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  1. I agree, Canyon land is one region where you really can not go without Ortho ! (and this must be something in VR).
  2. XP11

    thanks guys. I like to escape from time to time from the ugly winter up north.
  3. Ortho4xp creates its own mesh from .hgt files that you can download from various sources on the web (see Elevation_Data subdir). You decide the resolution (curv_tol in Build Base Mesh). On top of this mesh, it drapes the photoreal textures. They are cut in smal triangels, lower curv_tol means higher complexity, but smaller triangles and more work for the renderer (in our case, X-Plane). This number will have high impact in mountains and you could end up using all your memory. One would only use HD Mesh to create what is on top with the overlay option: autogen, roads, rails, tension lines and so on (in the base mesh, as well as in HDMesh, all this info is in the one mesh file). So Ortho4XP does not use the elevation data from this mesh.
  4. XP11

    do you use reshade ? if not, I am interested in your tweaks, I like your colours, my colours are not so vibrant.
  5. In the mean time, the weather is really nasty in Belgium. Greetings from Antwerp:
  6. Nice weather in the south of France, approach and landing in Cannes, Andreas style (thanks for the HD mesh!) Clouds are from Environment+ (on the org, thanks MagikarpDrowned).
  7. I am on final to Perpignan in the Midi Pyrenees, near the Spain border. The scenery is imported with fs2xplane from Occitania VFR. The clouds you can find on the .org : Environment+ 1.0.1, one of the best I have seen as of yet. Enjoy.
  8. We have seen this discussion before. X-plane is mainly single thread, a second thread is used to preload tiles. You will rarely see cpu more then 50%because of this. Gpu will not reach 100% because it must wait for the processor. Either way, on board graphics are way less powerfully and will not be able to run xplane at full settings,also because they share resources with the cpu.
  9. it is currently not in the supported group, maybe you should share your experiences with the Laminar team.
  10. Yes,please explain in more detail. Which airplane(s), and how you try to set the views. Maybe try to delete the keyboard preferences ( there is no need to reinstall everything, in worst case delete only the complete preferences folder buy you have to set up everything again.)
  11. No it is not supported because the X server does not support all options they needed. It is open for the community however, anytime , if we want to work with laminar to fix the open issues.
  12. Not entirely true. You don't have access to the majority of the beta builds, but depending on where you stand, that is not a loss. You eventually get the same stable version at the end of the beta run.
  13. Thumbs up. I found with HD mesh 4,one really need to know the area to acknowledge the differences (like every shed and bushes). I have ortho for the view places I know like my inner pocket,the rest is HD mesh v4.
  14. Let us agree to disagree, I am afraid that it will hamper further independent development. X-Plane improvements came mostly from the names I quoted. But I agree some people like the hassle free from payware products, and it will attract new customer for Laminar. But I doubt the numbers: see my next point. Looking back, I just can not explain to myself why I invested hundreds of Euros in FSX add ons (which on its own was like 50€ at the time?). Some people invested a multitude of that. And that is without all hardware upgrades needed to run the sims properly. Those people will be hard pushed to leave their setup behind for something completely new.