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  1. Thank you to the AVSIM community and staff for providing and sustaining a wonderful place in which aviation enthusiasts such as me can discuss, learn, and share. This is a very special post, as it is my two thousandth, and coincides with the day I joined AVSIM exactly one year ago. And I received my one hundredth +1 today—oh, the timing!
  2. Love the complexity that is being modelled!
  3. No worries. I pointed it out not because I was offended, but because I could imagine others misunderstanding and taking offense.
  4. I think users should have the option of using McPhat repaints. The repaints may be exaggerated, but so are payware airports with unrealistic, high-contrast colors—sometimes these exaggerated features look more aesthetically appealing than their "realistic" counterparts, due to FSX graphics/lighting limitations. The best example: FlightSoft Hong Kong versus FlyTampa Hong Kong.
  5. Hmm, is that word choice really necessary? Very insightful animation. Regarding ultra-highly developed automation in commercial aviation, a system similar to the one suggested by Kevin (advanced ground control of aircraft with single on-board monitoring/redundant "pilots") could soon be viable. Because of artificial intelligence limitations, human creativity will always be required. With reliable communications technologies, humans could still manage and, when necessary, provide creative input to flights from the ground, thus eliminating fatigue, saving costs, and utilizing human resources more effectively.
  6. Gorgeous mountains in the third image!
  7. No problem. At this time, you can probably still edit and remove the text.
  8. Welcome to AVSIM, but please skim through the thread before posting outside content. Another user just posted that passage here, and a re-post in a larger font only wastes valuable space.
  9. Regarding soft landings, the gear design of the B777 seems quite forgiving during touchdown compared to that of other wide-body aircraft; for example, the awkward forward-tilting bogies of the A380 and B767, the "stiff" bogies of the A330 and A340 that dampen initial touchdowns but make "landing" the forward gears difficult, and the sheer number of wheels that must touch down during A380 and B747 landings.
  10. Great dawn colors and landing light effects! I am so excited for this.
  11. I am currently away from FSX, but UT2 (and most likely other traffic add-ons) include graphs and time tables, from which one can determine the busiest day of week and time of day.
  12. Wow. I must say, as nerve-racking as landing next to a wrecked B777 may be for passengers, that image was composed brilliantly.
  13. Thanks for sharing, and wow—64 GB of memory!
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