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  1. hi there - locked my frame rates to 28 fps - for smoothnessI think I was running1900x12004xFSAA16xAFmost things on maxbut water on shader 2 lowclouds to medium highscenery and dynamic bits normalI have a Q6600 @ 3.5 gig :)Mark.
  2. bought one the other day, and under Vista 64 bit with latest catalyst drivers I can highly recommend itgetting very good IQ and frame rates in FSX :)a definate step above my previous 8800GTS (G92)Mark.
  3. depends on what monitor you are using / ie what res you are running atI had a 8800GTS 512MB version and it was great - but was disappointing when you came to add FSAA + AF at 1900x1200 that I run it at - even struggled with a FSAA at 1600x just upgraded to a 3870x2- which I'm very pleased with for FSX peformance
  4. plugged straight in - since the mobo etc were the same (775 socket)- no need for re-install
  5. using my relatively old X1900XT (waiting for the new 8800GTS to be released in the new year)and I'm quite surprised to be honest how (1) Less blurries(2) Noticeably smoother(3) Less "option" dependant - ie I can now using "high" clouds, bump up the AI traffic, increase autogen etcI was assuming before the game was GPU limited, but although it probably is to some extent (running at 1900x1200) - upgrading the CPU has made a much bigger difference than I was expecting after reading some of the posts on here.E6600 before was running at 3.3 gignew Q6600 (Q0 one) - running at 3.5 gigDidn't want to remove my motherboard to install a "back-plate" style cooler - so kept my old Freezer 7 Pro - and I have to say its doing a much better job than I was expecting.temps for the Q6600 overclocked = 35C idle and about 67C load (Prime95)overall very pleased with the upgrade and can certainly recommend it to othersMark.
  6. so its not so that they increase their sales for a relatively sub-par addon - with those that don't want to wait for SP2 ....Mark.
  7. not a lot ...I have Vista 64 + 4 gig RAMI've never seen the memory usage go above 800MB ...:(
  8. recently migrated over to 64 bit Vista (a few days ago) and at same time treated myself to a 150 gig Raptor.well ... my blurries seem to have completely gone (only from 2 evenings of testing) and the default scenery now looks far more detailed than it ever did - also getting better performance.Is Vista 64 bit better than 32 bit if you have the right hardware (ie Dual-core, decent graphics card etc ?)I'd performed multiple re-installations of FSX in 32 bit - so its not the clean install thats done it.any ideas ?Mark.
  9. thanks for the replyhow does it run... not particulalry great.I have a X1900XT - 512MB card.cheers, Mark.
  10. I have just upgraded to 4gb of RAM in Vista 32bit .. but only 3 gig is useable until I upgrade to Vista 64 - that I'm fine about.but ....when running FSX for a period of time, then alt-tabbing out and looking at resources - my memory usage never goes above about 500MB - sometimes 600MB - any ideas ?I see people posting that FSX uses as much as it can get ... and people saying that for them it seems to utilise 1.5gb plus ...I used the explorer suite to enable the cap off the 2gb limit - to no avail.any ideas please ?thanks, Mark.
  11. thanks - yes- good point on downloading - but sometimes in the UK -especially for older stuff you can get it cheaper by purchasing the "boxed" versionwhen downloading in the UK - we can sometimes get hammered on VAT - and on exchange rate conversions (ie the banks cut o fthe conversion) etcI think I'll buy one more payware the 767 Level-D as seen very good things about thatits just all frustrating as too many variables on payware purchases(1) is it truely FSX compatible(2) is it Vista compatibleand multiple variations of both in combination !:)thanks, Mark.
  12. thanks very much perfect - I wouldn't have found thatHOW frustrating are payware addons !!my first one was Captainsim 757 - not going to say any more about that onenow 737-PIC - which got great reviews - checked on Wilcopub website before purchase - yup FSX patch availablebut NO - as justflight DVD version (only version available in the UK) - patch is not compatible737 FSX patch was released in June 2007 ! how long do Justflight need ?how poor think this may be the last of my paywares tbhMark.
  13. anyone managed to get this to work please ?Bought 737 PIC today (DVD version) .. fine :)downloaded the FSX patch off wilcopub website .. fine:)install patch ... and it asks for a Registration Code !!well there isn't one on the CD - or in the manual !this is the 2nd bit of payware I've bought - 1st was a pile of rubbish - I'm hoping this isn't the start of the next one being the same.spent 1 hour trying to install it so far - waste of time.thanks,ark.
  14. (I think)Most modern graphics cards have 2 settings for 2 speeds - one is memory clock the other GPU clock...for heat etc - there are low clocks set for 2D and much higher ones for 3D ...I think in windowed mode in Vista it doesn't trigger into the 3D clocks - therefore your graphics card is running very much slower.
  15. thanks - actually my fault I think it was starlight reflection off water below ... but looks like rain !btw thanks for previous response - nice to have decent customer support vs some AWFUL ones for payware addons for FSX which I will not mention here.here are 2 screenies - one of which I posted in the screenshots forum - the other about to - that I think (I hope) show of one small section of the pure quality of your addon :)(if you could make the cloud to ground lightning bolts themselves higher res - that would make it perfect - but I expect its a limitation within FSX ?)thanks :)http://www.mark-buckley.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/active4.jpghttp://www.mark-buckley.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/storm1.jpg
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