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  1. Thanks, Andy. It's been d/l almost 400 times. Looks like you are the only one who made the flight with it. My home field. Cheers
  2. kcho_-_charlottesville-albemarle.zip and kcho_beta_addendum.zip
  3. A few more. Transiting the Sault Ste. Marie waterway. Was getting dark so landed and swapped A/C for yacht. I found one problem, but I believe it's only my system. There is an elevation difference in the water between USA and Canada. I think it's because I have Ultimate Terrain USA installed and do not have UT Canada. The stock AI pleasure and fishing boats do a real neat jump when they cross it. The yacht almost sank, but with power and bilge pumps I saved it. LOL Hendrik, I have not seen any bugs in the Beta package; so far, so good ! Am sailing south to Lake Michigan.
  4. A few pix of ships. Off California coast - Long Beach, San Fran. Lake Superior - leaving Duluth harbour.
  5. Hey Henrik, I thought I'd let you know I'm still pursuing drawings/plans for the US Coast Guard "Bay Class" icebreakers. If/when I get them I'll send them to you for some future update to the Great Lakes traffic. Joe
  6. My sincerest condolences. Living so close by, I always meant to cross the hill and meet him.
  7. @KL791 - As per the Great Lakes, may I suggest adding the US Coast Guard 140 foot Bay-class Icebreaking Tugs. There are six of them. One model would do as they are all very similar. Just the bow number is different. All are the "black hull" Cutters that keep the shipping lanes open in the Great Lakes in the winter. WTGB 101 Katmai Bay WTGB 102 Bristol Bay WTGB 103 Mobile Bay WTGB 104 Biscayne Bay WTGB 105 Neah Bay WTGB 106 Morro Bay I may be accused as a bit biased towards them as I served on the Morro Bay for a while. I'm very familiar with AIBTC . If the model would appear, I could do the 'float plans'. Scroll down on this site for basic info on the Cutters. http://www.uscg.mil/d9/units.asp
  8. Hey All;Just lately my FlightSim9/EZ Scenery/AFX has started to act up. With AFX, it will open up a file and as you work with it, the program (AFX) starts to hang up for periods of time. Many times going to an all white display with a black stripe across the screen. Eventually it comes back to the afcad that was being edited and you can continue . . . til it hangs again.EZ-Scenery is doing something similar. The control panel disappears and the area where it was on the screen retains the portion of the screen that was behind it. If you mouse click in that area part of the panel returns. And a good many times when you start FS, the popup that comes up in the middle of the splash screen that says verbage about rebuilding the scenery index, when it goes away the area where it was is black. Then when FS loads, it loads a third of the screen at a time. Then runs properly. It certainly seems it is video related, as when you save anything done in either AFX or EZ-Scenery it appears correct and FS works fine by its self.Has someone seen anything like this ? Words of advice ?FWIW, system is Pentium 4 - 2GHz, 1022MB RAM, PCI NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 w/ 256.0 MB, display mode: 1440 x 900 (32 bit) (60Hz), XP Home SP2? ? ? JB
  9. Okay. Here's the progress or lack thereof so far.I found both "NewBGLAnalyze" and "TCalc2004". I searched the entire FS9 for OB927180.bgl. No such file, so I ran "TCalc" and it said the KLKU scenery was in "xx927180.bgl". The closest thing to that was AB927180.bgl. So I decompiled it to a .asm file(Had to use the BGL Analyze for 2002 as New BGL said it was the old type) and it appears to be just the base textures, no objects - "This file contains terrain data of textured polygon type.". I then found OB9NAME2.bgl and after searching for the lat/lon found what was the beacon. After backing up the file I changed the lat/lon to the correct position, compiled and opened FS9. The beacon is where it's supposed to be!The lighthouse is a different story. It decompiled (with the FS2002 bgl analyze) into a .asm and after changing the co-ords the decompiled file has errors that stop it from compiling after I changed the lat/lon. I'll keep plugging on, tho'. Thanks for the help Meshman!JB
  10. Thanks !I found "NewBGLAnalyze" and will look for "TCalc2004". It sounds fairly straightforward . . once you know which tools to use. I'll give it a go this evening and post the results/new questions.JB
  11. >With FS scenery the process is find, exclude, reposition.>Since you're speaking of XML, you can search the location for>your airport beacon in the XML, make a small exclusion>rectangle to remove it and then take the original placement>XML and tweak the lat/lon to where you want to place it and>make a new BGL file.Find . . I am guessing the KLKU scenery would be in the FS9/Scenery/Name/Scenery directory . . . but how do you know which .bgl file it's in? AFCAD indicates the airport is in AP927180.bgl but doesn't show the beacon . . Am I correct in assuming AFCAD just doesn't look at that part of the scenery?Exclude . . This I know how to do.Reposition . . Same once I can get to .xml.>>Same would apply for #2, though any modifications here should>be for your personal use, as you don't have the original>author's permisiion to modify and release. For FS9 scenery>files the decompiler would be NewBGLAnalyse, as BGL2XML came>out for FSX and BGLAnalyse was for FS2002.I only planned it for my own use if I could change position of the lighthouse . . my scenery "enhancements" to the airports I frequent probably aren't of the quality anyone would want anyhow.So "NewBGLAnalyse" is the one to use for FS9 . . . is that why "BGLAnalyse" didn't recognise when I tried to decompile the lighthouse .bgl ?Thanks ! I'll give it a try and see what happens.JB
  12. Hi;As a real novice at hard core scenery design I am looking for some words of wisdom on how to move some objects in FS9.I know that you are able to edit the location (lat & lon)in an xml and compile into a bgl but am not sure how to go about this in two cases.1. At my local airport (KLKU) the beacon is misplaced considerably. With the stock scenery it didn't really matter, but after I installed UT the difference is enough to bother me (the beacon is across the highway from where it should be). Is there any way to move it or should I exclude it and find another animated one to place in the correct location ?2. I like to fly VFR low. Along the Outer Banks of NC. A while ago I downloaded/installed NC Lighthouse Scenery by Mike Mahat. Again with the stock FS9 scenery the locations were close enough. After UT, one of the lights (Currituck Beach) is out in the middle of the water. I tried to contact the author to see if he could help, but have not received any replies. BGLXML and BGLAnalyse won't touch it. Again how can I move the lighthouse (short of what they did to Hatteras Lighthouse in 1999)? Anyone ?ThanksJB
  13. It's on your C: drive under Documents and Settings/(your user name)/Application Data/Microsoft/FS9.JB
  14. >Yeah but when someone asked you if you use 'trim' you never>replied?No. I had checked my trims, weight & balances . . . all were well within limits.
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