2 limited areas of FU.I will post my experience and questions with Fly! after installation.Have a nice Sunday!
  12. So,I installed again FU, FU2 and FU3.I bought my copies back in the 90ties but never did much with them but casual flying.But my interest in flightsimming increased a lot recently and I intend to start up all FU more regulary to take them to best use.I read about all the nice add-ons. Would love to see some screens also from the UK scenery.Last but not least: what happened to the cloud project? Is it impossible to improve them?Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Hi guys,how is fly!ing?Well, I am the guy with Fly!2 on Mac for almost 2 years now but I gave up on it some months ago. A lot of new enhancements won
  14. I assume you posted here to get only the Fly-users interested who also use MSFS for some flying.
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