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  1. RIP my friend :( I will always remember! Your legacy will live on.
  2. Just an FYI. After the Hotfix, I no longer have any errors, and I was able to complete a flight without any problems. Thanks much for the quick response to these issues!-matt
  3. it was 2x3x2 (Level-D 767)I see the hotfix is out now. Just downloaded it. I will install and run it on my next flight (which I am debating out flying now or later.). Hehehe! It's 1:47am, just got home from the bar, not sure I want to do this 2 hour flight I have coming up next on the VPA World Tour 2007 or not. Based on the changes listed in the hotfix info, it sounds like the errors I was having.I'll report back after I have done another flight.-matt
  4. Once I got it working by Selecting FS9 in the app (not the cfg as I just read this message after my flight.). I managed to get it to work and get my flight started. It seemed to work until I got to my destination. Upon arrival, I got a stream of Unhandled Exception errors. I couldn't even save the flight report due to the constant stream of error messages. I didn't capture the exact error, but it was something to do with an index.I will try another flight with the CFG changes
  5. Hmmm... After installing xpax on my WideFS PC, I get all kinds of errors trying to run it. It comes up to the main XPax screen, with an error. Then just about everything I do, causes an error. And it keeps talking about FSX SP1, and SimConnect. I am running FS9.The errors are "Unhandled Exception".The installation instructions are pretty basic, ( Run Setup.exe , done!)Aside from addon aircraft and addon scenery, I do not run any addons directly on my main FS PC. They all run via WideFS on other PC'sIs there a more detail set of install instructions somewhere for installing XPax on a WideFS pc?
  6. I agree, I too purchased Radar Contact v4, and it is as real as it gets for on offline ATC. I highly recommend it. I use it when I am not on VATSIM (which isn't as often lately).
  7. Anyone know of a game server hosting company that offers FShost servers? I'm looking for a place to host a small flying club, and I can't host it from my home connection. I have checked a bunch of gaming server sites and I am only finding servers for shooter games.Any ideas would be appreciated!Thanks!-matt
  8. I'll try the debug log later tonight. Just finished my KMSP-KLAS flight. gonna take a break hehehe.As for crossing RWY 4, no, I started at Gate G12.http://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa244.png
  9. Just tried 6 times at KMSP taxi to runway 4 with AI traffic ahead of me on the taxiway. RC said monitor tower, tuned to tower. Then as I got closer to the runway, it told me to taxi into position and hold. I listened to make sure it was me it was talking to, it was. I waited for 3 other planes before moving into position.This happened all 6 times.I have "Interact with AI" checked.
  10. My specs: AMD 64 FX-55, 2GB Corsair XMS Pro Series DDR-400 (cas 2-2-2-5), ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Mobo, ATI X800-XT PCI Express 256MB video, Audigy 2ZS sound card, 2x 74GB WD Raptor Drives (1 of them dedicated to FS2004), all non-essential services disabled, all non-essential processes killed. On this FS machine, running Traffic 2005 and AI Smooth, and WideFSOn WideFS machine, running ActiveSky 6, and RadarContact 4.My FS machine gets between 15-30 FPS. Either FS2004 is a serious CPU pig, or something isn't set right?Does this performance sound right or do I need some serious tweaking?
  11. I have noticed that when I taxi to the runway with AI traffic, I can be coming up to the runway entrance, have 4+ AI planes in line in front of me, but the RC controller still tells me to taxi into position and hold. This has always happened when there are AI planes in front of me at the runway entrance?I usually just wait my turn anyways, and when I finally do get into position I get take off clearance and go, so all is good there, just wierd that it doesn't know that I have other traffic in front of me. Does the same with AI planes landing, it will tell me to taxi into position and hold when an AI plane is 10 seconds from landing. It's almost as if it is ignoring AI traffic completely.
  12. >>In FS9 - I was about the outer marker on the ILS at SFO in a>727 when the AP went ballistic - a/c started porpoising all>over the place. This might sound dumb, but are you sure you had proper flaps for the speed? I've had issues where I forgot to lower flaps a few times and as the speed drops the plane gets pretty squirly. Just a thought.
  13. Does this CDU/FMC panel work with the PMDG737?
  14. >are you referring to the canned chatter? those were made at>various levels, by various individuals, over the past 5 years.>i guess we could go through and even out those volumes, but i>see the end of canned chatter in v5. Yeah, was referring to the canned chatter. >>and is the real atc voice the rc voice? or are you referring>to ms atc? you can turn ms atc chatter up on the options menu>in fs.>referring to rc voice. RC voice is much lower in volume compared to the canned chatter. I keep having to turn the volume up and down. I think I'll bump up my traffic and kill the canned chatter. I am just about to purchase Traffic 2005.
  15. My problem is that the background radio chatter is really loud, and the real atc voice volume is low. I end up turning the volume down so as to not get blown away by the radio chatter, then when the controller starts talking I have to turn it up temporarily. Drives me nuts. Any way to even out the volumes on these??
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