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  1. Rations

    PMDG 747-400X -8 Extension SP1

    Welcome to AVSIM. Are you referring to the caption? If so, that is an insignificantly minor imprecision (though GEnx can refer to the entire engine family) that should have been addressed much more politely.
  2. Rations

    FSXAssist Released!

    Excellent—looking forward to trying it! Also consider "officially" updating the other FSXAssist thread, in case participants in it do not see this thread.
  3. Those flight plans probably reference IATA airport codes (three letters) instead of ICAO ones (four letters). Welcome to AVSIM! Determine your route by searching a realistic database such as FlightAware or the Real-World Flight Plan Database. The latter requires a free registration, but is preferable due to its flexibility (one can personally request flight plans). Copy the route, preferably in the format WAYPOINT AIRWAY WAYPOINT . . . . Go to the Generate Routes section of SimRoutes and complete the fields appropriately. (Inputting SIDs and STARs is unnecessary, as they often vary depending on traffic and weather conditions.) Click Generate Route. Verify the accuracy of your route using the map. From the drop-down export format list, select PMDG and click Download Flightplan. Other fields on this page are optional. Move the downloaded route to your FLIGHTPLANS folder, which should be in the PMDG directory of your FSX root folder. Enter the file name in the CO ROUTE field of the FMC when you wish to retrieve the flight plan. You can then complete your route by selecting SIDs and STARs from DEP/ARR.
  4. Rations

    Dynamic Head Movement in FSX

    Thank you! While this "tweak" did not completely eliminate my inertia issue, it has made flying the PMDG B747 much more pleasant.
  5. The portrait configuration is very nice. The aspect ratio is more balanced and natural: great views!
  6. Rations

    PMDG Options.dll

    This is the relevant PMDG Support Desk article for those who wish to troubleshoot personally.
  7. Rations

    List the nations you've been too!

    Bold states are ones in which I have lived. Asia: China / Hong Kong / Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore Europe: Italy North America: Canada, United States Oceania: Australia, New Zealand Interestingly, I almost exclusively fly European short-haul flights.
  8. I love FlyTampa Hong Kong, and consider it to be one of the greatest FSX sceneries. My thoughts from another thread: "I remember reading about FlightSoft Hong Kong and disagreeing with the opinion of the developer: "Aerosoft / Fly Tampa HONG KONG FSX. Despite bright blue skies with little cloud cover the overwhelming darkness around the building structures emerges as a most unattractive feature of this otherwise valiant attempt to render a scenery of Hong Kong for Microsoft Flight Simulator X." I personally think that the "overwhelming darkness" of FlyTampa Hong Kong is actually a great feature. The brightness of FlightSoft Hong Kong is somewhat cheap-looking and unfitting compared to the surrounding scenery, which is not as bright. Many FSX developers and video "advertisements" feature ample color correction, as the blemishes and low resolution of both default and payware textures are revealed and emphasized if bright lighting is used."
  9. Rations

    Can't stop flying that Aerosoft A320

    Thanks for the opinion. I am currently saving for the PMDG B777. I do, however, like the A320 more than the B737. What joystick do you use?
  10. Elegant and simple design! It is interesting how even the propellers are painted!
  11. Rations

    Air Taxi?

    Cool glass bridge/walk! How did the aircraft get there anyway?
  12. Rations

    Aerosoft add on airports

    Thank you all for the valuable information! After additional consideration, I have (unfortunately) decided not to pursue Southern Europe. Due to academic commitments, I fly only two days every week, and Central Europe–Greece flights would occupy too much precious time. When Aerosoft Rome is released, however, an arrangement involving Athens, Heraklion, Mykonos, and Olbia would be desirable and more flexible. I have decided to supplement my existing C. Europe payware airports—Geneva, London Gatwick, Munich, Vienna, and Zurich—with Innsbruck and Nice, thus allowing more route options. With this decision, I am now considering Dusseldorf, which is conveniently situated in relation to the others, and further expands short and very short route options. I believe it is of high quality, as it is one of the newest Aerosoft airports, but if you believe that there are better options between my existing C. Europe airports and the UK, or have noteworthy experiences with Dusseldorf, please comment. I love it too, but as with Athens, its distance from my other payware airports is inconvenient for my purposes. (I also decided that I might be disappointed with the older Aerosoft Balearic Islands / Barcelona, which would have served as intermediate stops.) Also, I should probably prioritize FSUIPC, FTX Global / GEX, Opus, UTX, etc. over these two appealing but somewhat-distant airports. My FlyTampa and FSDT airports allow excellent frame rates. Are the performance issues of Vancouver due to its dynamic shadows? I thought the patch supposedly improved performance drastically! Paris Orly was Dusseldorf's sole competitor, but I assumed that its age would render it to be the weaker choice.
  13. Rations

    Aerosoft add on airports

    Thanks for the recommendations. I am expanding my European route network, and am considering Aerosoft Corfu, Ibiza, Innsbruck, Mykonos, Nice, and Paris Orly. FlyTampa Athens will probably be my Southern Europe hub, as might Aerosoft Rome. Munich is my only in-house Aerosoft airport, and I am generally pleased with its visuals, but its performance could be more efficient. Could you please offer insight as to how my candidates compare to modern FlyTampa, FSDT, and UK2000 releases performance- and visuals-wise? I am particularly interested in Nice, but its ground textures seem very blurry. Could you please share your detailed opinions about any candidates you own and tell whether one is indisputably better than another? If I could purchase three, which three would be an ideal group? Would any not be worth it considering its quality or that of possible alternatives?