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  1. I think I figured it out, I just saved my default flight with a default aircraft (cub) and all is well so far.
  2. My texture settings keep changing from 2048x2048, 1024x1024 or 512x512... it varies, anyone else having this issue? I have plenty of vram to spare.
  3. Want to share how you got the GTN working 🙂
  4. I'm an hour from Orlando and still can't get the server.
  5. @artyom14, I'm currently waiting to hear back from support as well. Hopefully they will get it sorted out. I had to take three screenshots to send them. Make sure your system is updated with the latest security updates.
  6. Jan 31, 2020, 2:24 PM subject: Microsoft Flight Simulator Cleared for Take-off
  7. I got my acceptance email last night! However no Alpha in the Insider Hub. Figures
  8. I got accepted at the very beginning as well and was relocating that week hence I was having to change my email address which I notified support about but they said my new email address was not on the list. I even attached a copy of the email acceptance I received. VERY frustrating indeed!
  9. As stated in the Jörg Neumann interview, "We already started with VR, but we want to do it right". I believe from all the videos released so far they will not take away from any other area just to implement VR what I've seen so far is totally mind-blowing and totally unexpected so I'm sure their take on VR will be just as awe inspiring and practical. Hoping to use my Rift S for an incredible experience.
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your tireless commitment of excellence to our hobby, you will be missed greatly.
  11. Hey Donald, What version of XP11 you running... and what exactly was missing that you used No VR Optimizations? Thanks
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