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  1. Jean-Luc - Yes sir - I completely understand and have always been a fan of the RXP quality! Thanks for the quick reply. Benjamin
  2. At the risk of looking like a complete jackalope, I am trying to figure out if there are upgrade costs associated with the RXP 430/530 gauges. I have been out of simming for about 2.5 years now and coming back to the sim with a whole new world. Everything has been updated. Any rate, I have done a clean sweep and now up and running with P3Dv4. Now I am trying to figure out if any of my FSX addons can be upgraded or if everything is a new purchase for me. I have found some items can be purchased at a reduce rate and other are simply new full purchases. I can't find this information for the RXP gauges. I was able to update my GTN 750 (F1) for $20 I think. Not sure about these RXP 530/430 upgrades. Thanks- Benjamin
  3. Bman2006

    Getting back to it!

    Hey all - I just finished a new PC build (6700k / 1070 / 64gb ram) in celebration of collecting my PPL. I decided I would dive back into my sim pit for the instrument training. I have been out of simming for greater than a year now and have a few general questions without searching far and wide. I am just looking for general information 1) Given this is a new build - is the general consensus to move up to v3.3? I currently have v2.5 but will spring for v3.3 if that's where I should be. 2) Best AA control - is anyone using nVidia Inspector still used by most to get the best AA quality? 3) How is EZCA working with v3.3 4) It would appear that most ORBX products are v3.3 compatible. It also appears I can re-download all sceneries for v3.3 from FlightSimStore free. The only upgrade would be P3D itself - are there any other big players that a charging for upgrades? I know PMDG does. Thanks for the input. I am looking forward to jumping on PilotEdge and getting the moth balls blown out. Benjamin
  4. Hey all- Quick question. I recently finished my P3D v2.5 + Hotfix upgrade. Everything works as I would expect (most of the time). I am having an issue with the SPAD controlled devices lagging severely behind the actual inpul or not responding at all. I have AffinityMask=15 in my config. I have found if I kill the process "PanelsIO" and SPAD and then restart SPAD (0.5.1) that everything will return to normal. I am trying to track down why I get this initial hang from PanelsIO to begin with. Any thoughts on what I can try to get the startup process to be a little more smooth? Benjamin
  5. Good evening-I am running through all of my reinstalls (new SB build) and I get an odd flickering of the mouse / thinking icon if I cycle through the views and come back to the VC. I am pretty sure this is due to flipping through the different views and scrolling through a 2D view that doesn't agree with such a wide resolution. I had a similar problem way back with FSMap pop-up gauge and the developer gave me a modified panel.cfg file. I have no idea what he did but I trust it was something associated with the gauge size / location.I can even get the problem to occur if I flip up the default 430 GPS in the trike. The flight will start as soon as I pop-up the gauge. Does anyone know what I can do to the panel.cfg to eliminate this problem?Win7 64 bitAsus P8P67 / SB 2600k @ 4.7 / G.Skill DDR 3 1600 (8 gb) / eVGA GTX 460 1GB / Samsung SSDTriplehead 2 Go + MatroxFSX + AccelerationThanksBman.
  6. Evening all- I am back to flying the ERJ but I have started getting some very strange output from the FMC regarding fuel calculations and distance/time calculations. I don't see an unofficial thread here so hopefully this can get some input from similar class sub-forum. Windows 7 64b FSX+SP2 Take for example a 680nm trip from KPHL to TXKF. This trip will burn around 5000lbs and the FMC is estimating 32.00 (32,000 lbs). I have checked and re-checked the cruise altitudes, speed, winds etc. No matter what I do to get this destination to ballpark the fuel burn has come up empty. I am cruising between FL350 ~ FL370 depending the winds aloft. Another example, KSGF to KDFW. The trip is 350nm +/- and the estimated time of travel is 00+04. (In what, the DeLorean?!) Yet, reset the FPL to KSGF ~ KDEN and the FMC estimates 01+20 or so. Much better. What could be causing such anomalies? I have tried for several days now trying to get the FMC to behave but something is sending me way off. I have tried the following: 1) Load default cold & dark flight...then changed planes, then changed locations 2) Full uninstalled, reinstalled the ERJ v2 package I am really at a loss of what might be going on here. Seems like there is bad data somewhere in the cache but I would have suspected loading the default flight would have cleared that up. Does anyone else have any suggestions I could try? Thanks Benjamin
  7. Bman2006

    No Vector Road Lights with UTX

    I want to make sure, it's ok to keep "(Large divided highway with road signs and generic signs and large billboards and median barrier and middle lights)" segment in the edits correct? I didn't want to make the edits to find out the syntax is incorrect. Nice work guys
  8. Bman2006

    TopCat + PFPX + 737NGX / Weights (How To)

    I do appreciate all of this information. I am a GA guy at heart but I do like the change of pace and a differnet type of complexity when it comes to big tin flying. I finally broke down and picked up PFPX last night. Great planning tool. I need to keep on reading and keep on investigating to fully understand the planning concepts. The one thing that has always bugged me is trying to determine if my aircraft profiles are correct "enough" to provide somewhat accurate fuel burn predictions. It's always felt like a black box mystery to me. A year or two back when I first picked up the NGX, I changed some weight values (from a thread found here in AVSIM) but as I recall, all of the configuration information was in one large .txt file, not separate aircraft .txt as I see in Topcat Configuration folder. I can't seem to find that file now. Does any one know which file I am talking about? Maybe I am out to lunch. Any way - the questions are or at least verification 1) TopCat .acft and the configuration .txt files. Is it that the .acft calcualtes the v speed and the .txt handles the derate and fuel burn? 2) When I make a new plane profile in TopCat: - Should I use the B737-800" For type selection with the PMDG 737-800 configuration? - Are the engines correct model CFM56-7B23 or is there something I need to change there also? I will follow the steps listed at the front of this thread and download the .txt configuration files. Thanks for those. I am concerened that what ever I changed 1.5 years ago will be lingering around somewhere when I changed some weight values. Just not sure where that was and not sure they will be nulified when I use these .txt configs from this thread and generate new aircrafts. I need to get a grip on how this all works so I can do it correctly for the T7 as well. Benjamin
  9. Bman2006

    Autopilot issues

    Looking forward to a semi-manual. I poked around last night on this plane - very nice. I am not sure what NAV1/NAV2 modes versus NAV mean. If you are on the VLOC CDI mode on the GPS and flying by NAV control A/P, what is NAV1/NAV2 button doing (upper right)? Is VLOC mode equivalent to the "APR" mode? How's that manual coming along Kurt? :)
  10. Bman2006

    5040x1024 - Flickering Mouse

    N4GIX / Bill -Thanks a lot for your efforts on this thread. I will keep on kicking around the numbers and see what I can come with. I did manage to start getting the gauge to move around and size as I would like. It's still a guessing game on some level with my Bezel management with the Matrox but I am certainly getting closer.Regarding the Size_mm = Follow up question - if the window_size is adjusted, does it automatically adjust the gauge size that is called out or will the gauge not get any smaller unless I also reduce the gauge size indicated by the last two numbers. While experimenting last night with the panel.cfg, I could reduce the window_size to something very small like .1 yet the gauge would only reduce in width to what I presume the gauge00 size to be... 450,360.As you noted:gauge00=Flight1_GarminG1000_510!GCU475, 0,0,450,360If I want to drop below that size, I must also change the 450, 360 size in the gauge location also? Noted on the FS Panel Studio - I might have to check it out. I do wonder however like you said about the widescreen applicability. At 5040x1024 things would be wonky I am sure. Blik - yes, I have the recording on a non-FSX drive. Ultimately, it is the 5040x1024 resolution that is dragging everything down with it. If I record at half-size, it's certainly better but still noticeable impact. If I fly in windowed mode closer to a normal resolution (1680x1024) - then there is no impact really. There is processing headroom at that resolution no problem.
  11. Bman2006

    5040x1024 - Flickering Mouse

    The new machine is rocking compared to my old Q6600 @ 3.3.Locked at 40, no blurries and minimal stutters.I haven't had a real chance to put it to some serious testing but with Lancair + REX + PNW at 5040x1024 - this is a quick result.This doesn't really do it justice since Fraps frags things down a bit, especially at full 5040 resolution but in general - I am amazed.
  12. Bman2006

    5040x1024 - Flickering Mouse

    Thanks for the response - more questions... If "This is ignored if window_size is set" how do you know what the original size is going to be - meaning if you never set the window size to begin with, would it be the full 1024x768? I am at the office and can't check right now... seems reasonable. What is the ratio of MM to pixels? Near 1?Take the example again below:window_size= 0.12, 0.309window_pos= 0.714, 0.020size_mm=450,360Do I need to adjust both the window size and the size_mm? I have a disconnect between the two different sizes. Thanks again for your help.. I am thinking panelstudio might help me understand it a little better.
  13. Bman2006

    5040x1024 - Flickering Mouse

    Jonahbird-Thanks for the killer post! I appreciate the help. I do have more questions that perhaps you can help me with.Take for example this panel://--------------------------------------------------------[Window18]ident=190Background_color=0,0,0 visible=0window_size= 0.12, 0.309window_pos= 0.714, 0.020size_mm=450,360window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0zorder=5gauge00=Flight1_GarminG1000_510!GCU475, 0,0,450,360gauge01=flight1_mustang!winclose190, 412,12,27,27 I have adjusted the size but the actual pp-up panel remains the same size and location. What is the "window_size_ratio=" and what does it control. Also, you note to delete the window_pos line - does that also override the window size that I have punched in? Thanks for your help. I have many planes that I will need to adjust the panels. Do you recommend FSPanelStudio to do a quicker edit of all of my panels?
  14. Bman2006

    5040x1024 - Flickering Mouse

    Funny -- kind of... a thread 5 down from mine.. issue. I will follow there. ThanksBman.
  15. Afternoon. I typically fly VOR-VOR or GPS...When I do a route planner online I get plans like thisComputed route from SPRINGFIELD BRANSON NATL (KSGF, KX) to ADAMS FLD (KLIT, K4): 3 fixes, 161.3 nautical milesCruise altitude between FL330 and FL330KSGF (0.0nm) -DCT-> BERGG (60.3nm) -DCT-> KLIT (161.3nm)Details:ID FREQ TRK DIST Coords Name/RemarksKSGF 0 0 N37
  16. What's the deal with the Cessna 172 glass cockpit? If you try to dial in a destination on the GPS you get double character inputs. For example, if you try to type in KSGF you get KKSSGGFF and that is a tough destination to arrive to. Does any one know of a fix to this? I have sent and email to FSInsider but had no response. It seems strange to me that the default aircraft would have this issue but perhaps I have done something wrong along the lines. Help. Does any one else have this issue? Bman.
  17. Bman2006

    Cessna 172 - Glass Cockpit Issue

    Yeah, I use the bottom know to get the cursor going but then you can type in KSGF and it should be input. This is how it works on the standard garmin on the non-glass 172 cockpit.So you are telling me I have to use the knob in to select my destination ...gar... I will give it a try. However, in VC that small knob is a pain. You would think it would work like the other GPS input devices. Thanks for the reply.Bman.
  18. Bman2006

    Jeppesen SimChart4.0

    So I was browsing a few charts and came back across SimCharts 4.0. Does any one here use these charts in FSX? Also, it appears that they have changed to a one time cost versus an annual subscription. Can any one verify this? Their website did clarify..Bman.
  19. Bman2006

    Jeppesen SimChart4.0

    Well, the fact is that the charts used while FSX was developed was long ago. I believe the charts for FSX are from a 2005 cycle. I may be wrong but they are not "current" that's for certain. With that being said, the charts in SimCharts 4.0 are never updated so they will always remain in check with FSX. Until you are FSX bound, there are many online services that are free that will give you plenty of chart information (in fact the exact same) but you just have to browse for it. Bman.
  20. Bman2006

    Jeppesen SimChart4.0

    Simcharts 4.0 is for FSX only - I think simply because is is listed under the Add-on toolbar. This allows the plane to track over the charts.I believe you can still get simcharts 3.0 which is independent of flight sim as a whole.Bman.
  21. Bman2006

    Jeppesen SimChart4.0

    I went ahead and bought it, SimCharts 4.0.The charts are handy. Here are my initial comments.In game FPS is about a 4 FPS hit as far as I can tell. That seems a little steep given it only maps a little arrow and line on the approach chart for you. I think there is a hot key to bring the maps up and down. It seems the resolution of the charts could be a little higher.I can't seem to find any colored charts as shown on the order page. Outside of those things, having the charts right there is handy. Bman.
  22. Bman2006

    Jeppesen SimChart4.0

    Cool thanks. Yeah, I read that Jeppesen had their wires crossed. Their website at one time said this was an annual subscription (to access their chart server). In fact the one time cost is for the life of FSX. I have used Sim Charts 3.0. It's cool but the whole color / integrated portion looks nice.Bman.
  23. Bman2006

    Jeppesen SimChart4.0

    Thanks for the reply Scoob. Yes, I have plenty of site bookmarked for navigation in general. I was just curious to know if folks found it worth it to have "in-flight" access to these charts.Not only in-flight access but I would also save a tone load of paper from not having to print out charts all the time.So, what I really am curious to know is what folks think of the functionality of SimCharts 4 compared to going to your favorite nav site and printing out the charts you like.However, thanks again for the post. Bman.
  24. For what it's worth, I have the same problem. However, it seems that it doesn't do it every time. I thought maybe it was my TrackIR messing with it but that appears to not be the case either.Yeah, beewwww beeww bew bewwwww.... the sounds effects go crazy too when it zooms in / out repetitively.Bman.
  25. Bman2006

    Adjusting seat position in VC+TrackIR

    I do the same thing as Dark C mentions. I typically hunker down a little bit then hit the reset button (F12...but I have it linked to the trigger button of my CH yoke). That way when I sit up straight I am sitting right where I want to be. It seems like a pain, it is not. Simple. Also, I have the rudder trim on the CH Yoke changed to +/- keyboard commands. This will adjust the VC zoom factor quickly. I constantly change this while I am flying. If I need to really zoom up on an instrument it's on my finger tips.Hope this helps. Bman.