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  1. Thanks for that tip, I had tried to install it in P3Dv3 with no luck, but this worked.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, haven't bought Carenado plane in a long while, but at this price it's worth checking out.
  3. Wow sad to hear it, RIP Tom and thanks, my condolences to the family and friends.
  4. I tend to hand-fly most of the time with just simple AP use for cruise, I guess I hadn't run into that problem, but it sounds like a valid concern. For me the SR22 has similar systems depth and performance to Carenado's other glass cockpit HD planes, I would almost say I seem to get a slightly better framerate with it than I do the A36 and C182T. But everyone's systems will be different and have different performance, and I do think your complaints are legitimate, but I just wanted to pass on my satisfied "first thoughts" as a fan of similar Carenado glass cockpit planes who expected something similar to their C182T/A36 etc. Worst case if those features are a deal breaker for you, I remember some past releases where a very disappointed customer asked for a refund and got one.
  5. I finally picked this one up and am really enjoying it, good immersion, great looks and flies well. For me it compares well with previous Carenado HD planes and other decent FSX planes in the $30-$40 price range (Baytower, Milviz, RealAir, Aerosoft etc), IMHO those that are really upset at the lack of complex systems modeling (at the level of A2A+Accusim, PMDG, Flight1), let their expectations get carried away and didn't consider Carenado's recent history and the $35 price. Framerate for me is between 23-30 FPS in Orbx PNW, higher than usual for a Carenado plane but similar to RealAir and Milviz GA planes in the same region.
  6. No G3D.dll crashes on my system since this FSUIPC fix, and I registered FSUIPC as a way to thank Peter Dowson, but find that FSUIPC is really useful also for managing controller axis and especially aircraft specific profiles... I now fly helicopters much more often in FSX since FSUIPC recognizes the aircraft and automatically applies my profile that reverses the throttle axis for use as a collective. FSUIPC is now something I wouldn't fly without.
  7. Excellent, that is a great enhancement, I look forward to V2!
  8. That's a great idea DanW, I had noticed that joystick button assignment on the first outside view of your camera sets but I did not realize the significance of it. Thanks I will give this a try, sounds like just the workaround I needed.
  9. Good to see you back Marniftarr, the new wing effect looks terrific. EZDOK is still one of my favorite FSX Addons that I never fly without, and the only thing I would like an improvement for 2.0 would be: 1. A way to disable the world camera so that I do not accidentally cycle to it. Even when the little 'C' box is disabled it will cycle next category there and cause scenery/texture reloads if the last time I set a world camera it was in some other part of the world. If I missed some other way to disable this accidental scenery/texture mess please let me know. PS. Big thanks DanW for your shared profiles, after a recent Win7+FSX reinstall they saved me a bunch of work recreating camera profile.
  10. Nice results, it looks like good memory really pays off, I may need to consider that as an upgrade.
  11. Now that the 670s 4GB came out I finally made my move as I've been waiting for a good 3 monitor card for other games besides FSX. Same exact system i5-2500k@4.8 16GB (cheap) RAM @1600. Before: GTX560Ti/448 OC 1.2GB VRAM After: GTX670 SC 4GB VRAM So no surprises here both in FSXMark11 and in normal FSX using Word Not Allowed's config, there is not much difference in FPS between the 560Ti/1.2GB and the 670/4GB, but I do notice an notable improvement in overall smoothness and a very flyable smoothness when flying in <30 FPS situations especially with BP=0. Also I used to notice with the 560 with payware airports and aircraft and REX that the VRAM in use would max out, and now with the 670 I notice that VRAM in use is usually 1.4GB-1.5GB in those situations, this being with 8xS/2xSGSS At some point I plan to tackle triple monitor with FSX again where I suspect the 4GB VRAM will really come in handy, but I'm not too optimistic as far as it being what I use all the time in FSX based on my past attempts with a 5870 and seeing that FSX doesn't really allow moving the zoom far enough to make it realistic looking in the VC, so for now the 4GB VRAM is for use in other sims for triple monitor. Anyhow some good GTX 670 and 4GB VRAM data for the FSXMark11 tally.
  12. Yeah I think it is good evidence that in FSX for this FSXMark11 the CPU was not our limiting factor with that 5850/5870 card combo.
  13. I did a similar upgrade and tests above:http://forum.avsim.n...ost__p__2254916Although I had mistakenly left WideAspect=False on those runs, the system and FSX configuration was the same for both cards and results were:ATI 5870 = 25.4 FPS AvgNV 560Ti/448 = 46.3 FPS Avg
  14. Yeah still very happy and I definitely appreciate the peer review on the numbers.
  15. Thanks guys, I am glad to have the corrected info, still really impressed with this card compared to my previous 5870 and I really appreciate the info in this thread and forum as it has helped guide me and improve my FSX experience greatly.
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