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  1. I have the same issue, but had the same exact issue also with V2.2, so this isn't something new to me. I was sort of assuming that the cause was using too high settings for my mediocre graphics card (GTX570). I may be completely wrong though. Since the framerate does not improve when the shadows disappear, I guess that this is not a deliberate optimization.
  2. >Lets start the wish list by sending your>thoughts to MS. This is the time that we can have direct>inputs into the next version...not a year from now when they>have a firm features list.Please, people, listen to this man.FSX was the third version of MSFS, where I saw several feature-wish-lists or threads on the web... when the first screen shots were released! Which is obviously way too late to influence the planned feature list.There seems to be a huge interest in wish-lists for upcoming versions of FS. If that hasn't changed, the thread(s) should be started ... very soon.nbz
  3. The flight computer(s) of the A321 can be turned off on the overhead panel. On the left side, there are three buttons labeled ELAC1, SEC1, and FAC1. On the right side, there are four bottons labeled ELAC2, SEC2, SEC3, and FAC2.I have not figured out what all these do, but it seems that a lot of functions of the WFB-systems are only active if SEC1 is on (or maybe all SECs need to be on).I sometimes *cannot* disengage the autothrottle if it kicks in automatically, unless I deactivate SEC1.If you turn SEC1 off, you also lose the logic that interprets stick inputs as "attitude commands" rather than rudder deflections. This makes the A321 extremely agile.... Also, the bank limiter is deactivated and the plane can be rolled 360 degrees.happy flying.
  4. I second that!In fact this is my first AVSIM post ever, just to whine around that I think it would be a pity to have these otherwise awesome water shaders "wasted" on making the entire scenery look wrong and strange.This reminds me of an old fighter-sim ("USAF") that used photo-scenery that was photographed in the morning (hills and mountains bright on the eastern slopes). When the time of day was set to anything other than morning in the sim, it looked just wrong, and no amount of visual detail & framerate & resolution could improve that.(Note: there's tons of new stuff that I *love* in FSX, but this thread happens to be about "issues".)nbz
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