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  1. Another solution is to use a different default ground roll sound all together, the main one on the aircraft.cfg..... there are many neat ones available for download.. I have been using one for years that I customized with various thumps, rattles, bangs and shakes.... that are caused by lumpy runways, centerline lights etc... but I can't upload mine because I believe I did modify pre-existing groundroll sounds from someone else who had it online first, don't know whom exactly -so can't upload it... but they are worth trying...the default PMDG one is what it sounds like on a ssssmmmmoooothhhhh new runway, or what the actual Level D sims sound like... too quiet in my mind... real runways like real roads are lumpy, have lots of grooves for water drainage and other stuff that can really shake a cockpit at 130 kts !!
  2. just a reminder, that anyone having any pause or stutter on touchdown, do what I have done... eliminate ALL tweaks you've ever seen.... everyone of them.... I found my NGX ran the very finest, on a newly rebuilt FSX.cfg from scratch.... the only tweaks I have are TBM to 80 and I use the tree and building autogen tweak... that's it.. .no highmem, bufferpool or nothin! I threw them all out with GREAT success... and found yes, the NGX and FSX frame rates may be a little less than with all the tweaks, but all the stutters, slowdowns and landing pauses are GONZO!!!! worked for me... tweakless flying is great after months of pulling my hair out!!!
  3. Sound is so important in a simulator. This is the first jet addon for FSX that really came with a soundset I did not have to fiddle with at all! However, I was using a replacement ground rumble / rattle sound other than the default PMDG one which was too steady and quiet. Other than that I loved the NGX sound set.. until you guys made this little update! Great job... I just can't do it justice until everyone is out of the house and I can crank up the volume... wife and kids think I'm cookoo if I want it that loud, yet for some reason the TV has Spongebob on loud enough to hear it across the street... but I digress...
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