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  1. Air France Cargo flies the 777 from Prestwick EGPK to Paris LFPG (1h40min). Check their schedules here: http://www.af-klm.com/cargo/portalb2b/schedule
  2. [Font size=2Sorry !I was in such a state of excitement that I forgot to sign my post =)Jean-Charles Montagne
  3. [Font size=2Wonderful !As expected, the frustration some may have experienced during the developement phase just disappeared in an instant. PS: I have to admit that I ran straight to purchasebefore even reading this post...
  4. [Font size=2Very good news !Being able to have an idea of the level of performance we should be getting with the 744x before we buy it is very nice !Really in favor of PMDG's allready established professionalism.As far as I'm concerned, I have repeated the Credit Card procedure and I think I'm now "release ready" :-).Jean-Charles Montagne
  5. [Font size=2Now that is appetizing !Wing view enthusiasts will be more than satisfied.Jean-Charles Montagne
  6. [Font 3 The hard and sometimes long wait for some crunchy news from PMDG is often superpassed by the surprise and pleasure when it arrives.This time is no different !Nice site, can't wait for the 744X... Cheers, Jean-Charles Montagne
  7. [Font size=2 Also, I wouldn't critic there profesionalism too much :After so many complaints about the lack of photos for the MD11; when one of the PMDG team members is kind enough to post some, a new polemic is started on the lack of perspective inthe 2D panel ! If you want perspective, the 3D panel (PMDG's ones that is to say)is as close as you can get with a Flat computer screen.If you're still unhappy with that, buy yourself a full motion simulator ! Cheers, J-C Montagne
  8. [font size=2 Hi, I figured that activating the key assignments in FScrew Start center resolved the engine start problem.Indeed, I hadn't activated this before !(sorry about that) Jean-Charles
  9. [font size=2 Hello,I recently purchased fscrew for pmdg744 and I amexperiencing a small problem.On engine startup, the FO first turns on all Cutoff and startup switches. Then, while supposed to turn engines3 and 4 on, he turns 3 and 4 cutoff and startup switches off,this resulting in a 1 and 2 startup.Finally when asked to start 1 and 2, he turns off 1 and 2cutoff switches.In the end no engines are running. This is applicable when the Auto start on is selected. Thanks for any advice to solve this problem Jean-Charles Montagne
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