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  1. Hello fellow simmers. I have been working on a flying virtual reality project in my own time and resources. Looking to get the Greenlight on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=646813099 I am looking for beta testers to try it out. Especially people with an Oculus Rift. So if you are interested in trying it out the game, and promise to up vote the green light and help spread the word just leave a comment bellow and I can PM you a link to download beta. We would love to hear what kind of feedback the simulation crowd has. If this project is successful I wish to look into more complex flying game for the Oculus. My next dream would be to build out a fully intractable light sport aircraft with cockpit, where you are able to interact with the Oculus rift hand motion controllers. Thanks, Joey
  2. Microsoft Asp.net (MVC model is the most powerful) and C# using a Microsoft SQL database is another option. One I am familiar with and is extremely powerful platform too. And host your website and databases on Azure which has the best performance for price these days in my opinion.
  3. This actually proven to be a hoax, they all have identical sound tracks in the background. It's actually a sound effect found in some video editing program (like final cut pro or something). They also use this sound effect in the well known movie Red State http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySIHIDlp39Y
  4. That is true! But I've learned every little bit helps. So I thought I would post here just in case there were some interested. And about Microsoft Canning Flight, to me I thought flight might have had a chance after shipping the initial version, but due to the bad leadership decisions that kept happening after it was shipped I slowly gave up hope. It turned into something opposite of what I wanted to see happen. And a corporation like Microsoft need to see substantial returns or at least a chance of future $$$ to stay alive. So you can probably assume flight didn't live up to the MS standards...
  5. I haven't posted on Avsim in a while, mostly because I had to keep my mouth shut at Microsoft haha. But I am working on some new stuff that I thought you could help me with perhaps. Anyways, I wrote a blog post about it. Hopefully you find it interesting. Thanks for your time! ^_^ http://joeysipos.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/taking-a-break-for-flight-simulator-and-i-need-your-help/
  6. sipos

    New forum!

    Yeah, really great job with the new forum! I like it a lot. Any news on when the new website is coming on line?
  7. You could do what Opa has suggested or simply turn on the "Enable Changes in selected mission" Check Mark at the bottom of the mission list and load a different aircraft for the mission.
  8. 3D technology is becoming pretty amazing! I went to Best Buy the other day and saw the new 3D tv's! HOLLY SMOKES! It felt like you could put your arm through the tv and touch the people! It was amazing! Much much better then Nvidea 3D thats for sure.You have to have a special pare of glasses that go with the TV, plus a 3D compatible Blue ray movie which none hardly exist as of yet. Read more about the TV's here: Best Buy 3D TvAnyways, the Best Buy dude say there was going to be a video game coming out sometime over the summer that will be the first to work with this technology. That will be quite a sight to see! True 3D video games in 1080p! Imagine if flight sim worked with this technology! Ohhh man, I would probably get sick really fast thats for sure! A
  9. Can you tell us a little more about the company are you hireing for?
  10. Yea Beattle says ACES is dead- which it is! The new group may not be called ACES anymore but it seems Microsoft is definitely hiring for a new flight related game that going to be built for the windows live platform. And with the quote kevin posted it seems obvious Microsoft still have ambitions for the flight sim market. So yea, I am optimistic!
  11. No, it definitely not canned, he just can't post anymore in fear of leaking vital information on the project. He just posted here on the subject...http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showtopic=271391
  12. Hi Dario! Stay posted on this project if you want a well done mission pack! http://freeskyprod.com/ I guarantee is will be the best missions you ever play in FSX Acceleration! We will most likely be nearing completion by the end of this month or perhaps Jan! :(
  13. Cool, this surprises me! It surprises me because I used to work at ACES (for only a couple months) and have not heard about this yet! I believe Rick Selby was the lead for Train Simulator II which I might add looked very cool. It will be very interesting to see what they do. I personally think it won't be flight based. More like different word simulation experiences (which might include flying), but I guess we just have to wait and see. I also believe a couple of the old ACES members are still at Microsoft working on something else as well. We have yet to find out what that is too!
  14. Yea, what happen to topgun? They've been off line for like 3 months! Do they still exist?
  15. I see what your getting at. Though it's not uncommon at all for websites and businness to keep track of statistical information like this in their databases, but perhaps in this case your probably right, it might be a little bit to invasive and a turn off for the user. Your statement is true and I see what you are trying to say, passion is what started the flight sim community and that
  16. Umberto, you seem very knowledgeable on the subject! You are probably correct in your assumptions - a lot of people would have problems with a protection system like this! I
  17. I know protecting software is almost impossible but the only legit way I can think of is to make it required to connect over the internet in order to run the program. I am thinking about doing this for a product I
  18. Yes, the future of flight sim is going be interesting! FSX definitely has a couple years left in it, but over time its going to start looking really outdated compared to the new gen products/ games out there. Aerosoft talk of creating another flight sim is hard to take seriously. For a project of such immense proportions one would need resources beyond the resources aerosoft has now. I was a contractor at ACES for 6 months and I saw the resources Microsoft had. If a company like Microsoft starts a project they commit to that project and pour the necessary funds to make it work. If they need more employees, they get more employees. If they need to outsource art work they have no problem finding a company to outsource the artwork. Not only that, the work environment is great and employees get treated very well, and get paid well. Therefore the developers are obliged to putting out their best work. They are also professionals who know their stuff well. If one were to create a new simulator of the magnitude of FSX, one would basically need to invest a boat load of money (on the scale of millions), find and build a productive work enviroment, hire top notch developers (with degrees and experience in the industry) who are familiar with the technology of today, do about a year of development planning (if the project where serious, it takes a lot of planning on the part of all the developers), and execute according to plan. Do I see that happening, not very likely? Unless Aerosofts ambitions are secretly much higher then what I see now. X plane can only go so far due to the scale of their team (I believe its only like 3 people), unless Austin Meyer, their one developer, decides to stop doing all the coding him self and invest in a much larger development team! And who said Microsoft was not committed to the flight sim franchise anymore? You look at fsinsider.com and it even says We will continue to produce, sell, and support the latest version of Flight Simulator as we plan for future versions of the franchise. I dont know where Mathijs Kok got his info, but from what I know (from networking with the people at MS), there are still a handfull of fs developers working at Microsoft on a project that may or may not be flight related. For all I know it could be a project much bigger then the scale of the old flight sim? I just don't know - they keep this kind of info on the DL? So don't let your hopes down.I for one hope someone steps up to the plate to create a semi decent realistic flight sim/ or flight game of that matter. It's a big market and it's waiting for someone to grab. It's a hobby that will never stop be stoped for me!
  19. sipos

    Is FS 11 Dead

    Haha Bill, yea, i just saw that, lol!
  20. sipos

    Is FS 11 Dead

    Yes, FS11 is dead in the water and there will most likely not be another branded "Microsoft Flight Simulator". Don't give all your hopes up though because I know there is a slight glimmer of hope for the fs fans :) Might not exactly be FS but there is talk of another "Flying game" in the works at MS. What this title may be is far from known at this point and we won't know for a while. For all I know it could be a flying elephant game. We will just have to wait and see. We shouldn't let our hopes down though.
  21. To all those people who wanted a new
  22. I think there is a slight possibility Microsoft is considering a "Flying game" for x-box. I kind of got that gist while at my final days at ACES. I really don't know much though because us contractors where not allowed to hear any of the discussion going on - only Full Time Staff. And supposedly we are still under NDA, so even if I did know something I couldn't tell you. But what I do know is Microsoft didn't want to sell the studio, meaning they still want to own the rights to "Flight Simulator". Xbox is a lucrative platform with a lot more money involved - so I wouldn't doubt if they move to it. If they do bring it back it will probably be more game like, then simulator like. Anyways, that
  23. Yup, I know how you feel! Creating missions is not the easiest thing in the world. I was in your same shoes not too long ago. Over time you will begin to learn the process though - after you use the tool for a good while. Look forward to seeing missions you create.
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