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  1. Very nice Christian. I've been waiting a long time for this livery, how are things going?
  2. Holgi what's about the ÜBÄRFlieger from Tuifly? This would be a nice repaint.
  3. Amazing job Chris, many thanks. :Applause:It woud be very appreciated to see this for the 800 series also. +1
  4. Really stunning work Chris. :Hypnotized:Can't wait to fly this beauty.
  5. Yeeees at long last it's available on avsim:http://library.avsim...-700_d-agec.zipMany thanks Daniel, I thought I have to wait until hell freezes over to fly a non-fictional 700 repaint.
  6. Please do the following. http://www.airlines-..._100/n408pe.jpghttp://www.airlines-.../hp_873_cmp.jpghttp://www.airlines-...7_100/n42af.jpghttp://www.airlines-..._100/n413pe.jpghttp://www.bealine.d...077ac144227.jpghttp://www.sunshines...1ua737mar70.jpg
  7. Very nice Bruno.I hope to fly this beauty as soon as possible.
  8. This paint has been requested several times, but sadly none of the painters agree to do it.It seems that PMDG doesn't release new paints for 600/700, so we have to wait if s.o. will paint Air Berlin.
  9. Installed a pre SP1 livery from avsim today and I didn't see any problems with the outside appearence....but switching between panel sights with EZDOK I noticed stuttering for 1-2 seconds and frames decrease to 2-3 in this moment.Same problem when switching to outside view.With the past SP1 liveries from PMDG's downloadpage I don't have these issues. MCDU options are correct with older liveries.
  10. I wonder, if PMDG used a different paintkit for the few 600/700 liveries.
  11. +1Air Berlins fleet has a total of 26 737-700 aircraft, 8 without winglets (mainly operated by Germania) and 18 winglet versions.So it would be highly appreciated to see Air Berlin in the next livery update.
  12. Lufthansa is fictional.Pls upload liveries used in the real world first.
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