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  1. When zooming in OpenStreetMap it has a point when the map goes from a predominantly white background to a grey background. Not a big problem but my eyesight is not very good and has a problem with the lack of contrast when it does go grey. (Just as well I dont fly IRL eh!) Apart from choosing a different map theme is there a setting I can make to prevent the loss of contrast? I couldn't see an obvious option to do it.
  2. I recently read that a 4K monitor is better served by a 1080Ti rather than a 1080 GPU card. But I've also read that UHD is not a native resolution for FSX or P3D therefore rather pointless. Either I've misunderstood (most likely) or just a bit confused as the price for the 1080Ti is considerably more than the 1080. Clarification please as I'm putting together my next gaming spec PC. Thx
  3. I dont know if this might help at all but a friend of mind had the same problem but not necessarily related to Active Sky. One of FSX tips going about is to add the BufferPools line with a PoolSize of, say, 5000000 to fxs.cfg. When he deleted the tip all worked okay with no sporadic instrument panel disappearing. Funny thing is, l cant replicate this problem on my rig with or without the PoolSize tip added. So, a graphics refresh issue depending on the state of the PC memory and sim at the time of the fault? It may be just coincidental but worth a thought - good luck!Phil
  4. Sure does!So thats a comms error trap event pending a future release or just a trivial thing to note. :-lol Thanks and best regards,Phil
  5. Hi guys. Firstly, thanks for the best FS add-on a man can get!FS2004 closes okay but when l shut ActiveSky6 (most recent version) it often tends to hang needing a push from Task Manager (XP) to close. Not a big problem in itself really but wondering what may cause the hang and if there is something l can do to exit nicely. I've a pretty clean newly built system and have no other system problems.Advice most welcome.PhilGigabyte K8N Pro Sli MBOAMD 3200+ (Venice) CPUCrucial 1Gb PC3200 RAMSeagate 250Gb SATA2 HDDGigabyte 6600GT 256Mb GPUWin XP SP2
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