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  1. No, there will definitely not be an SP3. All the work he is referring to is work being done for fs11. They want to make sure all the optimizing is done when released so it won
  2. I think ACES realizes they have alot of angry customers out there. And I agree the next version of FS should have much better performance when released. ACES probably realizes this and are going to change thier aproach on things. We can only hope history wont repeat it's self again. We're supposed to learn from our mistakes, right? Here is another quote from Phils post that gives a little hope:"One other thing the leadership team did is recognize we were trying to do too much as an organization. So we are now scoping back in some areas and trying to do fewer things, but each thing at a higher quality. We hope this approach will make our customers happier over time as well as improving work-life balance for the teams in the Studio."
  3. I installed Acceleration on my laptop and now fsx won't work. It says - your current graphics don't support shaders? I have a fairly new laptop, it has built in intel graphics and plays most other games. And it was running FSX just fine before i installed. Should i be able to run it - I just installed vista due to a hard drive failer so I lost some original drivers. Do you think its a driver problem or will i not be able to have acceleration on my laptop? Thanks,
  4. This has been discussed before. I am pretty sure they are investing alot more time in the scenery engine / graphics engine. The ACES team has split into diffferent branches each responsible for there own thing. Phil Tylor wrote a post about this:http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2008...-and-today.aspx Instead of one team at ACES there are now 4 teams!From Blog: "As we moved into the new space, the leadership team updated the Studio with a re-org plan to form 4 teams:1)Core 2)Flight3)Trains4)ESP"Notice the Core team. Core team owns the platform and the technology. They now pretty much have a whole team focusing on the scenery engine - for both Flight, Trains, and ESP. So I have no worrys. FS11 will kick butt no matter what. And with the technology we are seeing now and going to see in the future there is no doubt this will be an awesome product. Oh - and read this. It's from the job description for a program manager at ACES. "Your role will be to bring together the various diverse perspectives required to create a modern graphics engine to render the world database behind the world simulation. Updating the terrain and graphics rendering quality, improving resource management and performance, and staying ahead of the curve on technology advancements are key responsibilities." That is what ACES plans to do!
  5. ok, I made the texture look more white. It looks pretty white in game so i think it should be fine. I will email you the files now. Good luck on creating the mission. I am undergoing the same process right now of creating a mission.
  6. Ok, lets see - I can either make the texture look more white or i can just remove the texture totally. I think you would want a texture though because it looks way better with one. What do you say?
  7. Ok, i made that ball- It only took me 30min. I added two textures to it so it looked cooler:-) Should I email the bgl file and the textures? Here is a picture of what it looks like:
  8. I can try to create it for you. Do you want the building / white ball to have texture or do you want it to be pure white?
  9. I doubt you would find a good paying job using gmax. But probably like fsxmissionguy there are individuals that need help creating custom scenery. I actually got the hang of using GMax pretty good as well - i have been using it for two years. I am currently undergoing building a really good looking scene for a mission that I have been planning for a while. I would like more custom scenery like cars, trucks, trees, stop lights, ect. I plan to release the mission as free ware so there would be no pay or anything. Just the fun of helping create an awesome mission! Send me a private message if you intersted.
  10. Phil added another interesting post to his library of many others. He is keeping us informed about the organization aspect of the Team. I guess there is a major effort to keep on top of things this time around. ACES has almost double in size since FSX. Good job ACES! And thank you very much Phil for keeping informed :-) Can't wait to hear more - expecially when we get alot further down the road!http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2008...-and-today.aspx
  11. Nope, They still arn't working for me with the latest drivers either. It probably is a NVidia thing if ATI cards are working. I hope at some point lights will work in DX10.
  12. I dont get gitters if i lock the frame rate to about 25 - 30. Else i get really bad gitters.
  13. I don't know why everyone needs Instant Scenery? The Object Placement Tool that comes with the SDK does the same thing and you can create missions while your at it too! We need more good missions for fsx. I am currently creating one (I have been messing with it for a while) -it's going to take a long time though because of all the little problems you run into. And yes, Scenery Design is awesome! After about a year using gmax I am finally able to create some really good looking scenery. If ACES would advertise this ability to add scenery then allot more people might be inclined to purchase the game.I bet in the not to far future there is going to be a lot of money to be made for fsx library objects. You can just sell a library of your own created content for others to add to the game.
  14. Ya, going to fullscreen mode also boosts your frame rates way up.
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