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  1. Thanks, Andy. It's been d/l almost 400 times. Looks like you are the only one who made the flight with it. My home field. Cheers
  2. and
  3. Just wondering . . . did anyone use my KCHO scenery ?
  4. A few more. Transiting the Sault Ste. Marie waterway. Was getting dark so landed and swapped A/C for yacht. I found one problem, but I believe it's only my system. There is an elevation difference in the water between USA and Canada. I think it's because I have Ultimate Terrain USA installed and do not have UT Canada. The stock AI pleasure and fishing boats do a real neat jump when they cross it. The yacht almost sank, but with power and bilge pumps I saved it. LOL Hendrik, I have not seen any bugs in the Beta package; so far, so good ! Am sailing south to Lake Michigan.
  5. A few pix of ships. Off California coast - Long Beach, San Fran. Lake Superior - leaving Duluth harbour.
  6. Hey Henrik, I thought I'd let you know I'm still pursuing drawings/plans for the US Coast Guard "Bay Class" icebreakers. If/when I get them I'll send them to you for some future update to the Great Lakes traffic. Joe
  7. jmbiii

    FS9 AI props in FSX-SE

    Great, I'm glad it worked for you. :Applause:
  8. jmbiii

    Around the World in a S550 Citation

    Did you have problems on the ground on Norfolk ? Haven't heard about any continuing flights. Prepositioning 1604 to Adak.
  9. jmbiii

    FS9 AI props in FSX-SE

    Kiwi; TheOwls Nest has a prop fixer that has worked for me. It fixes all HTAI prop planes and some others too. ( Some others you just have to do one at a time. Hope this helps
  10. For what it's worth, I've just uploaded a zip to the library that contains a basic terminal and firehouse for KCHO. I was pushed for time when I uploaded the airport originally and didn't think I would get the buildings done in time for the flight.
  11. jmbiii

    Around the World in a S550 Citation

    Luke: i'll be following along. Sounds like a neat idea. I will have two USCG C-130s in the air from both ends of the Hawaii - Dutch Harbor leg of your flight. One from Barbers Point headed north along your route, and one from Kodiak headed south. If you run into difficulties just give a call on Guard 121.5. We are 'Semper Paratus'. jmbiii (USCG Ret.)
  12. Okay, I've just uploaded the BETA KCHO scenery to the library. It should be available shortly. I admit there is quite a bit to be desired . . . it's certainly not anywhere as good as what some of the good freeware scenery artists produce, but it'll give you someplace to land better than the generic FSX depiction. Runway 3 would be the choice if you pass over Tom's house coming from KRIC.
  13. jmbiii

    ANZAC Day Parade (Peter Jackson's Collection)

    I'd love to be able to visit south of the equator to see those fly. And celebrate ANZAC day !
  14. jmbiii

    ANZAC Day Parade (Peter Jackson's Collection)

    What a great collection!
  15. Trucker; I won't be able to join the flight, however I have been working on photo real scenery and AFCAD for KCHO on and off for a few months. As CHO was Tom's and my 'home' airport, I had written Tom about it shortlty before he made his condition known. I had hoped to finish it before . . . Now only the tower/fire station are missing and night textures for the terminal. I will put together what I have and upload it as a very Beta/WIP prior to the flight so you all will have a place to land. Jmbiii