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  1. Thanks pjs....sadly for me thats the only post i stumbled on...followed and acted on the 3 pages....and nothing changed for me.... Ive just rolled back windows to an august date sadly i couldnt download the 3 files it was offering me in the windiws store....msfs digital rights...a game service app........ So ive just used windows reset...and im now updating win 10 If i had any hair left id have pulled it out by now lol Andy
  2. Hi bought msfs2020 last week from microsoft...install and have flown for a few days. This week i get a system file error (-2015294512) each time i run msfs.... Cant find anybody online with same error only errors with different games...ive tried there work arounds... Reinstalling game services..sign in/out of microsoft store....then randomly the game runs....no pattern to my clicking lol Till next time i run win 10 then the game again... At the mo im system restoring to a point last august and gunna take it from there Andy
  3. Ray thanks for the reply I knew it would be a 25 digit number....as had rc4 for many years...and have had several activations. but yeah ive rechecked the emails and 6 emails all having keys...1st email says this is the 25 key generated. 2nd email this is the 24 key generated...3rd 23 and so on......no worries cos I stuck to the 25 key and all was well and a flight completed using it and all good. thanks Andrew
  4. Bill/Ray got 6 emails back this morning all with keys varying length...25 chars..24 chars so on hehe. I tried the 1st email 25 chars long and alls well and working tar. Andrew
  5. bill62...hope you don't mind me jumping in on your topic but suffering the same as yourself...but only since Monday morning. ive just sent 6 more emails to the 3 addresses you have (again) 2 to each address each with spaces and without spaces (just incase) sadly 36 hours for me and no response Andrew
  6. Im lucky....I use a separate laptop for internet use...banking,,,ebay and alike...I noticed the latest security update and thought it would kill psxseecon again. now were I have this prog is a separate compy just for p3d use sooo luckily enough ive turned of the security updates so I can keep on using psxseecon yes this is all windows 7 Andrew
  7. Right touchwood this is the 1...... pinch of salt needed over the date but mine says 18th April 2017...on another system says 13th.....but I don't use the p3d system that regular Security update KB4015549 Psxseecon all good and running,,,,restarted a couple of times to make sure
  8. Hi mate......just got back on the forum here.....yep same story as you.....win 7....all of a sudden psxseecon stopped working.... I thought it was me cos after being away from p3d for a week or 2 I updated psxseecon to ver 5.27 I think and then it would not run again... daft enough I removed it all and reinstalled...building all the bits parking and alike....still no joy... I did look to see if somehow the old update had got back on but it hadn't......I did notice aload of updates go on...didn't twig to a new 1 stopping this from running......so thanks for the heads up. Andrew
  9. Im certainly no expert just a long time simmer.....to me it stands to reason that injecting anything into the sim will make a loss in frames, be it ai traffic or clouds or airport scenery....to me it would be natural to see and expect lower frames.... now by how many will vary on the quality of the add on... I use mt6,,,,i did use it normally with the traffic slider at about 10% just to add a bit of life to the sim. now I use mt6 with the psxseecon prog.....yes its on a networked laptop running the progs and yes I get a very small drop in frames. at the moment I fly in the good old USA and but on british times so luckily the traffics lighter. BUT very happy with the psxseecon prog. Andrew
  10. Kiek running great all set up on a laptop as a (client) to my main p3d system (server) quickly tried dallas and Miami and seems to be running great plenty of American Airlines around many thanks to you for your efforts as well Andrew
  11. Heyyyy MarW sir......Devin (Netshadoe) called you a god......Devin speaks the truth. Uninstalled the update KB3118401 and yep Psxseecon ran.....ok on mine it threw up an error...missing api but when I google it I had to reinstall a 2017 redis....and get in PSXseecon came alive. Now to find the time between work to look at p3d with it running. Oh and be aware on mine windows update ran and gave me the option of installing the update again LOL so ive hid it from installing. Many Many Thanks Andrew
  12. Julian (travelling wilbury) thanks but ive always used the non aero desktop thanks as well Robert (hussar)....just making sure here that it would run without the rest....pity here that nothing happens with or without p3d and or realraffic Andrew
  13. Robert (Hussar) sadly ye...all the compatibility modes tried....one by one........ like Devin asks...can aybody confirm the prog psxseecon runs without Realtraffic running or even p3d running.....we know it would produce errors but at least it may open,,,, we don't get that far at the moment....
  14. Kiek theres nothing to take a picture of,,,,,promise you. Right I click on the desktop shortcut of Psxseecon and that's it....I may get a second were the mouse pointer changes to an eggtimer that's it. I`ll then use cntrl alt del....to have a look if anything is running in the background....again nothing. this is as administrator and without.......the download was installed as admin as well. the only time I see anything on the screen is if I change the properties of psxseecon to something like run run in 256 colours or run in 640 x 480 resolution,,,then this time my screen flashes...then goes back to a normal desktop screen but again nothing is running. that screen you have posted to simbio....I have never seen on mine....again because nothing happens when I click on psxseecon thanks Andrew
  15. Hi Keik ive been following this topic since you started it,,,i also run a P3d on a server and have a laptop networked with the likes of active sky installed on it and have simconnect setup. BUT both computers are win 7 64bit. I have the same problems as Devin (Netshadoe) I have tried Psxseecon traffic on both computers and both with the same results click to launch and except for the odd spinning egg timer nothing else happens. I do have C++ 2015 32bit and 64bit installed. Ive posted this so that Devin doesn't feel alone with the problem LOL Andrew
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