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  1. 5 hrs. and still stuck with 2.5g to go. Ridiculous!
  2. Did you uninstall and reinstall?
  3. It's been a long, long road but this is by far the best version yet! I started at the end of version 4, it took me months to just figure out the UI.... Enjoying these beginnings.
  4. Just a good man for sure, we need a bunch more!
  5. He's just looking for an argument Goran, don't waste your time!
  6. V10 to me is still a first-time user... So if you know how X-Plane works why are you looking for an argument, you should also know AA was an issue even in version 10!
  7. You must be a first time X-Plane user because you have NO IDEA how X-Plane is developed, and you won't even listen to what people are trying to tell you! You aren't discussing anything; you're just looking to troll.
  8. What version of Reshade you using, keeps crashing on start for me (5.42).
  9. It's been getting better since the day I first bought it (version 5) and has never felt like a game. Keep up the great work people!
  10. With three platforms to fly and at least two of them getting better with each version I can't understand the sim bashing. I guess you just can't fix stupid!
  11. Forgive my ignorance but how did you do this? I found Twomon, works quite well, is there another way? Thanks
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