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  1. P3d looks better everyday. Feels like you're really there. Beautiful shot. What aircraft were you flying? (Just curious.)
  2. A Cessna SkyMaster! These things are real fun to fly. I had a flight instructor joke with me once that he'd teach me how to fly on one of these They go way too fast for beginners. Great shots of her!
  3. #18 makes me feel like I was sitting right there. That view is modeled so well!
  4. Splendid shots. I particularly love the last one. Looks like great weather for flying in that sim.
  5. #4 and #5 are the money shots! Is that a Global I see in the background? :wub:
  6. Looking at these pictures makes me wanna go hiking in your sim. Think about it. The benefits of hiking in a simulator? No bugs, no need to carry a canteen, press a single button to take a picture (no need to fumble the iPhone). And the views? Spectacular. Epiphany! HIking Simulator 2017, using these scenery textures. And Easter Eggs in the game can be us flight simmers flying overhead In all seriousness, I don't know what else to say: these shots are just downright jawdropping.
  7. That tail is awesome! Loved your shots from the other day. Love these too!
  8. I don't think I've ever seen Iberia's Express livery before. (Then again, this is coming from a guy who planespots at JFK.) Love the angles on your shots!
  9. Your cloud textures are stunning, Capt. Scott. I just bought both REX Essentials PLUS w/ Overdrive over the weekend and am curious to see how you have it configured. Would you mind sharing any of your settings?
  10. Looking forward to seeing the approach on your next time through with runway 16 These are impressive!
  11. Gorgeous bird, bernd. Those mountain tops look delicious.
  12. Again, that red border accenting the colors nicely! Love the shots, pinlifter.
  13. Pretty cool colors! I've always been a bit indifferent on borders in screenshots, but the red does a good job accenting the color of the "Caribbean Airlines" text
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