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  1. You are sure ? some of these "screenshots" do look real to me
  2. How did that bird get there ? !
  3. @Griphos: I like that a pilot with a lot of experience chimes his light. But my understanding in the way Austin works is to write him an email directly, the bug report is being used by the Ben and others on the team. But the problem is indeed that you do not give other feedback other then "it is not realistic, the underlying physics are wrong, it must be fixed". I think if you want to get this fixed, is to get into direct discussion with Austin, proving him what is wrong (the sim has the mechanics in place to show airflow, forces and so on in real time). The torque bug got fixed this way, after someone proved mathematically that the calculations were twice what they should be. I still believe that the underlying system (I say system, not the actual calculations) is correct, but needs verifying and adjusting. Nothing you said proved otherwise (again: your only claim is that it is just wrong, you did not show what is wrong, and by that I mean where the calculations are wrong, not the reaction of the sim). On the record, I do believe you if you tell the planes does not react as expected. But you'll have to come with a bit more to convince Austin to overhaul the underlying maths.
  4. KCGX to KORD

    One of my most flown flights in MS FS4. We came a long way (I know, this is an open door).
  5. I found that indeed performance and smoothness went up for us non VR compared to stable 11.10, but be aware, as this is meant to contain VR only, and beta, there are quirks to be expected (as above, traffic going missing, and I found that in some situations the mouse clickspots were off, making manipulating the cockpit impossible).
  6. And me who always was thinking it was a feature like a firebreak
  7. These really look nice, and rival more and more w2xp + ortho4xp. HD Mesh v4 was already a huge step. I really don't know anymore what direction to go, I like both ... .
  8. Tony, the output of your tree tool looks fantastic together with photoscenery.
  9. I don't know this enhancer, but you must always put the lua files in the scripts folder of "FlyWithLua". There should be a readme included in the download how to set this up correctly.
  10. Another thing, how is your paging file set? It is recommended to let the OS handle this.
  11. My mind is boggled.

    No! The yOrtho directory must be in the “custom scenery”. In the ini file just above the zOrtho entries. The HD mesh must be completely at the end of this scenery.ini. There are several guides like on Alpilots and on Simheaven’s websites. You should never touch “Global Scenery”.
  12. I have been a big fan of Tony's W2XP and Ortho since a long time, so I had to try this out. But IMO, the outcome is still the same: while wonderful when combined with Ortho imagery, it stands out like (fill in your preference) when used with default or HD Mesh. I don't know if the same approach is possible (with underlying ground texture) as default autogen? I did try it with Ortho4XP, and like it a lot, but currently I like HD Mesh more. As usual, my 2 cents, but I want to add that, while it has excellent promise, and with the promise of more regionalized buildings even more, it won't work miracles in every situation. I am with FlyIce, that I would like to see someone step in and fill the lack of high quality region overlays / autogen ( then I think about the resources of a developer like OrbX).
  13. they aim to do the same thing, only X-Europe will also re arrange the autogen building according to real live locations. The disadvantage for using X-Europe over non photo scenery is that it got rid of the ground textures (gardens, hays, ...), so the buildings stand out more when using normal land class scenery. It works wonders with ortho4xp generated scenery.
  14. Headshake does this sometimes. You can reset it in settings. graphics menu, on the right hand click on reset all offsets. The 3 numbers should all be zero’d.
  15. XPlane 11 Vulcan

    From the different blog posts and q/a sessions, Vulcan is confirmed for XP11 in 2018. First they want to finish vr in 11.20 (still using OpenGL). The code is being prepared to be able to use the different APIs, so they only have to write everything 1 time.