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  1. deaconblues

    Friendly Panels Lear 45

    Simply put, I LOVE the Bombardier Learjet 45. I've never been able to find a quality addon of the aircraft, but just tonight I came across Friendly Panels Lear 45 2D panel addon over on SimMarket, released May 21 of this year.Does anybody have experience with this addon? Is it worth it (it doesn't cost much, but still, it's money)? Is Friendly Panels a good company?All opinions are welcome and appreciated!
  2. >Mine takes 20-30 minutes.>KJ>>That's WAY too long... look, I don't know everyting, but I have a feeling that something is wrong with your FS situation.
  3. Yeah, with a lot of addons, and especially with AI traffic addons, there can be a long load time.
  4. I actually didn't have the answer you were looking for, but when I saw the topic of your thread and then read the message, I had to jump in and say to everybody who hasn't d/l'd this package yet: it's a great thing to have! If you have any interest in naval aviation, you have to try this out.
  5. deaconblues

    What 747-400 panel do you use? (POSKY)

    A user over at the Posky forums has created a merge for the iFly 747 panel/Posky 744. He PM'd me with the instructions, and I can tell you that it works like a dream. This is a melding of two amazing freeware products!The user's name is MachJok, and the topic in the Posky General Discussions forum is "iFly/744 merge," or something close to that. Get over there and get it, you will not be disappointed.
  6. deaconblues

    your worst addons?

    I have to give my vote to FS Hot Seat.It was my first flight deck simulator, and I liked what it could do; I thought it was a great concept. But man, it took every bit of resource, and then some, that my computer could muster. It sucked all the fun out of flying.
  7. deaconblues

    PSPanels 737NG Radios Help

    Please disregard. Problem solved.
  8. I'm hoping somebody may be able to guide me in the right direction with a problem I've been having. I downloaded the PSPanels 737NG panel and attached it to POSKY's 737-700. It worked perfectly for three sessions; now I can't get any radio comms.I had already followed the instructions in the manual.pdf about adding the electrical line, and adding the Adf2, both in the aircraft.cfg.Can anyone give me a new idea?