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  1. I have the same problem. Autopilot cannot compansate the wind?? I thought that it always try to maintain proper heading. Is it normal?Matyas Majzik
  2. You have to run FSX in administrator mode. Right click on FSX icon and select Run as administrator...If this does not solve your problem then probably you have to reinstall FSX and PMDG with UAC off and with admin privileges.Hope this helps,Matyas Majzik
  3. Then run Flight Simulator X in administrator mode. That solves this problem.Matyas Majzik
  4. 747X running fine on Vista 64 well even during longer trips with high settings with addon scenery. No probs and no OoM-s.Matyas Majzik
  5. If you are using Windows Vista then run FSX in administrator mode. That solves this problem easily.Matyas Majzik
  6. Same problem. Sometimes it can load, sometimes it hangs at loading runway data 0 for 744X.Also after any flight with 744X I have to restart FSX before flying again or cockpit has some wierd switch positions. For example battery is off but engines are running.Matyas Majzik
  7. I get 18-23 FPS which I think quite good in VC with high detailed mega airport sceneries with 747X using very high scenery settings. I am using Vista 64 bit and Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 3300 Mhz, 2GB ram and nVidia 8600GTS with 4x antialiasing.Matyas Majzik
  8. It is very good. Thanks for your excellent work. I printed it out.Matyas Majzik
  9. Well my own opinion is that I see the potential in FSX. The only reason for FS9 is PMDG 747-400 but it will change with PMDG 747-400X. I can then throw FS9 out at last. Future is FSX for me so I am awaiting MD11 :)Matyas Majzik
  10. I am dreaming about a 747-8 simulation for FS :) In a few years this plane is out and available in real aviation so a decent simulator would be great.Matyas
  11. Thanks. I am always interested in technical questions :)I always like to fly from a technical point of view :)Matyas Majzik
  12. Thanks for your answers. I see it now.
  13. Thanks, that was my question. Is this simulated that suction feed is not enough? For example if I am flying at FL360 at maximum trust (mach 0.89) without fuel pumps. I am doing hard turnings but the engines are still at perfect fuel feed.Matyas Majzik
  14. I does not mean that. I am not speaking of amount of fuel. It does not matter. Of course unlimited fuel is not turned on.I mean that during flight or staying on the ground with all four engines running when I shut down all fuel pumps on the overhead panel then this does not affect engine performance and the engines without working fuel pumps still running perfectly. This is odd. I do not understand why.I thought that if I shut down all fuel pumps then the engines will stop working without fuel transfer from the tanks.Matyas Majzik
  15. Hi,I just want to ask if it is normal that in flight or on the ground after shutting down all fuel pumps then the engines continue to work and never stop due to lack of fuel. Engines able to pull out fuel from the tanks without the fuel pumps? Then why we need them? Please clarify someone.Matyas Majzik
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