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  1. When zooming in OpenStreetMap it has a point when the map goes from a predominantly white background to a grey background. Not a big problem but my eyesight is not very good and has a problem with the lack of contrast when it does go grey. (Just as well I dont fly IRL eh!) Apart from choosing a different map theme is there a setting I can make to prevent the loss of contrast? I couldn't see an obvious option to do it.
  2. I recently read that a 4K monitor is better served by a 1080Ti rather than a 1080 GPU card. But I've also read that UHD is not a native resolution for FSX or P3D therefore rather pointless. Either I've misunderstood (most likely) or just a bit confused as the price for the 1080Ti is considerably more than the 1080. Clarification please as I'm putting together my next gaming spec PC. Thx
  3. Just likes the defunct Aces Studio did, I'm sure Dovetail peruse these forums for intelligent opinion and comment. I think the debate is important and I eagerly await any significant releases that support a simulator and not a game.
  4. No problems experienced with fsuipc in FSX SE except my user registration wasn't recognised. I copied the relevant files from my registered fsuipc in FSX to solve.
  5. I dont know if this might help at all but a friend of mind had the same problem but not necessarily related to Active Sky. One of FSX tips going about is to add the BufferPools line with a PoolSize of, say, 5000000 to fxs.cfg. When he deleted the tip all worked okay with no sporadic instrument panel disappearing. Funny thing is, l cant replicate this problem on my rig with or without the PoolSize tip added. So, a graphics refresh issue depending on the state of the PC memory and sim at the time of the fault? It may be just coincidental but worth a thought - good luck!Phil
  6. Sure does!So thats a comms error trap event pending a future release or just a trivial thing to note. :-lol Thanks and best regards,Phil
  7. Hi guys. Firstly, thanks for the best FS add-on a man can get!FS2004 closes okay but when l shut ActiveSky6 (most recent version) it often tends to hang needing a push from Task Manager (XP) to close. Not a big problem in itself really but wondering what may cause the hang and if there is something l can do to exit nicely. I've a pretty clean newly built system and have no other system problems.Advice most welcome.PhilGigabyte K8N Pro Sli MBOAMD 3200+ (Venice) CPUCrucial 1Gb PC3200 RAMSeagate 250Gb SATA2 HDDGigabyte 6600GT 256Mb GPUWin XP SP2
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