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  1. Air France Cargo flies the 777 from Prestwick EGPK to Paris LFPG (1h40min). Check their schedules here: http://www.af-klm.com/cargo/portalb2b/schedule
  2. Yes it's probably on par with the kind of logic that is used to compare Airbus and Boeing in a few previous posts... :( The best way to prevent a debate from being "objective" is to go on the emotional level...Look at what politicians do...
  3. I have never tried a full motion simulator (or real airliner) but I'm now 25 hrs into my PPL trainingand I can surely say that flight simulation helps. Even though FSX flight models for light aircrafts such as the Cessna aren't that accurate, having a good understanding of all the controls and gaugesmakes a difference. As stated earlier, the "feel" (a hot summer afternoon is going to get quite bumpy...) is definitelywhat lacks the most with FSX.Another thing that helped me allot is flying online (IVAO for me) !If the fantasy situation of being the only one to land a pilotless 737 arose (I just wanted to say...we're all counting on you), a PMDG 737NGX flightsim experience would certainly help you set the aircraft up for autoland thanks to your understanding of the autoflight/FMS logic.As for manual landing...I couldn't say
  4. Harsh competition out there...Maybe JFK is getting saturated ? :(
  5. I'm glad the 747 line has a successor because it is indeed a venerable aircraft.It is, by the way, probably the aircraft (the dash 400) I have flown on the most (back in my teenage hood when I used to live in Asia).Recently, I had the opportunity to fly on the A380 CDG -> JFK -> CDG and I have to say it was a very nice experience : very comfortable (flying qualities, noise and cabin atmosphere), seats are pretty standard in economy class and you do have slightly more leg groom but...Speaking of engineering, I'm not an engineer (I'm a pharmacist) so I won't comment on either of Boeing's or Airbus' engineering.My feeling is just that they are both good at what they do. Their different perspectives of the airline market are perhaps not so different and all this row is after all maybe just the result of marketing : they have to emphasize their differentiation ! So everybody, shake hands ! :(
  6. That's probably due to their website design as far as language is concerned (I'm in France) but it's american made and VERY sturdy !Just type thrustmaster in google and you'll have the english version.The joystick is designed from the F-16 and the throttle/panel from the A-10C (maybe because of the upcoming release of DCS A10C). You can therefore use it for any aircraft and the dual throttle is quite nice compared to the older "Cougar" version, it would come quite handy for the 737...
  7. You could also go for this one :http://www.thrustmaster.com/product.aspx?ProductID=221&PlatformID=5I own the older "Cougar" version and enjoy it a lot. You can map all the important MCP functions (Speed, Hdg, Altitude, VS) on your joystick/throttles so that you don't need to use the mouse anymore (which is pretty annoying).The new "Warthog" version sounds quite promising. So if you don't have the room (and money) for things like column yokes or hardware MCPs it's a good solution !As for the "stick vs yoke dilemma" it's up to you. I find the stick to be more enjoyable than the yoke although it's harder to master (speaking of Sim and real life). I'd say the stick is "sport" while the yoke is "comfort".The desk congestion factor applies once again.Rudder pedals are a must, Saitek's aren't too bad
  8. If you don't go to the forum, the forum goes to you :( Happy birthday ! :(
  9. That's really good news !As I said when you originaly posted about the A320, it would perfectly fit into PMDG's approach to flightsim as I understand it :To deliver aircraft simulaions that will not only satisfy their clients' desires but also surprise them by introducing different conceptions of flying with the examples of the MD11 or the js41 (autoflying for the former ).As for the competition, in my opinion, no one is on the level of PMDG for the moment so this shouldn't be a concern.Let's only hope that airbus will be as cooperative as boeing seems to be with them.Three cheers to the team ! You made my day :(
  10. Sounds like the stuff we learn for the PPL isn't that evident after all...
  11. This website is pretty cool, I used it a few times to follow an AFR flight a relative was oninto its approach at JFK airport. Allong with the NYC port authorities moving map of the flight and flightaware, it's really nice !That's how I discovered that A380s had the "super" callsign suffix for wake turbulence.
  12. Thanks for the explanations, now it's crystal clear !
  13. And what if the super intelligent autopilot computer that canfly the plane without any pilot onboard, make perfect cabin annoucements oreven play chess with the passengers throught the IFE system had just onetiny little flaw.........his name is HAL ? :(
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