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  1. KingCat

    Unable to modify route/discontinuity

    Yes, I did mention direction of takeoff in my post (rwy 26R). I did "self-vector" towards VR, but it wasn't possible to line select that or any other waypoint in the route on top (selected waypoints appeared in the scratchpad, but dropping them on top did not do anything).
  2. KingCat

    Unable to modify route/discontinuity

    Yesterday, I had a similar issue where the FMC would not let me line select waypoints on top of each other. Route: CYVR-YVR9 (SID)-VR-HUH-SEA-J65 LMT-TUDOR2 (STAR)-KSMF Departing from CYVR runway 26R. The first waypoint on the YVR9 are VECTORS. Departure was flown with HDG SEL and VNAV. When I tried to line select VR on top a few miles west of the airport, VR appeared in the scratchpad, but would not go on top. Same with the other waypoints (e.g. line selecting HUH on top of VR same problem). I solved this by creating a RTE2. Never had this problem in the NGX. Route was entered manually.
  3. KingCat

    Beacon lights key command

    I agree with this topic. Right now the keypress for the beacon lights toggles between lwr beacon and off, while it should toggle between off and both to make this keypress useful.
  4. KingCat

    Splash at KSFO

    If I recall correctly, your mesh resolution has to be at least at 10M or higher. I think this only happens when doing an Autoland and approaching an airport over water.
  5. I was wondering if a developer is allowed to charge money for a driver interface to interface hardware with the PMDG NGX? If I recall correctly, I believe this is not the case (thought I read it somewhere a few years ago), but I wanted to make sure because I've spotted a website where they are charging money for interfacing the FlyEngravity CDU with the PMDG NGX. Jon
  6. After 4 years still no support for the FlyEngravity CDU... Jon
  7. KingCat

    vCDU App not working with NGX.

    This apps works fine with the PMDG 737NGX. But you have to start the VA interface after your flight is loaded (not before). So when you're sitting at the gate in a dark & cold cockpit and everything is initialised, then you start VA interface (minimise FSX window) and then connect the app on your iPad.
  8. KingCat

    Question to PMDG about NGX Service Pack 2 ?

    And after the 747 the next excuse is that they are busy getting their products ready for Prepar3D...
  9. KingCat

    Question to PMDG about NGX Service Pack 2 ?

    And hopefully the FlyEngravity CDU (data over USB) will finally be supported after 1,5 years. Jon
  10. KingCat

    Tutorial #2 page 118 missing step

    If you are flying towards INN on heading 230, AB should be behind you. Also make sure that the range (scale) of your ND is large enough.
  11. KingCat

    Tutorial #2 page 118 missing step

    I've attached 4 pictures of the real NDB's at LOWI. They are AB, INN, KTI and RTT. I took the pictures myself a few years ago. This year I'm going to visit the NDB's again to record their morse-ID. Enjoy the pics and happy Easter.
  12. KingCat

    01SEP07: So What Happens Next? (Repost)

    I hope the new 737NG will be released for FS9 as well. That would be the biggest news for me personally. Let's hope it makes it into FS9.Jon
  13. >For the 737, the gate position is not implemented. I'm not>sure about the 747.>I think it's the other way around. For the 737 the gate postion is implemented, but not for the 747.It's best to use the GPS postion when using the 747.Jon
  14. KingCat

    repaint fun for a Dutch pack

    >Jon,>>There is repaint for the 747-400 BCF of Martinair.>It is found on AVSIM on this link,>>And the filename is>>Greetz, RonaldRonald,That's absolutely fantastic! I just have one question though.I own the passenger version of the PMDG B744. Since this is a livery for the cargo version, my question is if I can use these texture files for the passenger version too?Jon
  15. KingCat

    repaint fun for a Dutch pack

    Hi,I would be interested in a Martinair livery for the B744.Or if anyone else knows where to download this livery, please let me know.Jon