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  1. Well, I'm pleased to hear that I'm amusing you Hussar
  2. Thanks for your comments kmax59. Please let me re-assure you that the P3D-Forensics software will not be tracking anything that 'pirates' could not track already. It would be very time-consuming, but also completely possible for anybody to do this tracking manually if they so wished. We fully anticipated that some developers would be concerned about this software, but we have obviously taken legal advice and are completely confident that the software will not violate any EULAs/terms and conditions that a developer seeks to unfairly impose. Simbol, by all means, please feel free to talk with your solicitors if you so wish, but I'm afraid they will only confirm our standpoint. Best regards, Dennis
  3. Simbol, I can confirm that we will not be excluding any software, including tools from our list. P3D-Forensics will report on ALL changes and will therefore be providing comprehensive, completely unbiased information to the user. We believe every user is entitled to see all changes being made to their system and are of the opinion that it does not reflect well on any developer to request that we 'hide' information relating to their particular tools. Best regards, Dennis
  4. Thanks for your questions Simbol. It is not our intention to negatively impact any other FS-related business, simply inform the user of changes that are being made to their flight sim environment when installing /configuring third-party add-ons. We will not be examining the source/compiled code of any third-party software, so any intellectual property will remain intact. We will however be reporting in detail on the changes made to configuration files etc as we believe every FS user is fully entitled to see this information. I'm sure you'll agree that any such information is not classified and therefore should be made available to the user if they desire. Indeed, it is possible for the user to glean this information manually if they so wish, but this would obviously be extremely time-consuming. I hope this allays any fears you may have had previously about the purpose of the P3D-Forensics software and hope that you can understand that we will not be requiring approval from third-party vendors. Best regards, Dennis
  5. Many thanks for your interest 777200lrf - apologies for not making it clear in my first post, there was no intention to offend, just trying to gauge if there would be sufficient interest to continue development. As it turns out, the reaction from the flight sim community in general has been simply overwhelming and we are therefore very excited about (and very much looking forward to) releasing more news soon as we near alpha testing. Many thanks for your interest Pete_auau - as we near launch, we have every intention of acquiring a commercial profile, but with development currently in full swing, I'm sure you can fully appreciate that optimizing the P3D-Forensics functionality is top of our list of priorities for now. Please stay tuned for more screenshots on our Facebook page as well as news about our brand-new web site, which is also currently being developed in tandem with our debut product (yes, we really are truly busy Pete ). Best regards, Dennis
  6. As we continue to add the finishing touches to P3D-Forensics and prepare for alpha testing, we thought you may appreciate seeing a "sneak peek" of the product. Please visit our Facebook page to view a couple of screenshots, which will hopefully provide a taste of the kind of deep analysis performed on your flight sim environment. More pictures will follow shortly, as well as news of our brand-new web site, which will be launched very soon!!
  7. Pricing for the application has yet to be finalized, but it is currently expected to be approx 19.95 EUR. The product is currently due to be released early in the New Year with the beta period expected to last approximately 4 to 6 weeks. If you are interested in being a part of the beta team, please feel free to send a post on the Facebook page detailing any previous beta testing experience, in particular highlighting any performed in the flight sim arena.
  8. Just as a heads-up, there's a new utility that was announced yesterday and is due out early next year that should hopefully help in this kind of situation.... P3D-Forensics
  9. You can relax BuddyDog, the primary developer is someone who has been a keen flight simmer for nearly 20 years, has a private pilot's license in the UK and has been frustrated at the lack of such a utility for several years as the complexity of our hobby has grown. He has worked in software development for nearly 30 years and, as he has more time on his hands now his 2 girls "have flown from the nest", he has decided to form FSFL and make P3D-Forensics their first high-priority project
  10. https://www.facebook.com/Flight-Sim-Forensic-Labs-1414284515365674/
  11. Unfortunately SCE 1.19 is still not completely compatible with P3D v4 as it completely ignores any scenery that uses the new (recommended) xml functionality for scenery add-ons e.g. on my setup, all FlightBeam and FSDreamTeam scenery is completely ignored. "Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer" is currently a better bet if using P3D v4.
  12. Hi Bryan, Will you be updating the version of RAAS contained within the Special Collection Set to Many thanks, Dennis
  13. Pleased to report all is working fine again now.
  14. Hi, I purchased the Q400 First Officer training yesterday, but when I go to view the training courses, for each one I receive this error message "Oops! It looks like there was an error".
  15. Hi, I can confirm that I'm having this issue also. This problem certainly occurs with all flight plans beginning lhr* (London Heathrow).Dennis
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