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  1. HiLooking for RWFP for the Aer Arann ATR72 flights from Luton to both Galway (RE502) and Waterford (RE542)..Also looking for any other ATR72-500 flight plans from UK regional airports.CheersSteve B
  2. Hi allI'm looking for RWFL for todays (Sunday)Heathrow to Damascus Syrian Air flight number FB410 (SYR410)I believe todays flight was with YK-AKB which I believe to be an A320 although I've also seen this reg allocated to a 747SP. I'd be interested in a type tie up too.ThanksSteve
  3. Hi JimAll here seems to be working fine again now..I'm impressed that AS6.5 is robust enough to carry on operating even when there are some bad data points..CheersSteve
  4. Hi allI've been using ASv6.5 build 552 in FS9 for a few months now with Ground Environment Pro. A few days ago when I downloaded the Metar's from AS6 into Ground Environment I'm getting the following message:Metar decode errorMultiple-step OLE DB problem generated errors check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was doneI'm assuming it's not actually downloading any of the data into GE. Have you any ideas how I can fix this..ThanksSteve
  5. Hi allI'm looking for RWFP for the daily SAS flight from Heathrow to Gothenbugh Flight number SK524The return SK515 would be useful tooThanksSteve
  6. Hi allI'm looking for a RWFP for one of the BA flights from Heathrow to Barcelona. The return would be good to.I'm travelling on the BA0484/BA0485 next week :-)ThanksSteve
  7. Hi all. I'm looking for RWFP's for the daily BA flights from Heathrow to Schiphol and back.Flight number's BA0428 to Schiphol and BA0439 back to Heathrow.CheersSteve
  8. Hi all. I'm looking for RWFP's for the daily BA flights from Heathrow to Frankfurt and back.Flight number's BA0904 to Frankfurt and BA0913 back to Heathrow.CheersSteve
  9. Yes..it's a Qantas code share with BAThanks SamySteve
  10. I'm looking for a flight plan for Qantas flight BA7345From Sydney to Christchurch NZThanksSteve
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