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  1. for pure performance, go Linux 😁 (but you will loose out on some add-ons). EDIT: just realized that the question is about VR. X-Plane VR on LInux is not yet there. I don't think it would matter if you have windows 7 or 10, as X-Plane works on OpenGL. Also you bottleneck is your video card, the Geforce 970 struggles as it is when going to the limit of available VRAM, because of the design. For VR, one of the 10xx range cards is recommended, with a minimum of VRAM onboard (talk 1060 and up, higher is better).
  2. jh71

    Essential clouds.

    Yes, what cloud add on are you currently using ? wonderfull shot, very realistic.
  3. jh71


    Montpellier, lovely place.
  4. I checked today on my linux box and find already that the workload is much better spread over the cpu, one core being at 100%, the other three at 50%, bringing the total cpu occupation at around 75%. The complaint used to be that the processor was used only 25%. I hope laminar is able to squeeze more out of my aging system. But I can not complain already , I have typically around 30fps and super smooth. I am wondering what they're bringing to the table today.
  5. Just move it, no issues. The only downside is that you will see longer initialization times compared to the SSD, but once up, it shouldn't make any difference. For your add ons, there is nothing written in the registry or something like that, everything needed is in the installation folder.
  6. jh71

    Ortho Problem

    Also, there is never the need to reinstall X-Plane completely, in worst case, you can delete whatever you think is causing trouble, and rerun the installer. For example, rename "Custom Scenery" to something else, rerun the installer, this will give you the default contents. Then you can copy over the installed scenery from your old Custom Scenery and check for errors, undo the last if you find anything wrong. If there is a problem with the config files, delete the Output/preferences folder, and restart X-Plane, it will recreate everything (but you will also have to setup all keyboard commands, joysticks etc from scratch. if you don't want to do that, only remove those prf files you think causing problems, like X-Plane.prf). But without the Log.txt contents, we can only guess what is breaking your installation.
  7. jh71

    Ortho Problem

    I am sorry to hear it doesn't work for you. Difficult to tell what went wrong, if all you tell us is it doesn't work. Did you copy or linked those directories into the Custom Scenery folder in the main X-Plane directory? The only thing to do, is remove them from there. X-Plane has not been touched in any other way by Ortho4XP. Also, you tell you tried to remove Arizona_2015_1m. This is not the correct, It sounds to me you tried to install the files downloaded from the provider directly. You should have used the directories in Ortho4XP/Tiles instead. The naming is something like: zOrtho4XP_XX+YYY with the XX and YYY defining the tile you created. This is all automated. If x-plane keeps crashing, please provide the Logs.txt file from the last try, so we can see what is wrong. And I found the tiles pre compiled for you, if you still want to see what it looks like: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/24288/x-plane-11-10-orthophoto-scenery-arizona/ Jan
  8. If you can recreate this behaviour, I think you best file a bug report with Laminar. I do think it is weird.
  9. You can not change the weather when current weather is selected. You can change this in the lower left corner in a drop down menu.
  10. jh71

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    The problem is if you go below 30, then it halves your framerate to 15. If you overload, then it becomes unplayable. If you can not maintain 30 or higher, then it is best to disable this option.
  11. jh71

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    v sync helps with screen tearing, but not much else. I think most people leave it unchecked.
  12. jh71

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    hm, can you check if you have "Use Vsync" under Graphics disabled. It would lock your framerate to the screen frequency. I have never heard it locking to 15, but it is worth checking. X-plane is both CPU and GPU limited. Can you provide the output of the fps counters ? Press CTRL-Shift-F in flight, it will show up in the left upper corner. It has several outputs, please give them all, then we can see what is holding you back, CPU or GPU. What is impacting my framerate: GPU side: draw shadows on scenery, Visual Effects (keep it one down from max), Antilalising CPU side: Reflection Detail: lower reflection, then lower it, then lower it. Reflection has the biggest impact known to me, I think a water cooled hyper overclocked latest gen CPU is still not pulling it. Good luck.
  13. Windows only, seriously ?
  14. Beta 5 Fix blue rendering errors on orthophotos. Fix overly aggressive carb ice. Fix bad default material and dev assert in draped-only object with spurious ATTR_poly_os. Map shows best ID we can find from a set of meta-data. Fixed Xpad flying at the user if picked up with mouse. XPD-8844, XPD-9101 We now properly call on_p0_loaded synthetically when the VR system is initialized after a plane has already been loaded. XPD-8824, XPD-8924 Fixes views for shift-4 and shift-8. XPD-8909 No G1000 in replay if it’s loaded after another flight. XPD-8989 Flap Deflection Time DataRefs added. XPD-9027 Master volume Dataref added. XPD-9028, XPD-9117 Fixed various broken OBJ attributes and material bugs. XPD-9075 Outside view in VR gives wrong pilots-head position. XPD-9106 Fix for pnl_table not asking for VR keyboard support. XPD-9107 Crash when using panel manipulators by hand and not with the VR laser. XPD-9116 New APIs are: XPLMSetWindowVrSize() XPLMGetWindowVrSize() XPD-9120 VR keyboard off center when picking failures from controller menu.
  15. Alt-tab or extra monitor gets me around multiple open windows in normal operation. In VR, there is no such thing. To have an external map in VR, they will need to implement a way to display it in game. Thus, I think we were talking about the same thing. It would be nice to have an online chart embedded in the sim, but I imagine especially in VR.