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  1. No problem Rob O., you're obviously doing very well and as indicated by the author of this thread it isn't easy. I'm sure it's much more difficult in real-life when it's 130 degrees F in the cockpit and the thermals are bouncing you around like a pinball, not to mention the 30 knot cross-wind so common at Stead in the afternoon!For the ultimate challenge run the race following real-world race rules where you have to pass on the outside so you can see the aircraft you are passing at all times. That get's really difficult (but is possible against the "AI").I'm very glad to hear you are enjoying it and are helping out other people too.I wish we hadn't bundled SP2 with Acceleration as I'm sure more people would be trying it out and enjoying what we created. Live and learn I guess...
  2. There is some great advice presented in this thread. I got pretty good flying course as much as I did during development, and I don't think I've ever had a 470 lap. That is pretty amazing!When the real racers takeoff for the race, the last one to takeoff doesn't waste any time cutting the corner to catch up with the pack. They will lead way ahead of the pace plane while climbing out and you need to do the same to catch up.Remember that the lap speeds are an average speed around the course, the wider you fly, the lower your average speed will be because you are flying farther to get around.If you allow your engine to be damaged more than 1 or 2% at any time, you will have to back off to regain health and will not complete the race as quickly as you could.We had hoped to support damage from running at such high RPM's but that never made it into the product, so even though the instructor mentions watching your RPMs, you don't have to worry about that. Just run at max RPM.Remember that you are running at over 5000 ft MSL...Lastly, if you are interested in a new challenge and are willing to race on-line (or by yourself on-line) try running more than 10 lap races. There are trucks on the ramp where you can refuel and fill up on ADI. New strategies come into play when you have to make a pitstop.Good luck!
  3. I love the Dr.I, I think they did a great job. As for the lack of trim, I'm sure that is accurate.If anyone is interested in what a real rotary engine sounds like or how a Fokker D-VIII flies, I have some videos on my blog.http://paul-flightsimguy.spaces.live.com/default.aspx
  4. If you're interested in reading blogs, I thought you might want to know I've started a new blog.http://paul-flightsimguy.spaces.live.com/default.aspx
  5. The engine modeling on the Racing P-51 in Acceleration is pretty good but differs significantly from a stock Mustang and how we modeled engines before Acceleration.The Racer has a single stage "dash 9" supercharger which can put out more boost than the stock two stage supercharger in a stock Mustang, but at altitude, we still only have one stage, so it will fall off on power as the altitude increases.The reason the Racing Mustang can produce so much power is also because the aircraft are modified to have much higher RPM's so winding it up to 3450 or 3500 RPM produces a lot more boost as the supercharger is spinning that much faster. If the prop is pulled back to stock limits, it won't be producing nearly as much boost as when racing.Lastly we tuned the aircraft's speed envelope to match real-world best-performance race speeds. In talking with the owners of Cloud Dancer and Miss America, we did good with the top speeds on the Reno course, but don't have enough speed at cruise and don't accelerate fast enough on the takeoff run. Unfortunately we received this information too late in the development cycle to tweak it.I am a fan of the ** flight models so I don't doubt their's is accurate throughout the normal flight envelope. I have talked to Mustang pilots that said a warbird Mustang will have zero chance of hitting book speeds in level flight and would have to be in a dive to hit those speeds, so that should be a consideration as well.
  6. >This mission is very un-eventful I followed the DC-3 for what>seemed like an eternity with the expectation that he would>evetually land some where. Well it never happend. Finally out>of the blue, the Success Message appeared with the note that>following the plane undectected was the mission goal. At one>point the DC-3 approaches an airfield and you get the>impression that he is going to land but it never happens. Just>more following for another extended period and then finally>the mission ends as I stated above. I never flew it following>the light twin but I suspect it will end the same way. >>BlackieThere is one scenario with the DC-3 where F-18's intercept and takeover your job. Maybe that is what happened to you. There are other random scenarios that could happen both for the DC-3 and the Baron.
  7. Amazing that you can place the loads with such precision Cal!
  8. Another nice video Ron! I find it inspirational...
  9. Awesome video Ron!Night ops are kind of freaky. Even though I have heard a lot of stories, I can't image how scary it must be in real life.
  10. It would be very cool to see a video of this in action!
  11. Good feedback Mitey.We intend to further develop our helicopter model and time will tell where we get with it.As for the views, we decided not to do 2D panels, and the gauges sit where they sit and are that size in the real aircraft. Most users are finding success using multiple views and maybe in the future we can make better use of multiple views without the perf impact...I am very glad to hear you are having fun with it even with it's faults.
  12. >P12-C is the helo guy, he really should reply here.Funny Phil :)It is true that I am a champion for better helicopters in FS and moving the platform forward for higher realism overall, I am not a simulations developer...The recommendation from a person on our team that does know, is to adjust one of the realism sliders down (I think it was only the torque slider). I haven't heard anyone in the studio embrace or diminish any of the other techniques listed in this thread.Bottom line, if it works for you then go with it. Hopefully we can further develop and tune the governor so that it doesn't hunt like this in future versions of FS.
  13. We have opened a position for a developer to help us make the best aircraft we can for the next version of Flight Simulator. There are several people in the community that can build great flight models, and if any of them can code and expand our platform as well, we would really like to hear from them.Here is a link to the job followed by the job description.http://members.microsoft.com/careers/searc...BA-10A053E97B55SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER:Description:The Flight Simulator team is seeking an experienced software engineer to work on the next version of one of the most successful franchises in the history of entertainment software. We are looking for a candidate with strong engineering, math, and physics skills who can enhance and add to existing simulation code. The successful candidate will be able to specify, design, and implement the code for simulation models including aircraft and helicopters as well as other systems. Additional areas of responsibility may include: implementation of audio, effect triggers, and low-level AI controllers for the vehicles. Required experience:Experience in physical modeling, C/C++ programming, and the ability to work in a highly motivated team environment are required.Educational experience: BS (or equivalent) degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering. Desirable Experience:Previous game industry development experience working on physics engine is preferred. Background in aeronautical engineering, real world aviation and feedback control systems would be desirable as well as being trained as a pilot and being familiar with the Flight Simulator SDK.
  14. >I loaded Acceleration today, and it looks great. But I ran>into a few problems with old missions, and the SDK.>>In the mission I just finished, all Mobile Scenery Objects>that are not active are visable. I also checked the Amazon>Trek mission, it also has several mobile scenery objects. I>found the same thing.>>The Tools are also gone from the menu bar. I know>Acceleration included a FSX SP. Does anyone know if there>will be a SP for the SDK?>>GunnerThe mobile scenery objects now support attaching effects (which is a good thing!).You still create a mobile scenery object the same way as before, but you use a library object as an object reference and then the effects can be attached to that library object. The UFO(s) in the intercept mission use this new system.
  15. That's a pretty cool video. Why were you so far behind at the beginning of the race... ;)
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