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  1. Do we have to update the Simconnect? How do we do this?
  2. Actually printing to Kindles could also work.
  3. Printing should be an option. Some people don't have extra Ipads around or don't have the computing resources to have their computer handle everything. I use a Kindle for flight plans and a iPad for charts. Hoppie's system would be more useful if the interface was able to use the PMDG CDUs instead of a separate CDU on another computer.
  4. Will we have the capability to print ACARS messages to an actual printer? Also, could we still use the Hoppie network with this?
  5. I'm trying to fly BWI-ATL, I got a waypoint KATL that is stuck after TEEMS, and I can't get rid of it. It won't go away. I've tried moving FLASK up to the proper place, and it insists on flying direct to KATL.
  6. Let's say I use it with the default 737 config, it should work correct?
  7. Will there be a chance of support for the VRInsight MCDU unit?
  8. Question: I read that this was designed to work with ForeFlights on iPads. Could this work with Google maps app on Ipad and even certain traffic apps on iPad?
  9. Come on, is there a chance of a downtown and Red Mountain scenery with this? The terrain is very very pleasing. You gave us the Red Mountain Expressway Cut in Prepar3d!
  10. Anyone have recommendations for some good freeware planes/panels for P3D 3? I love the scenery graphics which rock, but would love to have simple airliners to fly with nothing complicated to risk an OOM error.
  11. When I go to load a scenario, it asks me if I want to exit Prepar3d. I click no, resulting in the opening menus appearing in front of my plane. Closing the scenario window results in the simulator closing. Why is this happening? I just installed the PMDG 737 aircraft, by the way.
  12. How and where do they go in the scenery library as far as order and placement are concerned? Does Base go above LC or is it LC above Base?
  13. Somehow Prepar3d keeps "forgetting" in the scenery library where the ImagineSim Atlanta scenery files are. The file location is never listed. Next time I loaded Prepar3d, I got this message. Eventually Prepar3d deactivates it. This is very frustrating. A manual install of the scenery results in no textures for the Atlanta airport area. Is there a fix for this?
  14. I created some custom library objects for use with Instant Scenery, and imported them to Prepar3d, but they're not showing up in the scenery nor the Instant Scenery menu. What could be the problem? I'm housing these on a separate drive, by the way. Some of the scenery that I created that doesn't require library objects is showing up by the way.
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