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  1. Hi,is it possible to update the 744, that the FMC shows True and Grid Heading?On my last 'near-pole-passing', the NDs shows True Heading, but the entire FMC is set up to magnetic!!!!!!I miss as well the Grid Heading Display on the ND. The FMC shows no Grid too. As you can imagine, True Heading is quite "useless", if you fly near/over the pole. Would be pretty cool, if you could implement this :)Servus,Marc
  2. Hello Captains,today I flew from EDDF, Runway 18 via MARUN1S SID to KLAX.The VREF30 was 180kt, TOW 385,528KGOK, the 744 accelerated only to a speed of 264kt, not 300kt for weights above 309,000KG (VREF30+100 = 280+20kt).Please refer to Boeing FCTM: Page 1.4, 1.5 for the Flaps Schedule and Page 4.2 for "Climb Speed Determination".Servus!Marc
  3. Hi,yes, you have only to change:TCAS_ShowRangeRings=0toTCAS_ShowRangeRings=1Per default this value is set to "0".But a few airlines have this option (Lufthansa too) and so you may set the value to "1". Ciao!MH
  4. Hi,a screenie from my flight today (EDDF-VHH; LH738):The weather conditions are quite bad, but at the DH (700ft), the Runway was in-sight.Best Regards!MH
  5. Here a link:http://www.asc.gov.tw/acd_files/07_human_f...20display%22%22
  6. Hello,can I modify the PMDG 744 so that the HDG (Heading) is up in MAP and Plan Mode insted the Track? I know this is an airline option (e.g. Lufthansa, British, Air France have this). But I would be nice to have it also in the Sim.Thanks!Marc
  7. Hello,thanks a lot!...and when is the fan usualy used? The whole flight, or only enroute??Thanks and best regards,Marc
  8. Hi,one question only:For what is the "FLT DECK FAN"-switch in the 744F? And in which cases should it be used?I found nothing about this in the manual and CBT?Thanks in advance,Marc
  9. Hi,I have still the same problem here. Every time I initiate a go-around (via the TOGA screw). The FS will crash....The deletion of the fs9.cfg, fsuipc.ini and reinstalltion of the 747+747F didn't help!!Any chance to fix this??TIA for help!
  10. Hello,any chance to get the FP of UA 903 (from EDDM) from 18 Feb 2006??Thanks in advance!BRGDSMarc
  11. Hello,can please anyone post a real Condor flightplan from Munich (EDDM) to Mauritius (FIMP)?Details: flight DE 0312 dep 1645 local time (1545 UTC) day: ..3....Thanks!! :-beerchug
  12. Hello,can anyone please post flightplans from, or to the famous "airplane graveyard" in Arizona?Thanks in advance!Marc :-wave
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