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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your tireless commitment of excellence to our hobby, you will be missed greatly.
  2. Hey Donald, What version of XP11 you running... and what exactly was missing that you used No VR Optimizations? Thanks
  3. @realkewl Separate licence for V4 Had to update my A2A planes... will test more.
  4. h2egc


    Thanks Jeroen for the brief.
  5. h2egc


    I guess we'll have to wait for the info to appear on their web site. Flusinews has a small video but it's in German.
  6. +1 Well worth it just for the immersive factor alone!
  7. Sorry to hear that Tony...
  8. h2egc

    Is REX coming to XP 11?

    My only fear is after years of being "not good enough", X-Plane dosen't turn into another version of FSX. All i've been seeing is FSX & P3D does this & has this and X-Plane should be like this... I actually liked the "Old" UI because I used it for years... REX clouds i'm all for, I own them for my XP9 version!
  9. For sure, I've been removing my overlay folder just because it kills the look during the day, and move it back for a night flight. It would be a beautiful thing to have at least car traffic for sure.
  10. h2egc

    Using HD Mesh V3

    ​Jason, I wasn't being rude, the man has donated hours and hours of his time to this community, I just find your statement very self-centered.
  11. h2egc

    Using HD Mesh V3

    Dude, this work is FREE, maybe you ought to DONATE a few hundred for the work he has already done. So you have to manually move folders.... are you really that lazy?
  12. h2egc

    stuck in a loop

    Try deleting your Preferences and let them rebuild.
  13. The best thing to do in X-Plane after every update is to dump your preferences and start fresh, then see if things change. This is normal for the duration of X-Plane builds. Note: You are starting fresh as if you just installed the program, not like editing a fsx/p3d config file.
  14. I will pass on Orbx going foward, I purchased a ton of their products and DO NOT LIKE the "you are renting it mode" with FTX Central3. I've been using X-Plane since version 5 and now everyone seems interested in x-plane, I just hope Austin dosen't turn this sim into another FSX or P3D knockoff. Time will tell!